Kabul Celebrates International Women's Day

Posted by Robert Sauers
March 10, 2011
Kabul Celebrates International Women's Day

The Kabul mayor joined thousands of women today at a public celebration at Babur Gardens, where he used the occasion of International Women's Day to inspire women from Kabul's neighborhoods to become active in the cleaning and greening of the city. Other honoured guests at the USAID supported event included representatives from the Ministry of Women's Affairs, USAID, and leaders of civil-society organization leaders.

The Mayor invited several of Afghanistan's most prominent female leaders to join him in highlighting the contributions women can make to civic life, including Minister of Women's Affairs Hoson Banu Ghazanfar, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Amena Afzali, and Acting Minister of Public Health Soraya Dalil. In addition to honoring these national leaders, the Mayor recognized the special contributions that the 205 female employees of Kabul Municipality make to the city as well as the contributions of dozens of community leaders from Kabul's 22 districts.

The Municipality used the occasion of International Women's Day to engage women in activities that contribute to improving the Kabul environment. Municipal employees provided demonstrations on how to compost organic waste at home, and distributed practical items to enable women to get involved such as reusable cloth shopping bags to take to the market and, a rose bush for each woman to plant at home.

"I want to congratulate the women of Kabul on the occasion of International Women's Day," said Mayor Engineer Mohammad Yonus Nawandish to the women participating in the day-long event. "As mothers, women also educate children to protect trees and greenery and respect the environment."

The municipal leaders view the women of Kabul as important partners in realizing the mayor's vision for a greener and cleaner Kabul.

"The women of Afghanistan have made a significant contribution to the continued social, political, and economic progress in their country, in the field, in the market, in government, and in the home," said USAID Deputy Director Linda Gregory. She added, "The energy and enthusiasm demonstrated here today indicates that their contribution will continue to grow to the greater benefit of all Afghans."

USAID's Kabul City Initiative project helps the Kabul Municipality improve the quality of life for Kabul's citizens by visibly improving essential public services such as parks and greenery, sanitation, and the maintenance of streets. USAID is building the capacity of municipal officials to engage citizens as partners in the improvement of services.


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