Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship Realizes "New Beginning"

Posted by Cheryl Benton
April 24, 2010

Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship|White House Blog: A New Beginning -- Presidential Summit on EntrepreneurshipCheryl Benton serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.

The purpose of the Summit is to highlight the importance of the entrepreneur in building job creation, in building stronger communities. This is a follow on to the President's Cairo speech from last year, where he laid out his vision for a new beginning in the relationship that we have with the Muslim communities around the world. We will have participation from over 50 countries -- beginning with Afghanistan, Indonesia, Finland, Djibouti, Nigeria, Algeria -- so it is really a cross-section from around the globe of Muslim-populated countries, and the representation is probably the largest representation we've seen of anything like this before, and this Summit is just a part of the commitment that the President made during that Cairo speech. This is a fulfillment of some of the commitments that he made.

So, we're very excited. We'll have participation from within government. We'll have, of course, the President bringing remarks, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also bring remarks. We'll have Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, USAID Administrator Dr. Raj Shah. We will have just a variety of folks, not only from government but outside. We'll have Jerry Yang from Yahoo. We'll have some of the brightest and best entrepreneurs that we have in today's time, because I think everybody knows that part of the foundation of America is built on entrepreneurs, small businesses. These are the engines that keep our economy going, and we are hoping through this Summit to instill that same level of entrepreneurship spirit that we have in America, so that individuals -- who range from the age of twenty, to in their late seventies who are coming over to participate -- will see that they have a networking opportunity. They have an opportunity to enrich the relationships that they already have and find new and more innovative ways to do business.

You can watch a live stream of the events on You can also go to You don't have to watch it in real-time. That is the beauty of this. You will be able to click onto the website and watch it at your leisure. These will be panels that run over a two day period of time, so you'll be able to see such interesting things as social networking, what is going on in different cultures around the country. So there are three or four, five, different ways that you can, as we say, get hooked up to the Summit, and be a part of it, and see what is actually happening with these wonderful, ingenious entrepreneurs and the mentors that are coming.

I think one of the most important things that people should look to is the commitment that this Administration has made to change the dynamic of how we are seen, and what we are doing, to support populations all around the world. And this commitment that President Obama made with his Cairo speech is just one indication of how we have changed the view of what America is about, and what we are willing to do as it is interpreted by other countries. We've come a long way in the year and several months since President Obama and Secretary Clinton started their new beginning and a vision for how the Muslim community can interact not only in their country but here in the United States.

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April 26, 2010

S writes:

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United States
April 25, 2010

Oyster C. in U.S.A. writes:

I'd really like to see educational partnerships with Muslim countries. A quick way to reach a large population is through the use of online classes. Why can't a Muslim fron Sana'a take Harvard computer classes if it was made free of charge or a car mechanic take advanced factory training of Toyota cars?

Imagine how proud a formerly illiterate farmer would be to have an online diploma bearing a prestigious college name. Giving people immediate hope through education gives them a reason to live and reduces the desire for terrorism. As people become trained in their interests and master skills their desire to learn more increases. If America makes these opportunities immediately available they will have an easier time selling democracy. I'd like to see educational opportunities on a massive, global scale. If the Muslim world had access to innovation through training, the world would quickly change. If major universities offered online classes interspersed with one week visits from the greatest minds in education, imagine the possibilities!

You could have educational online communities like Harvardistan, Oxfordistan, Cambridgistan. Classes should teach everything from modern plumbing to advanced physics. The important point is that communities are busy learning making connections to the world. Education is a powerful, unifying force. It's better to invest in people's lives in this way because its creative and affects people's lives in a very positive way.


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