Conversations With America: A Discussion on PEPFAR

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August 10, 2010

Dr. Jeffrey L. Sturchio, President and CEO of the Global Health Council, holds a conversation with Ambassador Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, on the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, moderates the conversation. Read questions submitted by DipNote readers in advance of the discussion here. Learn more about PEPFAR at



Elynn W.
District Of Columbia, USA
August 10, 2010

Elynn W. in Washington DC writes:

With the reauthorization of PEPFAR, funding can now be used for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs. The USAID, Hygiene Improvement Project has proven the benefit and necessity of incorporating WASH into HIV/AIDS programs. How can we increase these efforts and incorporate these much needed programs, which are can be offered at a low cost, into the planning process for PEPFAR programming using PEPFAR funding?

New Mexico, USA
August 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Eric Goosby has been at this since the dark days when there was no cure, no coordination, no international effort, and the stark reality of the collapse of African society was imminent.

I don't know why anyone would question whether we'd stick with this till the corner has been turned on this disease.

The question if we have or not yet kind of went unanswered, but it looks as if that inflection point is fast approaching.

Keep up the good work folks.

New York, USA
August 24, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

IVDU's and HIV/AIDS in Russia, Central Asia, and Mid-East.....

A politics-free policy and program for highest and hardest hit regions needs to be implemented. Prevalence studies have been gathering dust for over a decade.....Time for Action is Now.


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