Secretary Clinton Outlines Nuclear Security Strategy in International Op-Ed

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April 8, 2010

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today told European publics that the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) is one of several concrete steps the U.S. is taking to reduce the global threat of nuclear weapons, proliferation and terrorism.

In an op-ed originally published in The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom and also appearing in Germany's Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, and Poland's Gazeta Wyborcza, Secretary Clinton cited the progress achieved since President Obama's speech in Prague last April and stressed the importance of international cooperation in addressing nuclear security challenges. Other international newspapers will carry the Secretary's column tomorrow. You may read more on The Guardian's website here.

The full text of Secretary Clinton's op-ed follows:

Our Giant Step Towards a World Free from Nuclear DangerThis treaty shows the strength of America's commitment to global disarmament -- and to our national security. By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Today the United States and Russia will sign the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in Prague, reducing the number of strategic nuclear warheads in our arsenals to levels not seen since the first decade of the nuclear age. This verifiable reduction by the world's two largest nuclear powers reflects our commitment to the basic bargain of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) -- all nations have the right to seek the peaceful use of nuclear energy, but they all also have the responsibility to prevent nuclear proliferation, and those that do possess these weapons must work toward disarmament.

This agreement is just one of several concrete steps the United States is taking to make good on President Obama's pledge to make America and the world safer by reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, proliferation and terrorism.

On Tuesday, the President announced the U.S. Government's Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which provides a roadmap for reducing the role and numbers of our nuclear weapons while more effectively protecting the United States and our allies from today's most pressing threats.

Next week, President Obama will host more than 40 leaders at a Nuclear Security Summit for the purpose of securing all vulnerable nuclear materials as swiftly as possible to prevent them from falling into the hands of terrorists.

And along with our international partners, the United States is pursuing diplomatic efforts that create real consequences for states such as Iran and North Korea that defy the global nonproliferation regime.

These steps send clear messages about our priorities and our resolve.

To our allies and partners, and all those who have long looked to the United States as an underwriter of regional and global security: Our commitment to defend our interests and our allies has never been stronger. These steps will make us all safer and more secure.

To those who refuse to meet their international obligations and seek to intimidate their neighbors: The world is more united than ever before and will not accept your intransigence.

Today's agreement is a testament to our own determination to meet our obligations under the NPT and the special responsibilities that the United States and Russia bear as the two largest nuclear powers.

The New START Treaty includes a 30 percent reduction in the number of strategic nuclear warheads the United States and Russia are permitted to deploy and a strong and effective verification regime, which will further stabilize the relationship between our two countries as well as reduce the risks of miscommunication or miscalculation.

And the Treaty places no constraints on our missile defense plans -- now or in the future.

President Obama's Nuclear Posture Review makes the principles behind this Treaty -- and our larger nonproliferation and arms control agenda -- part of our national security strategy. Today nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism have replaced the Cold War-era danger of a large-scale nuclear attack as the most urgent threat to U.S. and global security. The NPR outlines a new approach that will ensure that our defenses and diplomacy are geared toward meeting these challenges effectively.

As part of this new approach, the United States pledges not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear weapons state that is party to the NPT and in compliance with its nuclear nonproliferation obligations. The United States would only consider the use of nuclear weapons in extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners. There should be no doubt, however, that we will hold fully accountable any state, terrorist group, or other non-state actor that supports or enables terrorist efforts to obtain or use weapons of mass destruction.

The NPR also emphasizes close cooperation with our allies around the world, and maintains our firm commitment to mutual security. We will work with our partners to reinforce regional security architectures, such as missile defenses, and other conventional military capabilities. The United States will continue to maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent for ourselves and our allies so long as these weapons exist anywhere in the world.

Nuclear proliferation and terrorism are global challenges, and they demand a global response. That is why President Obama has invited leaders from around the world to Washington for a Nuclear Security Summit and will seek commitments from all nations -- especially those that enjoy the benefits of civilian nuclear power -- to take steps to stop proliferation and secure vulnerable nuclear materials. If terrorists ever acquired these dangerous materials, the results would be too terrible to imagine.

