Travel Diary: A Green Technology Showcase

Posted by Greg Pfleger
November 7, 2010
Secretary Clinton and Australian Prime Minister Gillard at the Pixel Building

About the Author: Greg Pfleger is serving temporarily at the U.S. Embassy Canberra in Australia. He is permanently assigned as Consular Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate Shanghai in China.

It's a beautiful November day in Melbourne as I stand on the roof of Australia's first completely carbon neutral office building. The wind is blowing something fierce, but it's still worthwhile to be here on the roof to get a glimpse of the technology that makes this, the Pixel Building, such an appropriate venue for this event with the Secretary and Prime Minister. The sunlight filtering down through the slight cloud covering is captured by photovoltaic panels which track the sun, while inside, the colorful facade (which I'm told took extensive CAD modeling to create) both blocks glare and lets in ambient light to reduce lighting costs. Not to mention a Honeywell company is responsible for the "brains" of the building, the building's management system. The Australian press are excited for this first opportunity to cover Secretary Clinton and Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking together.

The Secretary and the Prime Minister arrive, and we thankfully have a few minutes to quickly head up to the roof to take a look around before seeking shelter from the wind for the actual press conference. Photographers snap away upstairs as the two chat with Daniel Grollo, CEO of Grocon, who constructed the Pixel building. At the end of a marathon trip through Asia, Secretary Clinton still has some magic up her sleeve with announcements on education, clean energy research, and the importance of combating climate change. Here in the country's "greenest" office building, Secretary Clinton announces new scholarships marking the 60th anniversary of our Fulbright agreement with Australia. Designed to increase scientific cooperation, both countries pledge $225,000 over three years for Fulbright scholarships in renewable energy research. In addition, the Secretary and Prime Minister announce support (including $500,000 from the Department of State) to the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute and the launch of a new joint program in solar energy collaboration.

Meanwhile, the wind is turning turbines on the roof, which were manufactured locally and installed and used for the first time on this building. The Secretary's right, it's time to put similar technology to wider use.



Sarah G.
District Of Columbia, USA
November 7, 2010

Hi Greg,

Thank you for sharing this enlightening "green" bit of information. I think it's great that we're moving in stride with Australian clean energy companies. Australia is a fine nation, and it is one that I am privileged to have visited. I believe our shared values and vision for a bright future will help lead the world in the 21st century.


South Korea
November 7, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Anne of Green Gables, what comes to mind every time you see Australia's prime minister, and a lot of comics hero looks like.

Indochina in the construction of a railway connecting China and India, and when the construction of a new economic system which Myanmar is likely to be a hurdle I think. Economic development and cooperation with neighboring countries when the economy needs democracy baljeonhu owing to its neighbors is likely to provide crisis I think.

Pohang, that's not protection, surveillance, and I think that is their own greed. If you help them truly, I am so poor, or do something that I think every time harassed.

Familiarity with the perpetrator to the victim while displaying the first approach think.

And, you're supposed to have abandoned because of financial reasons?

South Korea
November 8, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,

Exchange rate to solve a difficult task to pay tribute to all those working towards. However, I am in first half of 2011 until the development of Asia and the newly developing countries laid the foundation for the explosion of the state of the economy, consumption is likely to be suspect is a breakthrough. (Latin America, including some of the country)Asian countries' dependence on exports, even while the economy accompanied by improving domestic demand - I lag the economy, consumption does not exceed the capacity of the problems I think. I'm not an economist but does not provide exact figures, I shall be a target if the economy operates (G20 in) to expand domestic demand in Asia to mitigate the economic bottleneck will vote for. Of course, the demand of developed countries, but is expected to be slow rather than explosive.Yet, domestic demand in Asia for the passion and believe there is enough space. Yet, developing countries in Africa do you feel about spending? Discussion and agreement on the exchange rate is like a thin, easily broken glass, I think is highly likely. Ah! And then I need to talk to exchange thought to these issues will be addressed.

Still, I am a big role in Asia's domestic markets were going to predict.

Burma, i`m very interesting.

Thank You.

Burma, North Korea and I'm thinking along the last Stalinist state, North Korea, unlike the rule, if properly in a short period of simultaneous production and consumption, I think she'll make up the country. It ends with the election still a global civilian and soldiers were going to stay in power is expected. If you include the other dictators in Burma and easily available to get acquainted, but, somehow, select development of a democratic government, establishing a dictatorship of friction with neighbors, while eliminating the Indochina Peninsula to develop a concept of the state think it is better to.

Two amendments to the monopoly position of the company while achieving - the confusion and difficulties to overcome initial funding and technology, with a strong commitment - if the development of Burma, China and India, according to the additional effect of the development while earning a minimum of food think of the role of the supply base.

Boifuel with food and a lot of low-wage workforce and neighboring countries over the specification also allows industry to think the condition is uncommon.
-If possible, I'd like to try, ...................... If you have to know about the companies I want to do. If Burma is reborn as a new country, i can`t find Company......The election period to try to avoid all ..... me.......................

Everything about Myanmar as soon as you order democratic government believes in capitalism, is thought to be built.


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