Assistant Secretary Campbell Briefs the Press on Secretary Clinton's Upcoming Travel

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
October 26, 2010

Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, briefed the press today on Secretary Clinton's upcoming travel to the Asia Pacific region. Assistant Secretary Campbell said, "... it is Secretary Clinton's sixth major trip to the region; seventh if you include the shorter trip that we took to Hawaii and then had to turn back for the Haiti tragedy last year. This trip has many stops and it is intended to send a strong message of U.S. engagement on a range of issues -- strategic, political, multilateral. We'll be dealing with some of the key institutions that are evolving in Asia and also economic and trade as well.

"Secretary Clinton sets off tomorrow morning. Her first stop will be in Hawaii where she will have some preliminary discussions with our commanders in Hawaii -- Admiral Walsh, CINCPACFLT, and Admiral Willard, our Commander of U.S. Forces in the Pacific. She will be meeting later tomorrow afternoon for a substantial intense interaction with her counterpart, Foreign Minister Maehara from Japan. At that session, we will review all aspects of our bilateral relationship, every -- all the areas of coordination and consultation ranging from recent security developments to prospects on the economic and trade front.

"...The following day, Secretary Clinton will be giving a major address on U.S. strategy, accomplishments, and the way forward in the Asia-Pacific region....This speech will talk about areas where we intend to focus our activities in the upcoming period, including high-level diplomacy with our allies and partners, the preparations for President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington in the early part of 2011, steps to prepare for both the G-20 in South Korea and APEC in Japan, and also recognition that at the economic level 2011 is emerging as a very consequential, in many respects, make-or-break year for the United States.

"...In Guam, the Secretary will meet with U.S. forces and troops that are stationed in Guam or are moving through. She will also have a bilateral meeting with the governor and also representatives from Guam there on the base. From there, we will proceed directly to Hanoi. In Hanoi, the Secretary will represent the President -- special representative to the President -- to the East Asia summit meeting that is underway. Secretary Clinton will make a presentation as a guest of the chair on October 30th.

"...From Hanoi, we will travel to Hainan Island, where Secretary Clinton will have a meeting with her counterpart in the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, State Councilor Dai Bingguo. At that session, we will review the various issues in the U.S.-China relationship, make sure that we're making adequate preparations for both the upcoming G-20 meeting, APEC, and particularly for the session that will take place in January when Hu Jintao will visit the United States, or in early part of 2011.

"From there, we will proceed to Cambodia. In Cambodia, Secretary Clinton will do a variety of stops, both to highlight civil society projects, other issues in which the United States is deeply engaged, like the Peace Corps. We will have high-level meetings with the foreign minister, with the prime minister. We will have an opportunity to review the tragedies that have befallen Cambodia in the past through the visits to the genocide museum, perhaps interactions with counterparts on the ongoing trial there about the Khmer Rouge period.

"At every stop, the Secretary will highlight both political and economic interactions, a desire to promote U.S. exports and see a more forward engagement on economic matters.

"...From Cambodia, we will go to Malaysia -- again, both these countries, the first visit for Secretary Clinton. In Malaysia, the Secretary will have an opportunity to interact with Prime Minister Najib and his key cabinet on a range of issues. Few countries have come as far in terms of our bilateral relationship as the one between the United States and Malaysia; enormous progress on a range of issues -- proliferation issues, political coordination, and strategic dialogue. And I think you will see the flourishing U.S.-Malaysian relationship on full display.

"From Malaysia, the Secretary will make a number of stops that we, unfortunately, had to cancel after the tragic earthquake in Haiti forced her to postpone that trip, so we will be stopping in Papua New Guinea. Obviously, Papua New Guinea is a -- there's been enormous petro finds, natural gas and the like, but there are important issues on the island of biodiversity, issues associated with the status of women, and also questions associated about how the current government plans to manage this tremendous windfall that will be coming to the people of Papua New Guinea through this massive find of petroleum and natural gas.

