Assistant Secretary Kerri-Ann Jones Addresses Vietnamese Students on Earth Day

Posted by Andrew Herrup
April 28, 2010
Assistant Secretary Jones With Vietnamese Students

About the Author: Andrew Herrup serves as the Environment, Science, Technology and Health Officer at Embassy Hanoi, Vietnam.

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Dr. Kerri-Ann Jones joined hundreds of students from Viet Duc high school in Hanoi to discuss biodiversity, climate change and U.S.-Vietnamese environmental cooperation. In her remarks, Dr. Jones noted that "We appreciate the efforts of the Vietnamese government and people in protecting the environment and responding to the impacts of climate change” and stated that enhancing public awareness of the need for environmental protection should be a top priority for all countries.

Assistant Secretary Jones noted the important role of civil society in pushing for environmental gains in the United States and urged the students to consider careers in “green jobs” to best succeed in the new global economy.

In an active Q&A session following Assistant Secretary Jones' remarks, students noted their concerns about environmental degradation and asked what they could do to protect the environment. Assistant Secretary Jones also participated in a tree planting ceremony and donated a collection of books on science, the environment, and English learning to the school.


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