U.S., Pakistan Hold Dialogue on Law Enforcement and Combating Terrorism

Posted by Rick Snelsire
July 9, 2010
U.S, Pakistani Officials Visit National Police Academy in Islamabad

About the Author: Rick Snelsire serves as Spokesperson at U.S. Embassy Islamabad.

The final working group meeting of the U.S.-Pakistan strategic dialogue took place July 8, when Pakistani and U.S. officials met to discuss ways to increase law enforcement cooperation and combat terrorism.

This is the first time this group has met since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi launched the U.S.-Pakistan strategic dialogue in Washington, D.C., in March of this year.

The Pakistan side was led by Senator A. Rehman Malik, Pakistan's Minister of Interior, and the U.S. side was co-chaired by Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State; and Mr. Bruce Swartz, U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice. Both sides were assisted by senior officials from relevant departments and ministries.

The U.S. delegation acknowledged the challenges Pakistan faces and praised the government's efforts in addressing the terrorist threat. The U.S. officials recognized the courage and extraordinary sacrifices made by Pakistan's law enforcement agencies and the public in the fight against terrorism. The Pakistani side also expressed appreciation for the U.S. support and assistance provided to Pakistan's law enforcement agencies in support of their counter-terrorism efforts.

The delegates discussed the terrorist threat and explored ways to increase law enforcement cooperation and civilian capacity to counter those threats. Both groups shared insights into the challenges and best practices in combating terrorist groups and their support networks. The delegates discussed ways to strengthen law enforcement and judicial capacity and enhance counterterrorism legislation. The two sides agreed to discuss establishing a working group to strengthen border management to allow for the effective flow of legal goods and services but at the same time stop terrorists' transit and the smuggling of contraband. The group reviewed mechanisms to detect and deter financing of terrorist groups and discussed ways to increase cooperation and information sharing on terror financiers. Finally, both sides reaffirmed their unified commitment to strengthen engagement in combating the common enemy of terrorism.



District Of Columbia, USA
July 10, 2010

Anna in Washington DC writes:

I was saddened this morning to hear on the news about the suicide bombings in Pakistan. Our thoughts are with the victims' families.

Eileen C.
Florida, USA
August 30, 2010

Eileen C. in Florida writes:

The sad thing about Law Enforcement and Combating Terrorism is when both are use to spread fear. On July 2007, I took my child to the Downtown library to take her books back at the Downtown Orlando Library, when the police approached me to speak about the cooling vest, because someone mistaken this for a bullet vest.
My cooling vest is from Polar Products. The experience was less than being religious. The only thing that I could see was the officer looking for something at her waste. I thought that I was going to be shoot. She asked me why do I use this thing and I explained to her that this was a gift from the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). It helps patients with Multiple Sclerosis to duel with the heat.
She told me that was the most ridiculous thing that she had a cousin with MS. I told her on my fear that she was lucky to meet me because now she can inform the cousin of such device. The cooling vest helps me with the heat, which exacerbate my condition of Multiple Sclerosis. After a lot of work, I manage to speak to the officer and she informed me that she was looking for her Stung Gun.
She told me that I was something and that I looked great at that time and I informed her that I was scare. I guess I really did not understand the magnitude of 9/11, but I use to live here then. I had a neighbor going nuts because she wanted to get her children at home.
I had a child too and I told her the children were Ok at school that they will have a professional talking to the children. That she will not do any good going and taking the children out.
Self control is foremost important in everything and I wanted to suggest my story so we can all learn something. We need to consider each case. I would like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis. We cannot deprive citizens.


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