Secretary Clinton Announces Partners for a New Beginning

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April 28, 2010

Today, Secretary Clinton announced the launch of Partners for a New Beginning, which will engage the private sector in outreach to Muslim communities around the world. This new initiative will be chaired by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Its vice chairs will be Walter Isaacson, the president of the Aspen Institute, and Muhtar Kent, the chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company. Secretary Clinton said:

"Nearly one year ago at Cairo University, President Obama called for a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world -- a new beginning based on mutual interests and mutual respect, shared values, and shared responsibility. And since then, we have worked to put that vision into practice through our policies and our partnerships -- not only with governments, but with the private sector, civil society, citizens worldwide.

"This is a high priority for both the President and myself. We really believe that person-to-person diplomacy in today's world is as important as what we do in official meetings in national capitals across the globe. It can't be achieved, though, just by our government asserting it. It can only be achieved by the kind of public-private partnerships that the United States is uniquely known for and which we are unveiling today: people and groups working across sectors, industries; working together with persistence and creativity to fulfill that promise of a new beginning and translate it into positive benefits.

"So with that in mind, it is my pleasure to announce a new partnership between the State Department and the fittingly named Partners for a New Beginning, a group of eminent Americans who have answered the President's call to join our outreach to Muslim communities around the world, by helping to engage the considerable resources, capabilities, and expertise of the U.S. private sector. This is a key element of our national strategy, and I am very grateful to the leadership of this effort and all who will participate in it.

"Partners for a New Beginning will tap into the dynamism and innovation of U.S. industry in a number of ways -- for example, by encouraging companies to contribute equipment or technology to the Centers of Scientific Excellence we are developing overseas, or by facilitating partnerships between universities here and those abroad to share knowledge and improve business education. They will also encourage investors and mentors in the United States to recognize the tremendous potential that resides in Muslim-majority communities, where many entrepreneurs are working against significant obstacles to turn their dreams into reality. More than 250 entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries are here in Washington for the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship; they represent just a tiny fraction of all those around the world who could, if given the chance, become partners for American entrepreneurs.

"This group is led by an extraordinary team. Madeleine Albright will bring her considerable experience and stature, and it's wonderful once again to be working with her. Walter Isaacson, as the president of the Aspen Institute, will serve as vice-chai -- and we can't imagine a better partner than the Aspen Institute, which will also serve as the Secretariat for Partners for a New Beginning. And Muhtar Kent, the chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, who couldn't join us today, will be the other vice-chair. But we're very grateful that Barclay is here, the vice president for government relations, and we're especially pleased to have the commitment of this iconic American company with unparalleled global reach. I remember very well working on HIV/AIDS in Africa and having the a-ha moment when Coca-Cola said, well, we go all over Africa, so we'll take -- we can transport drugs because we have the facility to do so.

"So this partnership is a high priority for us and it's one that I will be personally committed to as I announce it later this afternoon at the Entrepreneurship Summit. We really are committed to unleashing the potential, the individual and collective potential, of people around the world and particularly in Muslim-majority countries. You can look at the statistics and you can compare countries particularly but not exclusively in the Middle East and see that they are not growing at the rate that they should, given the extraordinary talent of the people. So we want to unleash that, and that's true in much of what we're trying to do, but certainly in this particular project."

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.



South Korea
April 28, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

(Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and there is intimacy with Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel?)

it`s a old story and not new..(yes. problems of so, fast&slow;)

Thinks, a Greece situation
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In order to help Germany Greece from direct investment the money? Must invest but in order true feelings to make the investors from promises an investment in the government bond of what kind of Greece and the crisis the deep sea intervenes with France which falls together actively and the problem of Europe solves and Europe if with the different place will close a spread delivers message where is powerful in press,….(Great Britain with the fact that reveals the intention of participation)

Is not the big problem, with the Europeans peculiar tassel too quickly thinks an area by police net loosely retired life. (The people one reel which opposes a financial reform thinks too fair chance. When the financial reform bill of the United States is passed until, external environment thinks) the shepherd boy one to lose sheep that there not must be fluctuation, threw away, abandons the whole and seeks thinks one and that there is not a sprout which will come and go. Thinks that must think at the psychological game degree which uses a blue funk. Urges the unity of Europe and thinks that must urge Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel fire fighter roles. Comes to be hateful as it is quite a little. Is incorrect, or, is not the fact that is thick by mistake, only the imaginary point which writes is staring at…

November or December?
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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and there is intimacy? and tanzania?