"From Papua New Guinea, we will proceed directly to New Zealand. The Secretary, while in New Zealand, will reaffirm, really, a recommitment to a relationship that has not received as much attention over the course of the last 25 years between the United States.

"...From there, we will go to Australia -- Australia, our anchor of our relationship in the Pacific, underscoring strong, political, and security ties there. She will be with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for what we call our AUSMIN meetings. There, in Melbourne, she will have an opportunity to interact intensively with new Foreign Minister Rudd and also meet new Prime Minister Julia Gillard, along with Steve Smith the new defense minister for Australia, who she has worked closely with when he was foreign minister. A whole range of issues in terms of coordination on Asia-Pacific security issues, coordination on some trade-related issues, and on issues in South Asia.

"On the way home, we will stop in American Samoa. And here, I just want to underscore that we often talk about stepping up our game in the Asian Pacific region. In that formulation, the A gets a lot more attention than the P, the Pacific. You will note on this particular trip that the Secretary will be stopping in three Pacific islands -- American Samoa for a quick meeting there on the way home.

"...So as you can see, it's a very diverse trip. It covers our engagement with the multilateral institutions of Asia that are evolving -- the great important powers of Northeast Asia, high-level diplomacy with Japan, with China, with South Korea. A lot of the key emerging states in Southeast Asia where we have had, frankly, only infrequent visits in the past, the Secretary very much looking forward to those stops."

You can read the full transcript here.



South Korea
October 27, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Eurasian Energy? Luiz Inacio da Silva, Brazil, is not suggesting the introduction of bio-energy, ability to execute his policies are very fresh to me, show me the evidence is considered. Unless the law? Or, in other ways ...Unavoidably be left here, but his ability to regret leaving the Brazilian people think. Counselor?

Friends? of South-Korea

That I have contributed, but the story should be two kinds of events and incidents that occur to me is exhausting me. I was just in 2008 when presidential elections, the election is over, and I forgot I think to myself, then people who harassed me, if some symbolic action eopeoteulgeogo now have no problem, just a little worried about the future is thought to disappear. Is a personal opinion.

Korea, I feel, just trying to help-ish and in my mind to think other thoughts.

Even as countries face the fire, but also use Twitter Province, Beijing, will miss a lot. Well, at least I thought to ensure the activities. Of course, system or the constraints on political activity gahaetgetjiman, "Currency War," the United States and the country's internal problems rather difficult to express the idea that a country has. Yesterday evening,,,

Is not easy,, that just is not any activity, moreover, the second event is being done with other people's activities - it does not interfere in their calculated? Israel-PLO negotiations, the exchange rate issue. Both of these are resolved so that at least 3-4 in the race for governor is no guarantee it, California was expected to thrombosis of the slight difference, it is short of stock index finished with a strong rebound as likely to end up making a small padoman is stronger.

49-40%, was expected to complete the defeat, if possible, after the next election for the betrayal, or donate a lot of people on the other side of the brain is willing to send a strong signal that all?

Rather than a simple theft case - of suspects, is me, and I think that deliberately approached. China, he did not at least not this cowardly act ....

and, Beijing...
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Number one is very welcome in Seoul citizens Should also think about the deep appreciation?

How many of the Chinese approach was a deliberate illusion, but that there was no way to verify the identity and want an excuse. People who do not know the intent of the approach is supposed to be a counterbalance that. I'm Korean and I'm unemployed and in the end ........

Judgments about the information and promised to think about the lack of evidence. There's nothing official that .... Japan?

New Mexico, USA
October 27, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

To: Sec. Kurt Cambell and Sec. Of State Clinton,

This may be one of the most far-flung ambitious junkets of all time in modern US diplomacy, and with so much to get resolved in so little time for the peace and prosperity of nations...

For as much as I've said on this blog lately about China shooting itself in the foot diplomaticly, I hope folks will give them lessons on responsible gun ownership...lest they shoot themselves in the other foot too.

I guess I'm one of those who's not quite as optimistic as Mr. Campbell claims to be in briefing (chuckle), but let's just say I have hope and I want to see results.

