Secretary Clinton Emphasizes U.S. Commitment To Broadening, Deepening U.S.-Ukraine Relationship

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February 15, 2011
Secretary Clinton Shakes Hands With Ukrainian Foreign Minister Gryshchenko

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko for the third meeting of the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission at the Department of State on February 15, 2011. The Secretary emphasized the commitment to broadening and deepening the relationship between our two countries. After the meeting, the pair signed the bilateral Cooperation Plan on Combating Human Trafficking in Ukraine.

Secretary Clinton said, "Since we began these meetings in December 2009, we have sought to use our partnership commission to plan and implement concrete actions that improve the life for both of our peoples. The extent of Ukrainian representation in this room sends a clear message about Ukraine's commitment and the progress that it seeks to promote.

"In my conversation today with Foreign Minister Gryshchenko, we discussed the challenges that we face. We covered many topics, including our effective cooperation to stop nuclear proliferation, our support for Ukraine's efforts to strengthen its own democracy and the rule of law, and progress on global issues from food security to HIV/AIDS, as well as steps to help Ukraine develop its domestic energy resources and attract greater private investment, particularly from the United States.

"We have rolled up our sleeves, Minister, to pursue our common goal of a Ukraine that is more secure, prosperous, and democratic.

"The truth is that Ukraine is well positioned to realize its own citizens' hope for a genuine democracy and a prosperous economy. It has an educated, innovative population, deep foundations of democracy, including a vibrant civil society -- some of whom I met earlier today -- the potential to become energy independent, and the capacity to lead on key regional and global issues.

"President Yanukovych has said he is ready to take bold initiatives to exercise that leadership. Last year, he pledged to eliminate Ukraine's highly enriched uranium, and Ukraine is fully on schedule to eliminate all of its HEU in 2012. That leadership elevated Ukraine's standing in the global community, bringing full circle a process that began in 1994 with Ukraine's historic decision to give up nuclear weapons. With U.S. assistance, Ukraine has ushered in a new era of peaceful nuclear power.

"Now we are also looking to Ukraine to continue the commitments that President Yanukovych has made to transparent government, strong rule of law, protection of freedom of speech and media, comprehensive judicial reform in partnership with the Ukrainian people, with stakeholders throughout the country, including opposition leaders and members of civil society. Many of the civil society activists here from Ukraine really are committed to strengthening their country, and we support their goals. They are really committed to also being a partner with their government, and they will be working to see more progress.

"We also are hoping to see the investment climate improve and business open up. We want to see Ukraine prosper and think that there is an enormous opportunity for that. One example will be the memorandum Ambassador Morningstar and Minister of Energy and Coal Boyko will sign today. This MOU will launch a U.S. geological survey effort to develop exploration and development of unconventional gas, and that is a direct result of a conversation that the foreign minister and I began in Kiev about cooperative energy ventures.

"We have negotiated a five-year partnership framework to strengthen the delivery of health services and treatment for Ukrainians living with HIV/AIDS. And we're launching a five-year, $20 million program to strengthen Ukraine's agricultural sector and help build its potential as a major contributor to global food security.

I'm pleased we're making progress also on another issue, human trafficking. Today, we will sign a bilateral Cooperation Plan on Combating Human Trafficking in Ukraine. The recent repatriation from Ukraine to the United States of a trafficker accused of taking more than $1 million in profits from the women he exploited is just one way we are working to end this tragic worldwide blight.

"So Ukraine is on a remarkable journey. The United States wants to assist on that journey. We want to make sure that the progress is tangible and the benefits real for the Ukrainian people."

You can find the Secretary's complete remarks here.



South Korea
February 16, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Ukraine, countries have no idea, I think. The only thing you know, was created in Ukraine for the plane gas powered airplane engine manufactured in the U.S., you could use a little supplement, but that poor countries prepared for use in flight experience with just a neutral country will remember that.

I do not have any solution, the story is not easy: but. My question is oblivious to the plight .... By any chance, now we approach a difficult time politically, a breakwater prevents the crisis exists?

PS Iran (Everyone knows the story) - Egypt totally different approach is considered necessary. I think President Ahmadinejad of Iran to power in Iran is not fully grasp (sorry for the Iranian president. Ahmadinejad President's determination and efforts for reform in knowing ...), religious leaders and conservative forces and soldiers is operated by the state, and President Ahmadinejad, they always logical and rational system of laws and reforms to prevent, to the rule of Islamic fundamentalism, and I think. Access by black and white, not the reality for the people you want to keep economic principles governing human jeokyimyeonseo be needed, which comes before religion and privileged by emotion rather than reason to think that tyranny begins. If my ability, Ahmadinejad would like to support the president. Because the real leader of the mainstream flow direction is powerless to stop standing still I think.

And food aid to North Korea insisted that reminds me of one. Unconditional and absolute support, but also in humanitarian - between North America and China, while taking an appropriate position, so as to ensure their safety, it is aware. However, to solely rely on the China, China and the United States back to the possibility of a proxy war and the reunification of North and South Korea would be difficult to think that. These military threat to authoritarian regimes in the past to keep the forces is thought to provide a pass. And, in economic terms, China and the United States, I still believe that we must cooperate while competing. China's exports were mainly to the past, now with the advanced technology systems, human resources, while large-scale influx of middle class consumption of goods consumed primarily by the development of the market should not ignore the possibility andoendago think.
Simply, the provision of food, but the checks and balances on the North by the promise of food is thought to be provided.

And China also have enough food have not, China's food situation could get worse for the suspect.

North Korea is most needed food now I think.

And, just attract the Winter Olympics in South Korea to do? Children, school lunches, and immunization of non-deleted from the budget for the Winter Olympics in a country party, the opposition parties, presidents, presidential candidates are discussed in the press even look excited so does not look good.

Pohang people, today became hemiplegic, sir, brain surgery to remind my mother, sent me, the same person. Conscience for those who can not seem the least like a human.

Frederick L.
California, USA
February 21, 2011

Frederick L. in California writes:

I've been following with great concern, the dismantlement of democracy & freedom in Ukraine.

This is due to Ukraine's current president, Viktor Yanukovych. There are many cases-in-points.

One easily comes to mind: the persecution of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko by Yanukovych's General Prosecutor.

All the charges against Tymoshenko have zero foundation. Yet Yanukovych's General Prosecutor refuses to allow Tymoshenko to travel.

Yanukovych & his cronies are squandering and stealing Ukraine's resources whilst Ukraine's un-taxed underground economy is growing.

I heard of plans to extend Yanukovch & member of his Rada's terms. And I'm aware of such dirty tricks as restricting the various opposition parties access to elections.

This all follows the pattern of Belarus.

There are many URLs/sites that covers this. I suggest you to merely Google for more information.

Hence, I urge the Secretary of State to meet with opponents of Yanukovch (which includes Tymoshenko) and put pressure upon the Ukraine's President to protect political freedom and reduce the harassment of his opponents. I also urge further monitoring of local & national elections within Ukraine.

The regression of a promising State into another Belarus is not tolerable.


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