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it`s a nothing just, the last reisit.

Thank You.

Syrian P.
April 28, 2010

SNP in Syria writes:

How appropriate, Madeleine Albright, the one responsible for the death of more than half a million Iraqi children of diseases, malnutrition and DU effects during U.S. lead imposition of the Iraq Sanctions regime. The spread of Baathist styled corruption globally under the oil for food program where untold Billions in illicit transactions and bribes to many World leaders including U.N. officials, doing business with Saddam under the program, lead to fortunes made by the corrupt Western elite genocidal criminals while Iraqi infants and toddlers perished for lack of medicine and food. Illicit Money most likely ended up at the Vatican Bank. One wonders what is coming now that she is leading this effort. Run kids of the Middle East, run for your life, the Americans are coming again, Albright in the lead effort again, the deception continues. Beware of Al-Masih Al-Dajjal.

April 28, 2010

P writes:

...And also ...It is surely a pleasure to see this step forward made by american young politics History...It is a pleasure to see people who actually did well their job like mrs.former secretary ALL BRIGHT too be there and super wise YOUNG wonderful new Secretary Like mrs. Clinton...all those secretary make me so hopefull for a nice warm future

South Korea
April 28, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..........
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Thank You.


Kettle drum where informs a warfare come to bloom to ring, but warfare the arbitrator will not be necessary and peels? Theoretically is possible, considerably being difficult with secret intention opinion, this is forecast. Is experienced and thinks that the arbitrator who is experience is necessary. Intimacy is. The political men know are the investors. Showing a features, dislikes and silence than dialogue answers.

Thinks that the role of each one is different. Health Care Reform is a problem which is possible with support of the citizen, but the financial part thinks entirely different problem. Existence but seeks and thinks bet the effort succeeding, for the agreement which with the difficult people tediously is strong and sticky more the warfare which is necessary. Feminine peculiarity being delicate, is thought that is demanded. Thinks the method whose also is good to divide a role. Facing each other is obstinate and abandons the rights of the themselves absolutely, is a people whom does not do. Persuades the citizen and the low of supporting thinks the political men that must persuade the investors.

Is a Wednesday night which thinks. Is solved inside this week, thinks the problem where the problem where the possibility which will occur in future exists is bigger. Thinks in the few people the thing which will be a problem where the prediction is possible. In by the way, prediction seeks the place which is impossible different method, if,… Negotiates and thinks that must fight. With the people who is not visible in the our`s eye. (Thinks that the participation of the citizens must think a little the possibility which will be inactive.)

From stupid supporter.

Amalia G.
Michigan, USA
April 28, 2010

Amalia G. in Michigan writes:

I admire the Clintons for the great work they continue to do

Amalia G.

United Kingdom
October 21, 2010

Loveneet S. in the United Kingdom writes:

Must open up a new market, World Cup? and, Thinks, in this week in what kind of method the thing where the result will come out. Is Wednesday evening. forecasts, long to pull as the thing which will not be able. Them all being injured as the thing which will not want and forecasts. Thinks ostentation of influence. If started a warfare, predicts from the different place, thinks started from the place which is difficult.

Thank You.

Joseph M.
Oregon, USA
October 27, 2010

Joseph A.M. in Oregon writes:

Great initiative and it has been long overdue. This initiative presented today, will help promote trans-national cooperation and most certainly enhance economic trade and promote business in Middle-Eastern countries. I wholeheartedly endorse Secretary Clinton and Ms. Farah Pandith's launching the Global Partnership initiative today -- please get the word out.


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