Secretary Clinton Profile Appears on Newsweek Cover

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
April 26, 2010
Newsweek Profile on Secretary Clinton

Secretary Clinton is featured on the cover of Newsweek this week. Michael Hirsh follows the Secretary's first fifteen months in office -- covering issues on Iran, Afghanistan, climate change, and more. Hirsh writes:

"It was almost like one of those moments in a buddy-cop movie when the two partners who dislike each other at the beginning finally bond while taking on the bad guys. In mid-December Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were in Copenhagen, where the leaders of more than 100 countries had gathered to negotiate a new agreement to combat global warming, and the summit was on the verge of collapse. Clinton later described it as the most disorganized meeting she'd seen since her eighth-grade student council. It "was just disintegrating right before everybody's eyes," she recalled to Newsweek in an interview last week. Clinton and her former political rival, now the president, found themselves up against most of the rest of the world. At the last minute Obama sought a one-on-one meeting with the Chinese leader to rescue some kind of agreement, only to be told that Premier Wen Jiabao and his team still weren't ready to meet (after two years of prior procrastination). "No, we're going in now," Obama declared, looking at Clinton. "Absolutely," she said. "Let's go."FULL TEXT



Maryland, USA
April 26, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, DipNote People

I think their more like Mulder & Scully from the X-Files.Because they have to save the world from the Smoking Man and the bad government officials trying to hide the truth from the public.

I liked what they wrote in Newsweek pretty good. :)

see ya...:)

April 27, 2010

T writes:

than what all we need in iraq iran everywhere...we need the west in this way...



April 27, 2010

A writes:

please right on mrs Secretary

a great ruler is needed


South Korea
April 26, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to...

Magnification of Chinese influence with Russia restraints thinks from Northeast Asia that the possibility which will induce an alliance is big. When to divide each area manages, but thinks that also the counter balance is necessary. Eastern Europe the bear lives, is convenient, recently thinks the activity territory of the panda broadened in Southeast Asia.

The possibility leads and thinness but "Grand Bargain" the interchange which North Korea and Korea is direct leads and the industry where the new expense preparation productivity is high and the goods base and the buffer zone politically constructs military affairs, constructs to will be how?

The United States displays influence more easily from Northeast Asia and Japan more is set in the area where is safe and Russia secures the ice-free harbor which is not interference of enormous influence and as the thing which will not escape the monitoring system forecasts. Korea escapes a military threat and is stabilized the activation of the money market which has become low evaluation with the economic development which a little forecasts. North Korea forecasts as the thing which will make the preparation for accepting a market economy setup from the dictatorship nation. if success, Iran problem and Palestine, solves the problem of eastern Europe, thinks to be easy the qualitative thing. Thinks that and, there is a possibility of getting the applause of public opinion and press about the success which is political.

And sees Korea which is unified, before year of 2020.

P.S Mr. President Obama need more assistance for reform and recovery. yes, we are competition, before. but, now we are one.

New Mexico, USA
April 27, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Wait...I thought she was doing the "Mom thing" for all the kids of the world...what's this "bad cop" stuff?

Like it's bad if someone tells it like it is or something.

Oh wait, I thought the press was supposed to do that.

Mmm, both at once would be nice.

Alas I fear never the two will meet in the same op-ed.

South Korea
April 27, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

i receivd e-mail.
Stop the big banks!
Minutes ago, Senate Republicans filibustered the Wall Street accountability bill!

yes, i`m agrees this. but, my isuue is that(really, i said before)

The concept where the trust for the low-end individuals and small business AND women, new is small but the bank which has the network which is a national the founding flaw was contents. Probably was a concept of the racial and bank network occupation and area in base. When is founded in if, is a frequency ratio of loan funds, the frequency ratio is higher the formation bank to is a report which is proven. Specially, operates the self-employed and operates will provide a fair chance to the women thinks. (Difference of advanced nation and underdeveloped nation without success rate considerably highly is appearing.)

Dishonor as the method whose also is good to relieve the bank of the area where is controlled with precedence with the fact that speaks. Respects the promotion of consuming and the augmentation of employment from thinks that displays the influence where the activation of the service industry which has a base in the area is considerable. (The formation bank for the big business always must exist,)

So far thinks the thing which will display the influence which considerable to November election is a problem whose hiring and consuming are biggest and is. Specially to area economy......

South Korea
April 27, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Obama’s Bad Cop
-He needed someone to handle foreign policy.

120 nations have signed on and 75 have submitted carbon-reduction plans

"The bottom line is the president has always had a very deep respect for Secretary Clinton's capabilities and contributions to the country," says Denis McDonough, who is formally National Security Council chief of staff.

You have delivered some of the toughest messages to come out of this administration. Are you President Obama's bad cop these days?
I don't think there's anything as formal as that … It's not "You're with us or against us." It is "We have a lot of business to do. But just because we're going to work with you to achieve progress on issues A, B, and C doesn't mean we're forestalled from raising questions about what you're doing on X, Y, and Z." We do a lot of business with China, for example. we are encouraging the Chinese to recognize the importance of this form of free expression.

The other important [aim is to change] the Iranian calculation that they will be stronger and safer if they pursue nuclear weapons. We want them to understand they will be neither.

Virginia, USA
April 27, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:

Though I've heard and said the same thing about Secretary Clinton, I don't think this magazine cover is good for U.S. public diplomacy. Newsweek may have written the headline and created the cover, but Dipnote is promoting it to a worldwide audience.

Nor is it politic for our Secretary of State to refer, even obliquely, to the rest of the world as "children." Even if it is true. IMHO.

No doubt others will disagree. I await gang tackling. Have at it, Jacksonians.

Susan C.
Florida, USA
April 27, 2010

Susan C. in Florida writes:

"Bad cop"? Granted, I have not read the interview/article in Newsweek yet, but that is not what comes to my mind when I think of Secretary Clinton. How about the hardest working Secretary of State we have had in a VERY long time who is also a loyal and courageous worker for her "boss" and for our country. The title "bad cop" doesn't do it for me. And I get the reference to "good cop", "bad cop" but for me she should be called a "good soldier". She is doing great work. I also think Newsweek choose a most unflattering photo. Why? Secretary Clinton is very attractive and there must be a better photo of her that they could have used. (I will get the magazine and read the interview.)

April 28, 2010

K writes:

So Finally America has its Queen.

God save the Queen and Hillary Rodham Clinton



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