How Can the International Community Maximize Human Rights Within Public Health Practices?

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July 12, 2010
Woman Looks Through Microscope in Thailand

The 2010 International AIDS Conference takes place later this week in Vienna, Austria. From July 18-23, an estimated 25,000 participants -- scientists, health care providers, political, community and business leaders, government, nongovernmental, and multilateral organization representatives, and people living with HIV/AIDS -- will gather for meetings and workshops that will explore the latest developments in HIV science, policy and practice.

The theme for this year's international conference is Rights Here, Right Now, which emphasizes the importance of protecting and promoting human rights in responding to HIV.

How can the international community maximize human rights within public health practices?



United States
July 12, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

Bring healthcare equality to the American public health system by training and employing massive numbers of health care workers. Stop making the field so difficult to enter by limiting places for doctors and nurses. Increase places for specialty training. Improve standards in teaching so there aren't wide disparities in training. Improve doctor's training via cross training so that all doctors are well qualified in identifying symptoms particularly in female medical issues and internal medecine. We need better patient support and communication. Wrap around care so people don't fall through the cracks. MCAT test questions should be based on clinical ability and thought processes not english.

Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
July 15, 2010

Patrick W. in Maryland writes:

Well,Hello everyone & :)

Too improve understanding of the laws on healthcare ,we should have more Tv programs
that explain peoples rights .Because people in different counties have different laws when
it come to healthcare. Thats why people don't know their rights. This is one of the problems with healthcare programs..:)

Anyways, Just a Thought._:)

South Korea
July 19, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

The Messiah would be needed. Each area,,,

(South Africa is trying to change a person's long sacrifice is thought a big role.

I think the U.S. is becoming too much. Involved and passionate. I think we should continue to support. Join a number of ways to win a few, I think.)

Income levels are elevated post-seizure and release of the information media and the process I think is highly elevated post-seizure. Twitter, Facebook, such as the speed of information through the Internet and cell phones as a guarantee of health care market openness and distribution of drugs also requires a clean I think. Guarantee of human rights law to ensure that necessary, but for politicians to unite and co-citizens of moving towards the goal of endless interest and you think you need to join. Awareness of citizens to speak their opinions freely, you need a device, yet I think the fastest internet and mobile phones, and without freedom of assembly is thought to be impossible. Two kinds of medical knowledge is always passing through the media you think will be a lot of attention. I think people recognize the need to change.

When the opportunity to go in there I want to receive training to be the Messiah ....


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