Secretary Clinton Provides Remarks With Pakistani Foreign Minister

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October 22, 2010

Speaking before reporters today after her meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi, Secretary Clinton said, "We have just wrapped up three days of intensive discussions in our third U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue. Each of these sessions has been more productive than the last as we deepen our understanding of each other's needs and discover new opportunities for cooperation. This time, we have final blueprints from each of our 13 working groups. They lay out specific agreements, actions and benchmarks for making tangible improvements in the lives of the Pakistani people. These include projects in water, electricity, women's empowerment, health, agriculture, and most urgently, jumpstarting Pakistan's recovery from the catastrophic floods.

"...As we conclude this third Strategic Dialogue session in seven months, we can see that our intensive consultations, our frank discussions, our focus on cooperation have already yielded an improvement in our bilateral relationship. Thanks to the hard work of Minister Qureshi and his team of ministers, paired with their U.S. counterparts, we have made strides on a number of projects that Pakistanis have identified as priorities, such as increasing the vaccination rate for children and saving their lives, researching solutions to the arsenic contamination of drinking water, improving the productivity of wheat and cotton farms. We are also ensuring that the advancements of women is an integral part of all the projects that we pursue together, because we know that when we elevate the role of women, it benefits their families and particularly their children, and those benefits expand to communities as well.

"I'm also pleased that we've continued our emphasis on helping to improve the business climate. And I'm excited today to announce today a new business development and mentorship program. The 10,000 Women Initiative, run by Goldman Sachs, will partner with the State Department to bring Pakistani women entrepreneurs for intensive training at the Thunderbird School for Global Management in Arizona, where the women will learn business and leadership skills, financial management, strategic planning and operations.

"...We continue to work on the high priorities of energy and water. We had excellent presentations and reports today from our working groups on energy and water. We're focused on improving the electricity service, creating more opportunities for water storage, the kind of initiatives that were important before the floods but now are absolutely essential.

"So I'm looking forward to working with my counterpart and friend, Minister Qureshi, and with these very dedicated teams of Pakistani and American officials to continue to develop more ways to enhance our cooperation and produce results for the people of Pakistan."

You can read the Secretary's full remarks here. The text of the joint statement released by the United States and Pakistan on the Dialogue is available here.



October 23, 2010

Irtaza in Pakistan writes:

Cheers! The travel that started since March 24 this year has started producing. I've watched the concluding session of the strategic dialogue and press conference. The body language of both foreign ministers, their moods, the atmosphere and especially the loud laughter of secretary Clinton tell very much about the success story.
Here I'd like to mention a very important thing. Finally both the governments have considered the importance of public diplomacy. The USA has invested billions of dollars in all sectors like power, health, defence and infrastructure for the last 50 years, but it never succeeded to get appropriate reward. An ordinary Pakistani used to consider USA enemy in the past and it does the same even today.
I hope the new addition, the public diplomacy initiative (to train 200 journalists) will help America a lot to win the hearts and minds. Let's hope for good outcomes.

Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
October 25, 2010

Patrick W. in Maryland writes:

Hi,DipNote,Hillary and Minister Qureshi.

I like the Remarks, Made by Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi.The things he said are very true."we shouldn't go by just what the Media says, about how are countries talk ,or are getting along". He's right about this, and working on a Better more Prosperous relationship between are Peoples.

I also like that Hillary, has been working with him on improving our future engagements.

Anyways,i haven't been writing in these past weeks,because i had the Flu or a really bad cold.Did feel like doing anything exept sleep.

See Ya Guys and Hillary :)


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