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July 2, 2010
Conversations With America Join a Discussion on U.S. Engagement With Muslim Communities Worldwide

Update: Watch the live broadcast here.

On Friday, July 9, 2010, Steven Clemons, Director of the New America Foundation's American Strategy Program will hold a conversation with Farah Pandith, Special Representative to Muslim Communities, on the United States' engagement with Muslim communities around the world. The discussion will be moderated by Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Public Affairs. The event will be streamed live on DipNote, the Department of State's official blog, at 11:15 a.m. (EDT). You will have the opportunity to participate through the submission of questions, some of which will be selected for response during the live broadcast. Submit your questions now here on DipNote.

This is the third in the new "Conversations with America" video series recently launched by the Bureau of Public Affairs in which the State Department's senior leadership holds monthly conversations live online with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations. Discussion topics include foreign policy and global issues. The forums provide views of how leaders from the foreign affairs community engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues and how both the U.S. government and civil society are working across the globe on issues that concern Americans most.



Mandour H.
July 9, 2010

Mandour H. in Egypt writes:

Dear All,
I''m the Egyptian coordinator for a very promising and successful shared projects between the University and :
a) The British Council in Egypt ., it’s titled Al azhar English TRaining Center (AETC).
b)The Regional English Language Office ,U.S. Embassy in Egypt it's titled ELRC(English Language Resources Center).

and somehow i lived the two cultures, so allow me to put these few lines here about the West (not only U.S , and UK) Engagement with the (EAST) ..not only Muslim Communities ,and i do believe we all share the same dream..peace . :

1) Conferences With fancy titles like (Interfaith dialogue ) is the most coomon approach so far , ..but have they proved any real success toward achieving peace?
I strongly doubt it..cause i think the most important step to reach peace..real sustained , settled peace should come through NATURAL RELATIONSHIP between the people of the two cultures , by fixing the disfigured images for people
(ordinary people..not fat title holders) in the two communities ..and that can best be done by establishing UNTERMED economic and human projects by US , and Europe in the east (african and islamic world) , .. projects like ELRC ..providing that the budget of one of those fancy conferences is enough to build 3 or 4 projects like ElRC, so..with a very simple calculation...tens of projects could be established every year in many african and islamic world..and natives From US and Europe should be working in these (again..ORDINARY people)get to know each other in a natural way..simple and real..away from media and flashes..

2) Speaking about the titles...when have titles like (ISLAM) AND THE (WEST) dialogue..., we don't say (East) and (WEST) dialogue...or (Moslems) and (Christians)dialogue..i mean the two parties of the dialogue are not of the same category!!!one of them is religous (Islam)..and the other is more social (the West)..
while actually it should be(by it's nature and aspects) East and West dialogue..
Which necessarily lead to confusion between the concepts of religious and social concepts, similarly what was happening in Europe and America in the early twentieth century ... that the description of a social problem may differ or agree with the characterization of religious same problem ... this is subject to various factors, no To mention here. But always be able to understand when the separation between the two concepts, and when we relate them to each other. A very important factor in solving these problems , otherwise we well come to a point where we can’t tell which is which.

3) To create a fair dialogue between the two cultures there shouldn't be any predefined accusation for Moslems or if every Moslem is a potential terrorist..butting the Moslems in a defensive corner before even you start the dialogue could do a great harm to the peace precess., Terrorism has no HOME NOR could be anywhere for different reasons..and we should all faceit
(mentally) and peacefully..not with Violence.

4) Reaching a FAIR and PEACEFULL solution in Areas of political tension in the Middle East (For example, YOU must fulfill the promises given by Western governments for the Palestinians) will help a lot .

Finally i'll end my words with a poem i wrote about peace..i'll do my best to attend the event tomorrow (i'll be outside cairo)..thanks for the here's the poem

There's nothing in war.. But sadness and fears
Nothing so bright.. Only scary tears
Nothing to proud of ...Only tons of shame
No winner,No losser.,No trace of life remains
Prayers were told from high above..
Prayers were told by birds and trees..
By mountains,by rivers..By oceans.. and seas
Prayers were told so loudly and clear
But yet very few have managed to hear
They begged and appealed the rest to listen
But they were damn busyPreparing their coffins


By cambridge_train

E.mail :

Virginia, USA
July 9, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:

Man, I love ELP. ELP was MONSTER back in the 70's. Like, I would play "Tarkus" over and over again, until my ears would ring like the Liberty Bell. I think if we used ELP against bad guys, the bad guys wouldn't stand a chance. It would be... Brain Salad Surgery!

Now, if we couldn't get ELP back together again, we could always get Jeff Lynne to reform ELO. Whoa. It would be like, out of the blue, you know? Talk about your "Fire On High!" Sure would make a mess of all those telephone lines! I can't get it out of my head!

Do you think when they asked "don't bring me down Bruce" that they were talking about Springsteen? I don't know, man. It coulda been Bruce Wayne, or even Robert the Bruce. Jeff Lynne can get really obtuse with his lyrics because of his whole Beatles thing. The walrus was Paul, you know?

Some great ideas on this blog, man. Love it here! Peace!

Sam B.
July 9, 2010

Sam B. in Iran writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

Thank you dear Eric, emphasize in Arabian gulf, truly.

New Mexico, USA
July 9, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


(chuckle) I didn't mean to step inadvertantly into a debate about what to call the "Gulf", I was just trying to make sure folks didn't think I meant the Gulf of Mexico or something...

I don't really care what people call it as long as we don't have to go to war over it.

May I suggest we simply rename it, "The gulf of idiocy"?

Seems politicaly appropriate.

I'm not sure you should thank me for answering Suliman's question. The scenario has been the subject of Congressional study and hearings as to the effect on my own nation's population simply because the IRGC has been doing missile testing that mimics that scenario I outlined.

Folks are going to need all the humanitarian aid they can get afterwards because there won't be any refrigeration nor working vehicals to get food to market in the cities.

You won't be able to pump water, gas, no sewage treatment, and when all the infrastructure of a fairly modern society ceases to work, there's going to be pandemonium in the streets.

At least the people will be on a level playing field with the regime, and can do what they need to do to remove it, without our boots on the ground.

When folks realize that we could have done things a whole lot differently at the cost of many, many lives in Iran, and in saving millions of others by not allowing a single Iranian missile to be launched with a biological or nuclear payload, I think folks in the region will understand why there was no warning given, and the truly compassionate nature of the action taken.

And that includes the Iranian people, despite the hardship they would endure as a result. They can expect a lot of help from the 230 million others in the region their hardship has helped save.