All nations must recognize that the nonproliferation regime cannot survive if violators are allowed to act with impunity. That is why we are working to build international consensus for steps that will convince Iran's leaders to change course, including new UN Security Council sanctions that will further clarify their choice of upholding their obligations or facing increasing isolation and painful consequences. With respect to North Korea, we continue to send the message that simply returning to the negotiating table is not enough. Pyongyang must move toward complete and verifiable denuclearization, through irreversible steps, if it wants a normalized, sanctions-free relationship with the United States.

All these steps, all our treaties, summits and sanctions, share the goal of increasing the security of the United States, our allies, and people everywhere.

Last April, President Obama stood in Hradcany Square in Prague and challenged the world to pursue a future free of the nuclear dangers that have loomed over us all for more than a half century. This is the work of a lifetime, if not longer. But today, one year later, we are making real progress toward that goal.



Dimbaza P.
New York, USA
April 8, 2010

Dimbaza D. in New York writes:

The language in the current reform has satisfied expectations, that the United States initiate non-offensive approaches to threat reduction, with regard to nuclear armaments. This sends a message to those who may be interested in accomplishing nuclear acquisition and capabilities, that the pursuit of nuclear technologies as a status-symbol is no longer worth the risks involved - resulting in a compelling re-evaluation of strategies by those who are less-compliant, as it pertains to; how to gain acceptance by the international community, as well as by their own constituents, through alternative advancements within their societies.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
April 10, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:


DOVE bird is the international sign of Peace XXX

"We all came in peace as a child, following a journey into a new life, opened our eyes and a birth mysteriously and with delightful surprise." The lights and surroundings of earth appears, were afraid and curious, shocked but enlightened by the emotions. It trigers a reaction, a feeling OF hope and relief. Our minds become intrieged by all the fasincating things, sounds, movements which cascade, chime and nature evolves. The awakening happens, heart, mind, and spirit all works off a rhythm. Breathing and living in peace. Happiness and love occurs, being nutured and cared for by your Mother and family. A sparkle of JOY...the Nurses and Doctor smile knowing a new life has entered this world. A true Miracle.

The flipside to this segment would be when a country uses Nuclear Weapons, Gigantic Mushroom Cloud appears and Millions of degrees of radiation forms. The radiation particals start moving with the wind carrying a deadly poison which by heat and by toxic air destroys mankind, buildings and cities, leaving what used to be thriving living things to a fallout of radiation dust that last for generations. A toxic waste dump.

Earthquakes and Tornadoes are deadly, but when Nuclear Weapons end up in the wrong hands, evil doers use this technolgy for evil. I believe God will not be so nice on those who use this kind of weapon on anyone on earth to destroy his people, nor would he accept this weapon to defend itself. 100 Years ago we didn't need Nuclear Power, and we managed, the only thing that has changed is more people are on earth, higher prices at the pumps for gas, this is largely due to a group of rich cartel who established they could control the price of the barrel of oil, and become rich with profit. Oil, Gas, Coal or anything made by the Earth is still a Natural Resource which was Blessed by God. It's only man who wants to become greedy and powerful by its value. The United States should remove itself from OPEC and become ONE with it's people. Our natural resources should NOT be sold on the open markets. There are NO limits on the amount of times one barrel is traded, and this is allowed. If the United States continues with OPEC, a 3 time trade on one barrel of crude should set a limit. Meaning, that one Barrel would only be traded by three people, or three dealers, then it's sold. Having multitude amount of traders, bidding and buying that one barrel, I believe is what causes the crude price to rise.

The crash of the Osprey Jet - I believe this Jet to be a blunder. Millions of dollars spent on a plane that has had more crashes than a normal helicopter. It needs to be grounded. This kind of plane is what appears to be a wonderful theory, but in reality it's a disaster waiting to happen. I have a better idea, that would help.

