Ambassador Gips: "South Africa's Moment to Shine"

June 4, 2010
Man holds South African flag in soccer stadium

About the Author: Sharon Hudson-Dean serves as the press attache at U.S. Embassy Pretoria.Donald Gips is our political ambassador straight out of the private sector (high tech) and the White House (senior position on the Transition team). He arrived in South Africa in September 2009 with a clear focus on taking our relationship with the most important democratic and economic powerhouse in Africa several levels beyond where it was idling. Not only has our staff been pushed hard by the new boss to expand our contacts, program impact, and overall presence here, but also the South Africans are getting a steady stream of ideas, offers, and plans for making our relationship more productive. In this opinion piece, Ambassador Gips comments on why Americans remain fascinated with South Africa and the confidence he has that the World Cup will be a launch pad for greater investment, tourism and growth in South Africa.

Click here to view Ambassador Gips' opinion piece, "This is SA's Moment to Shine," which appeared in South Africa's Times Live on June 3, 2010.

Follow the U.S. Embassy Pretoria on Facebook and Twitter.For information on the World Cup in South Africa, visit the U.S. Mission's website.To view Sharon Hudson-Dean's previous entry, click United States vs. England: Striving to Repeat Results of 1950 World Cup Match. To view Sharon Hudson-Dean's next entry, click Vuvuzelas: Introducing a South African Tradition to the World Cup.



Dan A.
California, USA
June 6, 2010

Dan in California writes:

I was originally born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Durban, South Africa. My parents and I left Zimbabwe when I was 4 years old because we could see the writing on the wall. After being raised in South Africa I decided to leave South Africa with my new family and start a life in America. My parents are still in South Africa and I can see great changes taking place there. I can't wait for the World Cup and the accompanying investment, tourism and growth that it could lead up to. There are exciting times ahead for my Country.


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