That won't be a monolythic reaction, but I think a general one when the alternatives were properly assessed.

In a practical sense, it will remove the regime from power simply because their tools of government,- computers, communication, command and control of forces- will no longer function.

I suppose that means that we'll have to drop the Ayatollah a cupcake and a sat. phone with a note from the President that says "Call me. We can do this again tommorrow if you won't surrender unconditionally now, or take your poison."

And I should note here that even in extremis with no other viable option on the table left, we'd find it very hard indeed to go this rout, because the Iranian people are not our enemy and we don't wish to place hardship on top of the hardship you already face at the hands of the tyrants in charge there.

There's a real good op-ed in the Washington post today that that makes a lot of sense, and I agree fully with their assesment.

What they are suggesting is the compliment to this following post I wrote the other day.

"Back to the topic of the week, I've already posted my recomendations for engaging civil society, and you can start with having an ongoing dialogue with the various Iranian/American groups here in the US with family inside Iran; who are trying their best to breath life into people's aspirations for freedom, without a crash-cart to render emergency assistance and few resources.

Now if you want that patient to be declared "D.O.A." just ignore the national asset in our midst.

And if you do, ultimately one has to decide whether the "pressure track" includes the elements of regime replacement therapy as the end result of the Iranian Gov.'s failure to comply with UN decisions.

What right do we have to proceed in this manner?

The same right future generations not yet present have to a world worth living in.

Sans terrorism. Keep that in mind as one proceeds to make it so."

Posted on Wed Jul 07, 2010


I think it is important to note that the Israeli PM remarks at the Council of Foreign Relations included reference to a conversation he had with our President specificly on the nature of the Iranian/hisbollah missile threat to the region, not just Israel, and what to do about it.

All this being theoretical, I hope they came up with a better solution than I have here.

But we ended WW2 without even testing the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and never having dropped one out of an aircraft before then. Nagasaki's bomb was the same type tested at white sands.

So I think it goes without saying that my government is prepared to take risks and proceed with only theory and probability to go on when trying to end or even prevent a war.

Best regards,


Arizona, USA
July 11, 2010

Victoria in Arizona writes:

@Mandour in Egypt

You are kidding, of course you are!

4) Reaching a FAIR and PEACEFULL solution in
Areas of political tension in the Middle East (For example, YOU must fulfill the promises given by Western governments for the Palestinians) will help a lot.

Abbas makes no accountability of all the aid already received. Hamas is building munition and rocket bases within the civil population in Gaza and.... while we are on the subject Hamas is sending their sickest and most life-threatened wounded to Israel for care and while there... the families receive housing and food courtesy Israel. Who is doing what to whom?

As if that weren't enough now Hamas is forbidding Gaza people to go to Israel to earn money, specifically one location. So now the poor Gaza people have no income .... Who is oppressing the Gaza population? And you are much closer to the situation than I am. For that reasoI say unto you gotta be kidding.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@Mandour in Egypt,

You wrote:

"3) To create a fair dialogue between the two cultures there shouldn't be any predefined accusation for Moslems or if every Moslem is a potential terrorist..butting the Moslems in a defensive corner before even you start the dialogue could do a great harm to the peace precess., Terrorism has no HOME NOR could be anywhere for different reasons..and we should all faceit
(mentally) and peacefully..not with Violence."

A terrorist is simply defined by the nature of his actions and methodology.

There are no Muslim terrorists, for the majority of people in this country as well as its government recognize that while some terrorists in the world use Islam as a cloak and excuse to justify their actions, They are not practicing Islam through their actions.

Therefore to suggest we issue some form of blanket condemnation of Islam or are pre-disposed to think of all Muslims as terrorists is not only flat wrong, but supports those who abuse your faith to justify their acts and crimes against humanity.

Terrorists come in all colors, but are not defined by the color of their skin.

Terrorists come in all political stripes, but are not defined by ideological means.

Or through religious values, for lack of knowing what that is in the first place.

One may define terrorism as "evil", for the total lack of empathy present in their mindset while commiting such acts.

And the fact that if there was even the smallest spark of empathy present, "evil" could not exist in the same mental space along side of it.

The taking of one's own life in order to murder the innoccent, and the deliberate targeting of ordinary people trying to go about their daily lives is the only criteria needed to define a terrorist as a terrorist...period.

It matters not why they do so or what so- called "justification" the terrorist claims to have.

I think it goes without saying that if there were peaceful means to deal with their actions and end the phenomena of terrorism, folks would have found one by now.

We can educate people, provide economic incentive, create a dialoge to a better understanding of the root of this common problem every society on this planet faces, and mitigate the conditions that feed their false justification of their acts, and build a greater appreciation for living life well in general terms.

But in the end, none of this would change the mindset of those irreconcilable to peaceful coexistance with the diversity of the human race, in all of its mirad belief structures, religious, political, or in any other form or combination of them.

One may say intolerance breeds intolerance, and I have no problem being intolerant of intolerance, for it is indeed unacceptable and incompatible with the notion of peace.

The reason some are not comfortable in using the word "terrorist" substituting it for "insurgent", "rebel" and other words is that as yet they have no proper undersanding of how to define what a terrorist is.

Until folks can, it will be impossible to address the root cause and end such activity.

Farah Pandith is perfectly welcome to have a debate with me on this very subject, right here, right now, or at a time of her choosing.

In no way would I support the notion that using the word "terrorist" and calling it what it is, represents some kind of "Zero-sum game."

Tell that to future generations not yet present that have as much right as the living to a world worth living in.

Terrorism has been a defined activity since The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, (c. 2200 BCE) were written down.

Being from Egypt, I think you may take some pride in the historical record of your people's contribution to civilization, and the arrangement of "good sayings" that supported its development.

I will post the entire text in sections so you will understand exactly what I am referring to.

I liked the poem by the way, and all one has to do is find the door in the wall and step through it.

Best Regards,


New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The following question has now been answered;

"So I'd like to ask the Muslims here what they do with rabid dogs running amock in their neigborhood?"

BAGHDAD -- Teams of veterinarians and police shooters have killed about 58,000 stray dogs in and around the Iraqi capital over the past three months as part of a campaign to curb an increasing number of strays blamed for attacks on residents.

The Baghdad provincial government said in a statement released Saturday that 20 teams have been moving around the city and the outer districts daily looking for and putting down the dogs, either by poisoning or shooting. The operation, which was first announced in late 2008, only truly took off this April, after funds were allocated.

The surge in strays -- estimated by provincial officials to number about 1.25 million -- is linked to what officials say is an improvement in some elements of daily life in Baghdad, which has been struggling to return to normalcy after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Officials with the provincial veterinary directorate said that with open-air markets and bustling city life returning, the dogs are able to find more food and are having bigger litters.