Elizabeth A.
New York, USA
April 26, 2010

Elizabeth A. in New York writes:

Next month there is a 5 party talk-- there is talk to sanction Iran. However, Pastor John Haage warns terrorists cells in the United States are planning a seven city attack. 2/3rds of the population is in abject poverty. It must be hard when there are no options other than to follow the terrorists regimes. Furthermore our dependency on fossil fuel has us supporting regimes we would never chose.

In addition, there was simply no reconstruction strategy in place after Bush diverted the war on Terror to Iraq. Instead of going after the real person responsible for the 9/11 attacks, Bush told another world leader that "God told him to attack Iraq." He should have told the Senate this was his reasoning to see if God placed it on their hearts also. But instead he presented false evidence of WMD's and according to an interpreter at the British Embassy, who turned a memo over to the media which stated that Bush was intimidating U.N. diplomats and wiretapping them to get them to stop searching for WMD's in Iraq. Scotter Libby was indicted, after outing Ambassador Wilson's wife-A Uranium CIA operative.

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is said to be our "generational mission," -and it is--however unsafe chemical emissions, namely Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) can be proverbially termed the “mother of all generational curses.”"Our children are going to pay for our joyride. And they are going to pay for it with denuded landscapes and poor health and huge cleanup costs that they are never going to be able to afford," Robert Kennedy, Jr. (2004) said.

It's time we put our children at the forefront of our decision making. I know my nieces and nephews: Dlyan, Aubrey, Nicole, Warren and Daniel W.--all are the apple of my eye, and worth more than money can buy.

Elizabeth A.
New York, USA
April 26, 2010

Elizabeth A. in New York writes:

Additional comments --second part:
According to Dr. Theo Colborn (2009), the real travesty is the dangerous byproducts of fossil fuels—called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), which are poured into our food supply and our environment. Before a baby is born, it is exposed to a myriad of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs interfere with the delicate system of vital hormones, glands and organs that control how a baby develops and functions throughout life. EDCs can penetrate the womb and cause adverse effects at extremely low exposure levels. “The unprecedented global increases in endocrine-related disorders such as autism (up 60% in the last 6 years), other learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive problems, diabetes, obesity, thyroid problems, cancer-- signal the need for a crash program in ‘inner-space’ research. The roles of contaminants in the womb must be addressed before it is too late,” Colburn stated.

Scientist tell us a combination of these chemicals could cause us to become sterile and potentially wipe out the human population in 15 years. And while there are efforts to use Blue Green Algae as carbon capture, Exxon has invested $600M in Blue Green algae as a biofuel. Spirulina is a Blue Green Algae that has the ability to double it's cell mass every two hours (and it’s economic mass), a true magic bullet of the 21st Century, and a legacy to leave our children. Developing the Spirulina Industry holds great promise for alleviating starvation. Spirulina is touted as a “superfood” due to its unsurpassed nutritional composition and carries an impressive list of potential health benefits: "Combats various forms of malnutrition, boosts the immune system, protects against cancer, supports detoxification, increases overall energy level, fights infections, counters obesity, relieves stress and milder depressions, etc. One of the benefits of spirulina is it provides essential nutrients for brain power, so kids can concentrate in school, get an education and will be able to walk away from poverty. Spirulina is easily cultivated in small ponds with little investment. Case studies in India demonstrates a successful business model of this virtuous cycle currently in practice.

Actress Phylicia Rashad, mom of the 1980s “The Cosby Show” and Spokesperson for the PRASAD Project, an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and 2005 Congressional Award recipient has been providing aid and philanthropic relief to third world countries and America for 18+ years, says progress occurs when the dire conditions of women change. “When women prosper, the benefits go directly to their children’s education and nutrition,” says Rashad.
Information Initiatives comprised of projects that have been conceived in that spirit are in America’s best national interest.

History shows the majority adopts a view that is consistent with American values. In a democracy, our values will triumph. But there will be arguments the other side will make.

It also has many markets in the food and cosmetic industry and It can also be made into biodiesel, biolubricants and industrial products, i.e. a safe plastic." It also serves as a very effective sink for absorbing CO2—the Greenhouse Gas Emissions –responsible for warming the planet. All we have to do is tap into this resource.


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