If not, send them a really large bill for the instability they have created via lil Kim and Co., and in Sudan and elsewhere via illogical arms sales that violate sanctions.

See, I'm getting motivated now to write a book containing every post over the last three years on this blog and if need be,

"The cure for political stupidity, and/or how not to go to war with America",

Will be dedicated to Mr. Hu

I'm sure he'll love reading it when it's finished....(chuckle)

Safe travels Madam Secretary, Mr. Campbell, and I hope you blew out every candle on your B-day cake Madam Secretary, so you get every diplomatic wish fulfilled in the process.


P.S. Mr. Campbell, I surely hope you take that idea that gave "everyone something new to think about" regarding the disposition and resolution of Cambodia's debt to the US on the road with you for Cambodian consideration.

If it works as I think it will to creatively resolve it, then do you think this analyst being poor as a churchmouse might be tossed a small "finders fee" to keep his belly fed and his spirits up while I think of how to solve your problems on a continual basis?

Only if it really makes a difference mind you and solves the problem and I just helped recover a couple hundred million in accounts recievable for the US gov. with the idea.

I wouldn't even ask save that I might not be around at all to help out if I get much skinnier and disapear altogether. I fear all that folks may remember me by soon is a cheshire cat's grin floating in mid-air.

I really hope you take that idea (posted on Dipnote on the subject of Cambodia's debt) all the way to the international food bank.
Never mind if I see any tangible thanks for it. Other's certainly will.

Virginia, USA
October 27, 2010

Jonathan in Virginia writes:

Excited to follow the Secretary's progress and efforts on this very important trip. Thank you!

South Korea
October 27, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Have you ever seen the movie Rocky? One side, but their identity in a boxing match, he and his family pay a fence to keep looking, two-parent robbing success was to find a way to get fame and fortune, gives new hope for Italian immigrants to think. (To me otherwise, resembling fresh impact to my uncle?)

think a lot in common with someone who does not? Already, to think that you get out of control ..... Men, but not ...

California, USA
October 28, 2010

Eileen in California writes:

Only 3 Pacific islands being visited and 2 of them are US territories: Guam And American Samoa (Australia and New Zealand don't count) but at least PNG gets a visit. Where is this new promise to engage in the Pacific?

New Mexico, USA
October 28, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@Palgye in South Korea,

My friend, sometimes your posts remind me of a fractal landscape of streaming conciousness, not that that's a bad thing, just hard sometimes for me to figure out exactly what you are trying to get at in the meanings and details that your perception carries in word.

Anyhow, you and me are in the same boat, and unemployed is unemployed be you Korean and me American, it is like the taste of stale pond water on the pallet of one's life.

I can only suggest this;

Don't give up yourself to it. It is not you who accepts this reality, nor this reality that accepts you in this way.

Long time ago...850 AD or so, two Buddhist monks in China were having a conversation.

Just before leaving, Tung-shan asked, "If after many years, someone should ask if I am able to portray the Master's likeness, how should I respond?"

After remaining quiet for awhile, Yun-yen said, "Just this person."

Tung-shan was lost in thought. Yun-yen said, "Chieh Acarya, having assumed the burden of this great master, you must be very cautious."

Tung-shan remained dubious about what Yun-yen had said. Later, as he was crossing a river, he saw his reflected image and experienced a great awakening to the meaning of the previous exchange. He composed the following Gatha;

Earnestly avoid seeking without,
Lest it recede far from you.
Today I am walking alone,
Yet everywhere I meet him.
He is now no other but myself,
But I am not now him.
It must be understood in this way
In order to merge with Suchness.

Later, during a memorial service before Yun-yen's portrait a monk asked, " When the former master said, 'Just this person.' was it actually this?"

Tung-shan replied, "It was."

The monk said, " I wonder if the former master actually knew reality."

Tung-shan said, "If he didn't know reality, how could he have known such a way in which to answer? If he knew reality, why did he go to the trouble of answering that way?"


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