Figures for the number of attacks by packs of stray dogs were not available Saturday, the last day of the weekend in Iraq.

But officials said resident complaints have increased steadily in tandem with the rise in the stray population. In the capital, dogs have attacked children, killing some.

Efforts since the campaign was announced in 2008 have met with limited success because of a lack of funding and follow-through. Baghdad is not thought to have any dog shelters.

The teams begin their work daily at 6 a.m. and coordinate with security forces -- ostensibly to ensure that they aren't mistaken for insurgents and that they don't draw retaliatory fire.

Provincial officials said that before the teams move into an area, residents are also warned to not pick up meat they find on the ground because it could be the poisoned food used to lure and kill the dogs.

Under Hussein's regime, stray dogs were routinely shot. But their numbers grew steadily after the invasion, when more serious security issues sidelined efforts to deal with the dogs.

-- Associated Press

Seems folks do it the exactly the same way we do it here in New Mexico.

You have four-legged varmits and two-legged varmits.



The death toll in a double suicide bombing in a Pakistani tribal village on the border with Afghanistan has risen to more than 100, officials say.

Abdul Wadood, 19, had been sitting in a vehicle when the bombs exploded and suffered head and arm injuries.

"I only heard the deafening blast and lost consciousness," he said.

"I found myself on a hospital bed after opening my eyes. I think those who planned or carried out this attack are not humans."

(end excerpt)

I believe this young man knows what he's talking about.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

A son who attends is like a follower of Horus; he is happy after having attended. He becomes great, he arrives at dignity, he gives the same lesson to his children. Let none innovate upon the precepts of his father; let the same precepts form his lessons to his children. "Verily," will his children say to him, "to accomplish what you say works marvels." Cause therefore that to flourish which is just, in order to nourish your children with it. If the teachers allow themselves to be led toward evil principles, verily the people who understand them not will speak accordingly, and that being said
to those who are docile they will act accordingly. Then all the world considers them as masters and they inspire confidence in the public; but their glory endures not so long as would please them. Take not away then a word from the ancient teaching, and add not one; put not one thing in place of another; beware of uncovering the rebellious ideas which arise in you; but teach according to the words of the wise. Attend if you wish to dwell in the mouth of those who shall attend to your words, when you have entered upon the office of master, that your words may be upon our lips . . . and that there may be a chair from which to deliver your arguments. Let your thoughts be abundant, but let your mouth be under restraint, and you shall argue with the great. Put yourself in unison with the ways of your master; cause him to say: "He is my son," so that those who shall hear it shall say "Praise be to her who has borne him to him!" Apply yourself while you speak; speak only of perfect things; and let the great who shall hear you say: "Twice good is that which issues from his mouth!" Do that which your master bids you. Twice good is the precept of his father, from whom he has issued, from his flesh. What he tells us, let it be fixed in our heart; to satisfy him greatly let us do for him more than he has
prescribed. Verily a good son is one of the gifts of Ptah, a son who does even better than he has been told to do. For his master he does what is satisfactory, putting himself with all his heart on the part of right. So I
shall bring it about that your body shall be healthful, that the Pharaoh shall be satisfied with you in all circumstances and that you shall obtain years of life without default. It has caused me on earth to obtain one hundred and ten years of life, along with the gift of the favor of the Pharoah among the first of those whom their works have ennobled, satisfying the Pharoah in a place of dignity. It is finished, from its beginning to its end, according to that which is found in writing.

From: Charles F. Horne, The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East (New York: Parke, Austin, & Lipscomb, 1917), Vol. II: Egypt, pp. 62-78.
Scanned by: J. S. Arkenberg, Dept. of History, Cal. State Fullerton

This text is part of the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history.
Unless otherwise indicated the specific electronic form of the document is copyright. Permission is granted for electronic copying, distribution in print form for educational purposes and personal use. No representation is made about texts which are linked off-site, although in most cases these are also public domain. If you do reduplicate the document, indicate the source.
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New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

Know those who are faithful to you when you are in low estate. Your merit then is worth more than those who did you honor. His . . ., behold that which a man possesses completely. That is of more importance than his high rank; for this is a matter which passes from one to another. The merit of one's son is advantageous to the father, and that which he really is, is worth more than the remembrance of his father's rank.
Distinguish the superintendent who directs from the workman, for manual labor is little elevated; the inaction of the hands is honorable. If a man is not in the evil way, that which places him there is the want of
subordination to authority.
If you take a wife, do not . . . Let her be more contented than any of her fellow-citizens. She will be attached to you doubly, if her chain is pleasant. Do not repel her; grant that which pleases her; it is to her
contentment that she appreciates your work.
If you hear those things which I have said to you, your wisdom will be fully advanced. Although they are the means which are suitable for arriving at the maat, and it is that which makes them precious, their memory would recede from the mouth of men. But thanks to the beauty of their arrangement in
rhythm all their words will now be carried without alteration over this earth eternally. That will create a canvass to be embellished, whereof the great will speak, in order to instruct men in its sayings. After having
listened to them the pupil will become a master, even he who shall have properly listened to the sayings because he shall have heard them. Let him win success by placing himself in the first rank; that is for him a position perfect and durable, and he has nothing further to desire forever. By knowledge his path is assured, and he is made happy by it on the earth. The wise man is satiated by knowledge; he is a great man through his own merits.
His tongue is in accord with his mind; just are his lips when he speaks, his eyes when he gazes, his ears when he hears. The advantage of his son is to do that which is just without deceiving himself.
To attend therefore profits the son of him who has attended. To attend is the result of the fact that one has attended. A teachable auditor is formed, because I have attended. Good when he has attended, good when he speaks, he who has attended has profited, and it is profitable to attend to him who has
attended. To attend is worth more than anything else, for it produces love, the good thing that is twice good. The son who accepts the instruction of his father will grow old on that account. What Ptah loves is that one should attend; if one attends not, it is abhorrent to Ptah. The heart makes itself
its own master when it attends and when it does not attend; but if it attends, then his heart is a beneficent master to a man. In attending to instruction, a man loves what he attends to, and to do that which is prescribed is pleasant. When a son attends to his father, it is a twofold joy for both; when wise things are prescribed to him, the son is gentle toward his master. Attending to him who has attended when such things have
been prescribed to him, he engraves upon his heart that which is approved by his father; and the recollection of it is preserved in the mouth of the living who exist upon this earth.
When a son receives the instruction of his father there is no error in all his plans. Train your son to be a teachable man whose wisdom is agreeable to the great. Let him direct his mouth according to that which has been said to him; in the docility of a son is discovered his wisdom. His conduct is perfect while error carries away the unteachable. Tomorrow knowledge will support him, while the ignorant will be destroyed.
As for the man without experience who listens not, he effects nothing whatsoever. He sees knowledge in ignorance, profit in loss; he commits all kinds of error, always accordingly choosing the contrary of what is
praiseworthy. He lives on that which is mortal, in this fashion. His food is evil words, whereat he is filled with astonishment. That which the great know to be mortal he lives upon every day, flying from that which would be profitable to him, because of the multitude of errors which present themselves before him every day.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

