Conversations With America: U.S. - Korea Free Trade Agreement

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
April 27, 2011

More Information: Questions Submitted on DipNoteJose Fernandez, Assistant Secretary for Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs, held a conversation with Jeffrey Schott, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, on the U.S. - Korea Trade Agreement (KORUS). The discussion was moderated by Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs on April 27, 2011. You can find a transcript of the conversation here.



United Kingdom
April 27, 2011

Alex in the United Kingdom writes:

Thanks For Sharing..will sure watch

Susan C.
Florida, USA
April 28, 2011

Susan C. in Florida writes:

Conversations with America is an excellent addition. I try to watch them whenever I can. I watched this morning...very informative and I learned a great deal about a subject that I did not know very much about. I like that we can ask questions and the three questions that were chosen were excellent. Appreciated the answers, too!

South Korea
April 28, 2011

Jiwon in South Korea writes:

I want to see the video :)

DipNote Bloggers write:

@ Jiwon -- We will post the video as soon as it is available. Thanks for your interest!

South Korea
April 30, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

to @Jiwon?

to @ Susan

In a small case, is trying to do a story about beef.

Is straightforward.

U.S. beef is cheap, good quality is consumed in the United States inside, but are exported to Korea, it is people think that quality away. South Korea's livestock farmers and distributors within their patriotism as a decoy to try and defend their own interests (some politicians and certain groups are using them properly), when open, will, expect almost anything is bad.

In the manufacturing sector, which helps the entire industry, but jobs have gone to the workers concerned.

South Korea's conglomerates and politicians agree, but for companies among small businesses is expected will be a huge ordeal. (By international standards, changes everything, especially the financial sector, I think the chances of survival are reduced.)

If a good and safe beef exports to think. For a good price

Jinhyuk P.
South Korea
May 5, 2011

Jinhyuk P. in South Korea writes:

Dear Dipnote Blogger,

When will the transcript become available?

Thank you.

Tim E.
Oklahoma, USA
August 15, 2011

Tim in Oklahoma writes:

I'm no political expert, but as a person who works in auto sales, I'm concerned. Will this make those cheap foreign cars (Kia for instance) even harder to compete against?

I'm not opposed to competition, as it brings out the best in everyone involved! It has forced US automakers to "step-up" and compete at a higher level.

But how are unionized auto manufacturers going to be able to compete at this level? Just curious what the state dept thinks about it, since the US gov owns a large stake in GM right now.


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