Water Conservation Efforts in Guangzhou

Posted by Daniel Cederberg
March 25, 2011
Farmer Empties Water Cans in Guangzhou, China

On March 22, U.S. Consul General in Guangzhou Brian Goldbeck hosted a roundtable event for Chinese officials from various water agencies and U.S. representatives from companies that supply water technology and related consulting services. Consul General Goldbeck highlighted the critical importance of water conservation and management in China and the important role technology is playing in solving this problem. He noted USTDA's water financing program in China and efforts Consulate Guangzhou is taking to conserve water.

At the event, Chinese officials discussed the water challenges they face in Guangzhou and Guangdong Province as a whole. The officials emphasized their openness to using U.S. water treatment technologies, provided they are of sufficient quality and low enough in price. These officials noted that Chinese companies often lack the technology to deal effectively with issues such as sludge treatment, so foreign companies can and do provide the needed expertise. U.S. participants expressed their interest in working on municipal and rural projects in China. The event also provided an opportunity for the Chinese participants from different agencies to meet and learn about each other's work. The Foreign Commercial Service and the Economic-Political Section collaborated to organize the successful event.



South Korea
March 27, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Evacuation of the Chinese in Burma, earthquake in China for very serious concern I think.

On me, ma'am, when asked about them, they are treated with disrespect reason, I think that was known to lack. Since they are older, more deserving person to me in their classification criteria, and access to them several times to refuse to act, has openly. Real hard to talk and shy, but ... Now I need to talk, do not cause a misunderstanding, I think to be avoided. Was quite surprised. They changed the criteria for me to know me You do approach them, they have created for them based on figures in the spliced, looking for a long time, been ready, I'm just passing through, in the play, such as backgrounds, appeared briefly, pointless thought to exist, and I think I've ever had to use it.

However, now you too you?

United Kingdom
April 5, 2011

P. in the United Kingdom writes:

Why is it that people in province areas or even in uncivilized places, care more about the environment? Is it just because this is where their income come from or simply because they know how to appreciate the beauty of life given to us?

September 23, 2011

I.T. in India writes:

It is feeling quite different after reading the post. people are dont aware to do most. but now this should be. thanx for the information.


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