When you speak, know that which can be brought against you. To speak in the council is an art, and speech is criticized more than any other labor; it is contradiction which puts it to the proof.
If you are powerful, respect knowledge and calmness of language. Command only to direct; to be absolute is to run into evil. Let not your heart be haughty, neither let it be mean. Do not let your orders remain unsaid and cause your answers to penetrate; but speak without heat, assume a serious
countenance. As for the vivacity of an ardent heart, temper it; the gentle man penetrates all obstacles. He who agitates himself all the day long has not a good moment; and he who amuses himself all the day long keeps not his fortune. Aim at fulness like pilots; once one is seated another works, and seeks to obey one's orders.
Disturb not a great man; weaken not the attention of him who is occupied. His care is to embrace his task, and he strips his person through the love which he puts into it. That transports men to Ptah, even the love for the work which they accomplish. Compose then your face even in trouble, that
peace may be with you, when agitation is with . . .These are the people who succeed in what they desire.
Teach others to render homage to a great man. If you gather the crop for him among men, cause it to return fully to its owner, at whose hands is your subsistence. But the gift of affection is worth more than the provisions with which your back is covered. For that which the great man receives from
you will enable your house to live, without speaking of the maintenance you enjoy, which you desire to preserve; it is thereby that he extends a beneficent hand, and that in your home good things are added to good things.
Let your love pass into the heart of those who love you; cause those about you to be loving and obedient.
If you are a son of the guardians deputed to watch over the public tranquillity, execute your commission without knowing its meaning, and speak with firmness. Substitute not for that which the instructor has said what you believe to be his intention; the great use words as it suits them. Your part is to transmit rather than to comment upon.
If you are annoyed at a thing, if you are tormented by someone who is acting within his right, get out of his sight, and remember him no more when he has ceased to address you.
If you have become great after having been little, if you have become rich after having been poor, when you are at the head of the city, know how not to take advantage of the fact that you have reached the first rank, harden not your heart because of your elevation; you are become only the administrator, the prefect, of the provisions which belong to Ptah. Put not behind you the neighbor who is like you; be unto him as a companion. Bend your back before your superior. You are attached to the palace of the king; your house is established in its fortune, and your profits are as is fitting. Yet a man is annoyed at having an authority above himself, and passes the period of life in being vexed thereat. Although that hurts not your . . . Do not plunder the house of your neighbors, seize not by force the goods which are beside you. Exclaim not then against that which you hear, and do not feel humiliated. It is necessary to reflect when one is hindered by it that the pressure of authority is felt also by one's neighbor.
Do not make . . . you know that there are obstacles to the water which comes to its hinder part, and that there is no trickling of that which is in its bosom. Let it not . . . after having corrupted his heart.
If you aim at polished manners, call not him whom you accost. Converse with him especially in such a way as not to annoy him. Enter on a discussion with him only after having left him time to saturate his mind with the subject of the conversation. If he lets his ignorance display itself, and if he gives
you all opportunity to disgrace him, treat him with courtesy rather; proceed not to drive him into a corner; do not . . . the word to him; answer not in a crushing manner; crush him not; worry him not; in order that in his turn he may not return to the subject, but depart to the profit of your conversation.
Let your countenance be cheerful during the time of your existence. When we see one departing from the storehouse who has entered in order to bring his share of provision, with his face contracted, it shows that his stomach is empty and that authority is offensive to him. Let not that happen to you; it is . . .

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

If you desire to excite respect within the house you enter, for example the house of a superior, a friend, or any person of consideration, in short everywhere where you enter, keep yourself from making advances to a woman, for there is nothing good in so doing. There is no prudence in taking part
in it, and thousands of men destroy themselves in order to enjoy a moment,
brief as a dream, while they gain death, so as to know it. It is a villainous intention, that of a man who thus excites himself; if he goes on to carry it out, his mind abandons him. For as for him who is without repugnance for such an act, there is no good sense at all in him.
If you desire that your conduct should be good and preserved from all evil, keep yourself from every attack of bad humor. It is a fatal malady which leads to discord, and there is no longer any existence for him who gives way to it. For it introduces discord between fathers and mothers, as well as
between brothers and sisters; it causes the wife and the husband to hate each other; it contains all kinds of wickedness, it embodies all kinds of wrong. When a man has established his just equilibrium and walks in this path, there where he makes his dwelling, there is no room for bad humor.
Be not of an irritable temper as regards that which happens at your side; grumble not over your own affairs. Be not of an irritable temper in regard to your neighbors; better is a compliment to that which displeases than
rudeness. It is wrong to get into a passion with one's neighbors, to be no longer master of one's words. When there is only a little irritation, one creates for oneself an affliction for the time when one will again be cool.
If you are wise, look after your house; love your wife without alloy. Fill her stomach, clothe her back; these are the cares to be bestowed on her person. Caress her, fulfil her desires during the time of her existence; it is a kindness which does honor to its possessor. Be not brutal; tact will influence her better than violence; her . . . behold to what she aspires, at what she aims, what she regards. It is that which fixes her in your house; if you repel her, it is an abyss. Open your arms for her, respond to her arms; call her, display to her your love.
Treat your dependents well, in so far as it belongs to you to do so; and it belongs to those whom Ptah has favored. If any one fails in treating his dependents well it is said: "He is a person . . ." As we do not know the events which may happen tomorrow, he is a wise person by whom one is well treated. When there comes the necessity of showing zeal, it will then be the dependents themselves who say: "Come on, come on," if good treatment has not quitted the place; if it has quitted it, the dependents are defaulters.
Do not repeat any extravagance of language; do not listen to it; it is a thing which has escaped from a hasty mouth. If it is repeated, look, without hearing it, toward the earth; say nothing in regard to it. Cause him who speaks to you to know what is just, even him who provokes to injustice; cause that which is just to be done, cause it to triumph. As for that which is hateful according to the law, condemn it by unveiling it.
If you are a wise man, sitting in the council of your lord, direct your thought toward that which is wise. Be silent rather than scatter your words.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

