U.S. Embassy Amman Hosts Earth Day Clean-Up With Students

Posted by Seth Wikas
April 22, 2010
Jordan Environment Society Representative Leads Discussion on Earth Day

About the Author: Seth Wikas is a Public Diplomacy Officer at U.S. Embassy Amman in Jordan.

In celebration of Earth Day, U.S. Embassy Amman, in cooperation with the Jordan Environment Society (JES) and Entity Green, hosted a clean-up campaign today with 75 school students at Sahab traffic park. Following the cleanup, the students worked with students from the College of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan to transform garbage into artwork, which is going on display in the park.

In addition, the embassy hosted a talk about the environment for elementary school students at the Greater Amman Municipality Library on April 18, 2010. A representative from JES led an interactive discussion, highlighting how young students can protect the environment.

The United States has a long history of supporting environmental causes in Jordan, in cooperation with the Government of Jordan and non-governmental organizations in areas such as water resource management, sustainable development, waste management, recycling, marine conservation, and environmental protection. For more information, please visit the embassy's website.

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Maryland, USA
April 24, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

I think this is a great way to get people in envolved in Art and recycling. Here in maryland i've see old tires being use in our play grounds to build things for kids to play on. I also, thought it was cool to see clothing made from recycled products in the fashion world. Which could be called art lol.:) Hopefully we will find more uses for our old Products in the future.

Nice Posting, thanks for writing in Seth Wikas. Have a nice weekend....:)


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