Conversations With America: Global Water Issues

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March 21, 2011

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Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero held a conversation with Harriet Babbitt, Co-Chair, Global Water Challenge, on Global Water Issues, in recognition of the international observance of World Water Day on March 22. You can watch their discussion in the video player above this text. A transcript of the event will be posted soon.



Illinois, USA
March 21, 2011

Sara in Illinois writes:

Until we have some form of controlled population growth, I feel that global water issue shortages will be impossible to control.

Caroline B.
United States
March 21, 2011

Caroline B. in the U.S.A. writes:

Do Global Water issues present national security concerns for countries - in particular those in developing countries?

What are some ways to address the national security concerns given that globalisation ties all countries together.

District Of Columbia, USA
March 21, 2011

Caroline in Washington, DC writes:

What are the risks with privitization of water supplies? Does this raise human rights concerns?


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