If you are a wise man, bring up a son who shall be pleasing to Ptah. If he conforms his conduct to your way and occupies himself with your affairs as is right, do to him all the good you can; he is your son, a person attached to you whom your own self has begotten. Separate not your heart from him....
But if he conducts himself ill and transgresses your wish, if he rejects all
counsel, if his mouth goes according to the evil word, strike him on the mouth in return. Give orders without hesitation to those who do wrong, to him whose temper is turbulent; and he will not deviate from the straight
path, and there will be no obstacle to interrupt the way.
If you are employed in the larit, stand or sit rather than walk about. Lay down rules for yourself from the first: not to absent yourself even when weariness overtakes you. Keep an eye on him who enters announcing that what he asks is secret; what is entrusted to you is above appreciation, and all contrary argument is a matter to be rejected. He is a god who penetrates into a place where no relaxation of the rules is made for the privileged.
If you are with people who display for you an extreme affection, saying: "Aspiration of my heart, aspiration of my heart, where there is no remedy! That which is said in your heart, let it be realized by springing up spontaneously. Sovereign master, I give myself to your opinion. Your name is approved without speaking. Your body is full of vigor, your face is above your neighbors."
If then you are accustomed to this excess of flattery, and there be an obstacle to you in your desires, then your impulse is to obey
your passion. But he who . . . according to his caprice, his soul is . . ., his body is . . . While the man who is master of his soul is superior to those whom Ptah has loaded with his gifts; the man who obeys his passion is under the power of his wife.
Declare your line of conduct without reticence; give your opinion in the council of your lord; while there are people who turn back upon their own words when they speak, so as not to offend him who has put forward a
statement, and answer not in this fashion: "He is the great man who will recognize the error of another; and when he shall raise his voice to oppose the other about it he will keep silence after what I have said."
If you are a leader, setting forward your plans according to that which you decide, perform perfect actions which posterity may remember, without letting the words prevail with you which multiply flattery, which excite pride and produce vanity.
If you are a leader of peace, listen to the discourse of the petitioner. Be not abrupt with him; that would trouble him. Say not to him: "You have already recounted this." Indulgence will encourage him to accomplish the object of his coming. As for being abrupt with the complainant because he described what passed when the injury was done, instead of complaining of the injury itself let it not be! The way to obtain a clear explanation is to listen with kindness.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont.)

Inspire not men with fear, else Ptah will fight against you in the same manner. If any one asserts that he lives by such means, Ptah will take away the bread from his mouth; if any one asserts that he enriches himself thereby, Ptah says: I may take those riches to myself. If any one asserts that he beats others, Ptah will end by reducing him to impotence. Let no one inspire men with fear; this is the will of Ptah. Let one provide sustenance for them in the lap of peace; it will then be that they will freely give what has been torn from them by terror.
If you are among the persons seated at meat in the house of a greater man than yourself, take that which he gives you, bowing to the ground. Regard that which is placed before you, but point not at it; regard it not
frequently; he is a blameworthy person who departs from this rule. Speak not to the great man more than he requires, for one knows not what may be displeasing to him. Speak when he invites you and your worth will be pleasing. As for the great man who has plenty of means of existence, his conduct is as he himself wishes. He does that which pleases him; if he desires to repose, he realizes his intention. The great man stretching forth his hand does that to which other men do not attain. But as the means of
existence are under the will of Ptah, one can not rebel against it.
If you are one of those who bring the messages of one great man to another, conform yourself exactly to that wherewith he has charged you; perform for him the commission as he has enjoined you. Beware of altering in speaking the offensive words which one great person addresses to another; he who perverts the trustfulness of his way, in order to repeat only what produces pleasure in the words of every man, great or small, is a detestable person.
If you are a farmer, gather the crops in the field which the great Ptah has given you, do not boast in the house of your neighbors; it is better to make oneself dreaded by one's deeds. As for him who, master of his own way of acting, being all-powerful, seizes the goods of others like a crocodile in the midst even of watchment, his children are an object of malediction, of scorn, and of hatred on account of it, while his father is grievously
distressed, and as for the mother who has borne him, happy is another rather than herself. But a man becomes a god when he is chief of a tribe which has confidence in following him.
If you abase yourself in obeying a superior, your conduct is entirely good before Ptah. Knowing who you ought to obey and who you ought to command, do not lift up your heart against him. As you know that in him is authority, be respectful toward him as belonging to him. Wealth comes only at Ptah's own good-will, and his caprice only is the law; as for him who . . Ptah, who has
created his superiority, turns himself from him and he is overthrown.
Be active during the time of your existence, do no more than is commanded.
Do not spoil the time of your activity; he is a blameworthy person who makes a bad use of his moments. Do not lose the daily opportunity of increasing that which your house possesses. Activity produces riches, and riches do not endure when it slackens.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep (cont)

Beginning of the arrangement of the good sayings, spoken by the noble lord, the divine father, beloved of Ptah, the son of the king, the first-born of his race, the prefect and feudal lord Ptah-hotep, so as to instruct the
ignorant in the knowledge of the arguments of the good sayings. It is profitable for him who hears them, it is a loss to him who shall transgress them. He says to his son:
Be not arrogant because of that which you know; deal with the ignorant as with the learned; for the barriers of art are not closed, no artist being in possession of the perfection to which he should aspire. But good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that that is
discovered among the rocks of pegmatite.
If you find a disputant while he is hot, and if he is superior to you in ability, lower the hands, bend the back, do not get into a passion with him.
As he will not let you destroy his words, it is utterly wrong to interrupt him; that proclaims that you are incapable of keeping yourself calm, when you are contradicted. If then you have to do with a disputant while he is hot, imitate one who does not stir. You have the advantage over him if you keep silence when he is uttering evil words. "The better of the two is he who is impassive," say the bystanders, and you are right in the opinion of the great.
If you find a disputant while he is hot, do not despise him because you are not of the same opinion. Be not angry against him when he is wrong; away with such a thing. He fights against himself; require him not further to flatter your feelings. Do not amuse yourself with the spectacle which you
have before you; it is odious, it is mean, it is the part of a despicable soul so to do. As soon as you let yourself be moved by your feelings, combat this desire as a thing that is reproved by the great.
If you have, as leader, to decide on the conduct of a great number of men, seek the most perfect manner of doing so that your own conduct may be without reproach. Justice is
great, invariable, and assured; it has not been disturbed since the age of Ptah. To throw obstacles in the way of the laws is to open the way before violence. Shall that which is below gain the upper hand, if the unjust does not attain to the place of justice? Even he who says: I take for myself, of my own free-will; but says not: I take by virtue of my authority. The limitations of justice are invariable; such is the instruction which every man receives from his father.

New Mexico, USA
July 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, c. 2200 BCE

Precepts of the prefect, the lord Ptah-hotep,
under the Majesty of the King of the South and North, Assa, living eternally forever.
The prefect, the feudal lord Ptah-hotep, says: O Ptah with the two crocodiles, my lord, the progress of age changes into senility. Decay falls upon man and decline takes the place of youth. A vexation weighs upon him every day; sight fails, the ear becomes deaf; his strength dissolves without
ceasing. The mouth is silent, speech fails him; the mind decays, remembering not the day before. The whole body suffers. That which is good becomes evil; taste completely disappears. Old age makes a man altogether miserable; the nose is stopped up, breathing no more from exhaustion. Standing or sitting
there is here a condition of . . . Who will cause me to have authority to speak, that I may declare to him the words of those who have heard the counsels of former days? And the counsels heard of the gods, who will give
me authority to declare them? Cause that it be so and that evil be removed from those that are enlightened; send the double . . . The majesty of this god says: Instruct him in the sayings of former days. It is this which
constitutes the merit of the children of the great. All that which makes the soul equal penetrates him who hears it, and that which it says produces no satiety.

Arizona, USA
July 11, 2010

Victoria in Arizona writes:

@EricJ in New Mexico and Mandour

I whole heartidly agree with EJ from New Mexico and his comments about terrorists. Unforuntately the "popular" (bad choice of word so please think of a better word) they cloak themselves under the canopy of Islam. Conveient but mistaken move for the terrorists and even worst for the law abiding peaceful Muslims. That said it is also unfortunate that in many Mosques the Immams do not preach peaceful co-existence.

It does not help matters when a young widow is to be executed for whatever reason by stoning her to death after receiving and suviving 99 lashes. The world is outranged but where are the Muslem communities? They are silent instead of voicing their communal disgust.

Egypt has contributed monumentally to the development of Western civilization. Western civiliation is still digging out Egypt's treasures. Egypt should stand head and shouder in front of the perpetrators and shout their dismay. Just because a man shouted 1400 years ago to erase the infidels, apostate and condem people, especially women to death for whatever reason and avenge Islam - that doesn't make it reasonable in the 21st century. No wonder the terrorists, Jihadists and Talbiban can cloak themselves into the words of something that was deemed correct and reasonable 1400 years ago.

New Mexico, USA
July 12, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


The Koran, as any document throughout history is, including what folks consider to be those of a supreme being's passed onto man, is subject to mankind's inability to understand them in a monolithic way.

Thus they are subject to one's individual interpretation.

It is only mankind's arrogence which allows an individual to lay claim to his interpretation as the only acceptable one, for all other individuals, denying their right to interpret such wisdom.

There is an old Buddhist line of text which goes like this," If you meet Buddha on the road to enlightenment, kill him."

Because if you do, the apparition is only a reflection of one's self, and such illusions must be overcome in order to obtain enlightenment.

Anyone who has witnessed the birth of one's child can tell you that yes indeed you create your own reality, the question is what do we wish to create for ourselves as reality on this planet, now and for our children's, and their children's future?
Not just in this country, but the world as a whole, as an international vision.

Inherently, change is viewed with suspicion, as a threat to culture and ways of tradition and ethical belief systems. As it applies to developing countries in this nuclear age, the post-cold war aftermath presents a vast paradox that present no easy solutions, and has culminated in the reality of the war on terrorism as it exists today.

This then is the subject of of the dialoge we must seek to create among the family of man, in order to obtain clarity and an enlightened, peaceful coexistance.

When I consider the difference (by definition) between a terrorist and a freedom fighter, The targeting of civilians, and the methods employed may serve. The philosophy behind our revolution, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, was born from resistance to oppression with "live free, or die." being at the core of it. As Hamid Karzai once intimated, this is the Afghan jihad, the true jihad, to be free to live in correctness with one another. That jihad lies in one's heart, the struggle to live a correct life, in the eyes of the Creator of all.

The commonality of the basic truths behind all the major religions of the world, is apparent to me.

The text I posted reflects this fact.

Who then could be so arrogant to think that they were the only ones chosen by God to have a corner on the truth?

That's why even Yassar Arafat told bin laden publicly he does not in any way represent the Palestinian people, nor has any right to lay claim to defending their interests.

Even so, the methodology he employed in his leadership of them involved that which can be best defined as terrorism in its manifestation even while claiming to be fighting for their freedom from occupation.

And so, we must not be shy about calling it what it is after having defined it properly.

It is precicely because Iranians and others (including Muslims) round the globe protest such stonings that the Iranian government hesitates to be further condemned by carrying them out.

Whenever the natural social dynamic of the old giving way to the new becomes manifest through ideas or practices, the old throw a monkey-wrench at progress by trying to start up the "way-back machine" and throw the evolution of mindsets into reverse.

Mankind has been seeking teachers and God's to change a status quo that was unacceptable for as long as we've been sentient as a species, and Mohammed (PBOH) was no different in that respect from any other that came in the form of a man or woman.

Arizona, USA
July 12, 2010

Victoria in Arizona writes:

@Mandour, Are you aware of the following:

by Maayana Miskin

The best way to solve the problem of terrorism in Gaza is to move backward, not forward, says Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, Druze member of the Likud party.
“What we need to do is declare that Gaza is a part of Egypt," Kara told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew news service in an interview Sunday. "That'a a unilateral move that makes sense. They talk about going back to the way things were in 1967 – so we should keep in mind that back then there was no Palestinian people and Gaza was a part of Egypt, and Judea and Samaria a part of Jordan."
The problem with putting Gaza under the control of the Palestinian Authority is that the PA lacks true control, Kara said. “There is no leadership in the PA, there is nobody prepared to rule. We're playing pretend,” he declared.
When asked why Egypt would agree to return to authority in Gaza, Kara explained that the change in leadership would benefit Egypt as well as Israel. Egypt understands that Iran is developing a foothold in Gaza, and Egypt wants to weaken Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
"[Gaza] is becoming a terrorist power taking orders from Iran. That's a danger to Egypt as well,” Kara stated.
He also spoke about negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Kara expressed frustration with the “masochistic” construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, and stated that he is planning to quit his post if the government does not allow construction to resume in September.
Kara also strongly opposed the 2005 Disengagement. He refused to defect to the breakaway Kadima party, preferring to stay in internal opposition with Likud.
If the freeze had a chance of leading to peace, the MK said, he might feel differently. However, he continued, the freeze is more likely to encourage terrorism."

New Mexico, USA
July 13, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:



"There are no Muslim terrorists, for the majority of people in this country as well as its government recognize that while some terrorists in the world use Islam as a cloak and excuse to justify their actions, They are not practicing Islam through their actions."

It is still not clear to my why you would wish me to alter my use of the word "cloak" in the above context.

If one is seeking to hide the true nature of one's actions by trying to disguise it as legitimate, one indeed "cloaks" themselves in the process, no?

Arizona, USA
July 14, 2010

Victoria in Arizona writes:

@Eric, New Mexico

You are right, poor choice of word on my part. What I was trying to say and I think you sorted it out. There terrorists/Jihadist are using the Koran, Sharia law and the Hadith to justify (better choice??) their actions. According to the Koran, and you probably know that all non-Moslems and especially Moslem apostates are the enemy. And that is why the Molsem communities are keeping very silent. It has all happened before in the 8th Century under Pepin the Short father of Charlegmane the Great. Luckily Charles Martell put an end to the Islamization of Europe. Don't know if you know that part of history, I assume you do. So what can the West do to in the 21 Century to fight these fanatics who seem to grow under every bush and leaf? We do not have a Charles Martell. what can the West do other than keep shoring up defenses?

Mandour H.
July 14, 2010

Mandour H. in Egypt writes:

@EricJ in New Mexico and Victoria in Arizona (1) :

1)first :for Victoria..
It might have been better to put a title for my comment .. the concerns of ordinary people ...
I should have put this address to make clear that I belong to ordinary people ..i don't Might have been better to put a title for my comment .. the concerns of ordinary people should have put this address to make clear I belong to ordinary people all over the planet mother .. I do not adopt any political agenda .. but I adopt the concerns and interests of ordinary people these concerns are many .. But most important of all for me is the peace, this is the dream of ordinary people all over the world .. I mean here FAIR PEACE. not the one imposed by a strong side on a weaker one .. and i'm alsoI'm against all kinds of violence .. phical and mental violence>>starting with violence at homes, schools, streets...recahing the biggest sin..the war, so Victoria ..i've read your comments..and allow me to tell you this :

1) I am against any attacks against civilians .. even in case of wars .. and I do not accept any justifications for these criminal acts .. Of course, the worst of the worst attacks on at all was the eleventh of September .. Any other attacks anywhere in the world .. including any attacks against Israeli civilians..but in your opinion .... what would you call the Jenin massacre? And tens of other massacres …?..?.....!!!!!!!!!!!you name it………. what would you call the siege of Gaza ? ..?.....!!!!!!!!!!!you name it……….. what would you call Demolished thousands of homes of civilians over the past years .. and leave them homeless in the open ..?.....!!!!!!!!!!!you name it..
2) Is the separation wall being built by Israel in Palestine is to help achieving peace? …
3) Don't you notice that whenever the peace talks came close to begin, Israel would begin a new provocative act causing embarrassment to her friends? And peace talks stopped!!!!.
Last time, resumption of construction of settlements and before the siege of Gaza, and now dozens of houses demolished in Jerusalem .. In all these cases, stop the peace talks suspended. Do you think that these actions show just how keen Israel to peace? .. Or destruction of Peace?
4) Have you heared of these groups?.. :
International Solidarity Movement
Anarchists against the Wall
Coalition of Women for Peace
Peace Now
Gush Shalom
My friend..let's all pray for fair and untermed peace for the sake of our children

Mandour H.
July 14, 2010

Mandour H. in Egypt writes:

2nd : for Eric in New Mexico
1) you wrote
"A terrorist is simply defined by the nature of his actions and methodology".
I do agree , and i havn.t said anything different..for instance ..what happened in September the 11th is 100% Terrorist act nature and methodology..and CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED OR ACCEPTED BY ANY HUMANS..and so the attacks in London and any other attacks against civilians anywhere on our planet including Israel.. but how can we describe Jenin Massacre (April 1–11, 2002)? Isn't that a State terrorism?providing that I don't accept Any act of violence or terrorism directed against civilians at any place in the world including Israel.
2) you wrote
"Therefore to suggest we issue some form of blanket condemnation of Islam or are pre-disposed to think of all Muslims as terrorists is not only flat wrong, but supports those who abuse your faith to justify their acts and crimes against humanity."
Well..when I used the term "predefined accusations" was based on number of conferences held inside and outside Egypt..attended by people from different countries ,different cultures…the questions submitted by many of them were ranging from : "why do (muslim people) Adopt the wrong policies such as suicide bombings , " Why do (the Arabs) want to slaughter the Americans ? ..or How to accept (children and young Muslims) blow themselves up to kill innocent, Americans and Europeans civilians?... so i used the term (predefined accusations).
I would like to thank you very much for being fair and objective in your comments, and for posting the whole text "of The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, c. 2200 BCE" ,

Mandour H.
July 14, 2010

Mandour H. in Egypt writes:

Violence (1)

violence every where..where should i go
it's a lnguage that i can't talk..
what can i do?
violence in the schools
it has a hidden trigger that's always pulled
violence a stupid culture..
tracing childern smiles..colors songe..
and every happy thought that it can capture
Peace..on the other hand..
looks more like a dream
hidden in the shade..always afraid
it can pull no trigger..
always ,,disfigured
it's always beaten in stupid crazy wars
or a mean politacal smile ....
deceiving us,...the fools
it's always kept in hold..
behind a cold dark wall
while birds..rivers..trees..
children and flowers...
can do nothong..nothing at all..
except....wathing themselves.....
while so slowly.. they die...they fall.
By cambridge_train
2006( cambridge_train (All rights reserved)

(Knocking (Violence 2)

Stop knocking on my head..
Stop feeding on my ears..
Sadness can still cry ?
But eyes can shed no tears..
Why still knocking on my head?
Violence is the lonely song you can play..
Stop knocking
What a play!!!....
Stop knocking
Children need a pray
Will you stop..??..
Rivers and seas need drops of rain
Why the mountains are not as high they used to be..?
Why cant a forest survive ..
Why can't it it live in an ever green tree??
Why me?..Why me
Now stop..just stop..
No won't stop..
(me) surrender ..
Let's all celebrate ..come on..
All my dear fellows in humanity..
It's the time to hide..
Let's all join the giving up party
Long live knocking
Long live violence
Long live war
Don't stop knocking
Now take your humanity along with the trees
Take your songs and feelings!!!!
Mountains..birds and seas
Pack them all together
Make one big drum
So the knocking can knock louder
Let the knocking enjoy knocking..
keep knocking
On our heads and rhymes
Keep on knocking ..
Don't be shy..don't feel guilt
Cause We..Us!!!!
The Deaf..The Dumb..
We are the criminals!!!
We are the Crime

By cambridge_train

2007( cambridge_train (All rights reserved)

A background scene
(Violence3.Mental V)

The scene in the background is flat
There are trees .. streets .. houses..and footprints
There are no birds .. no singing rains .. no homes
There are no people..there are no ringing bells
too many things an eye can catch
but can't see a thing
the scene has a standstill shadow
well hidden and fixed
the scene has circles
the circles are so smooth
sharpened like a knife..
that cuts coincidentally ..
events into random tracks
overlapped tracks
typing on the air..
the exact translation of the word .. LIFE
are we still here?
shall we ever care?
the scene now has vanished ....
has flown away ..
the background still there..
empty and cold..
the story was told..
and i have to go..
or do i have to hide..into the background
By cambridge_train

2007 cambridge_train (All rights reserved)

Lou A.
United States
July 14, 2010

Lou A. in the U.S.A. writes:

America condones the Genocide in Palestine.

Israeli bulldozers destroyed six buildings, including at least three homes, in contested east Jerusalem on Tuesday, resuming the demolition of Palestinian property after a halt aimed at encouraging peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not comment.

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the U.S. is "concerned" about the demolitions and disagrees with some aspects of Israeli policy.

"We continue to oppose and will make clear to the government of Israel that we oppose unilateral actions that prejudge negotiations," he said.

"CONCERNED"... America the true peace broker... Wait while I barf.

New Mexico, USA
July 15, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Something for everyone-food for thought perhaps;

Call it a "dad thing" and a "mom thing"....

Diplospeak for "Please don't do that!"

What to do when your friend beats his wife?

Be "Concerned." and pull him off her.

Every time it hits the fan Israel has stopped when the international community has asked it to.

Why? Because there is empathy present and accounted for. Terrorists are terrorists for the lack of it. So shine a light on it.

When government and religion become one and the same, this corrupts both completely and inevitably ...Charlemane no differently and the man who claims to have the only interpretation of truth and law becomes devoid of the truth and without dicipline. Empty, and without soul.

An organ grinder's monkey on the loose-nuke,in today's world.

There's a reason I've spent the better part of a week helping to define one word, calling all to debate on the matter.

The weak link in the chain become the strongest when meanings become plainly self evident.

Castles made of sand don't last long on a beach.The tidal forces of history inevitably take them...out to sea. Obliterated from the minds of men.

I wish to recall a little history, the duality of the universe born from the oneness of the stuff of stars.

Grinding dicipline, exaustive investigation.

To go where no one dares.

Into the minds of madmen and return whole to deliver these findings to the sane.

Another fine "lead-in" I suppose,

"Right here, Right now."

We can do this, so long as we remember our joy. They carry a good soul onward.

Speed of thought helms-man, Engage!

The good ship humanity got places to go.

Of ancient words from an old man's last speach given, honored to do so for the sake of peace.

Well to head them, repeat them, and anticipate miracles.

A wise President would do well to quote them on to the whole world in my opinion, as to lead the heard to greener pastures.

For that my friends becomes "Cowboy Diplomacy".

5000 character limits break the cadence, It is in the speaking, self-evident truth becomes manifest.

For words on the page are two-dimentional.

Echos from the past, inlayed in stone.

Concrete philosophy for a dysfunctional world.

Take the rhythm road.

I'm a lucky man, I know my purpose in being.

From a member of the original nuclear family, I have passed the wisdom of ages onto your's...for who then would question the motive?

You've never met me, but my family's role in history changed everything.

Friendly fellow who's team brought a child into being that lights cities, and threatens the species.

To end war forevermore, by building a bomb that cannot be used and remain civilized.

Who then would believe me?

I am simply a terrorist's worst nightmare, at your service.

July 20, 2010

Abdul Q. in Afghanistan writes:

wish you be fine and doing well
one of the essentialy point that i want to mention that,s how to give happiness and peaceful life to all the human community.

i wish that we all find the way to act on the above speach.

Aqeel K.
July 20, 2010

Aqeel K. in Pakistan writes:

Dear pals,First of all i would like to know that what are the factors that turn a Human into a terrorist.Is this innatism or consequences of series of external factors that they are subverted or any psycological desease of society.How and where did it come from?Think and analyse!! Some years back,sissly which is kicking the ball of italy was considered as den of Great Mafism and Terrorism.Terrorist ,in my opinion,has no religion but its an outcome of unappropriate global policies.terrorist have no relationships,no brothers,no sisters,no kids,no religion,no code of life etc..perhaps they have given up out of some sort of suppressions and got subverted.they are in every nation,every religion,kkk is on example of extremism.It is not wise to link terrrorists with any religion or nation,their Godfather's God might be money only.

Ahmed Y.
July 23, 2010

Dear Ms.Pandith,

My name is Ahmed Nasir Yousuf from Srinagar, Kashmir. I am a medical student and a citizen of India. The US is the leader of innovation and technology and a beacon of democracy and human rights.... See more
It has been my dream since I joined medical school to be trained under the best system in the world. For that reason I did my United States Medical Licensing Exam and scored a 99 in all Steps.
I applied for a J-1 visa for residency training in internal medicine in The Brooklyn hospital Center in New York. I chose your city because I always wanted to be judged by the quality of my work and not by my racial or ethnic background.

My passport H8455548 is with the US embassy since my interview 5th April 2010. My case 2010095-788-1 is still pending as per their website. I have a valid B1/B2 visa in my old passport A9295324 and a verification was done when that visa was issued last year.
So I am surprised why my verification is taking so long now when a verification was already conducted last year? I struggled to get an Internal Medicine Residency Position in The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

I gave my life's blood to pursue this specialty in the United States. I am at risk of losing an opportunity for further studies in the US and three years of hard work if I do not get my visa. I don't know whom to ask for help. I am writing this email as a last resort begging you to help me. Please have pity on this hapless person.

Thank you Madam.

Aqeel K.
July 24, 2010

Aqeel K. in Pakistan writes:

Mahatama Gadhi's wise words :

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life.
Mahatma Gandhi

New Mexico, USA
July 24, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Aqeel K.

If you look down the page here aways in the comments you'll find an old text that may help illuminate the question you asked.

I have tried to define this thing called terrorism simply as a "vitamin deficiancy."

A lack of empathy.

A contagious condition spread by acts of terror.

Kind of takes all the religion and politics out of the equasion, and less confusion and conflict thereby I believe in reaching a common understanding. is what it is and maybe it'll help.





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