How Can Individuals Collaborate To Advance Responsible, Broad-based Development?

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February 26, 2010
Brazil Farmer

Secretary Clinton travels to Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala February 28 to March 5. On March 4, Secretary Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Ministerial Meeting in Costa Rica. One of the primary tenets of the Ministerial is the shared commitment to “promote social justice through broad-based growth and economic development that increases equality, social cohesion, and prosperity of the hemisphere.”

How can individuals collaborate to advance responsible, broad-based development?



pamela g.
West Virginia, USA
February 28, 2010

Pamela in West Virginia writes:

Thank you for the info.

Jiesheng L.
United Kingdom
February 28, 2010

Jiesheng in U.K. writes:

End US control of the World Bank and IMf. Reform USAID, US MCC and the US aid infrastructure away from neo-liberalism and a one size fit alls approach. Allow full country ownership regarding development strategies, improve donor coordination and cut off US trade distorting subsidies.

New Mexico, USA
February 28, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Good question. I suppose it might be useful to start by putting mankind on the endangered species list.

That may serve to raise individual awareness and instigate the collaborative effort needed for sustainability.

Economic development at the expense of ecological development is not sustainable, nor will it have the stated desired effect the ministerial seeks to promote if that continues to be the case. Can't have one without the other.

The world is out of balance because the individuals themselves are in large part, seeing themselves as separate from its ecology, not as one with it.

Thus it is a completely different "energy grid" that must be supported by human awareness,

In order to properly manifest the answer to this question.

"What defines responsibility?"

And who determines that aspect of the overall methodology of accountability?

We, or Mother Nature?

If corporations have the same legal rights as individuals, they cannot be separate from the solutions individuals must collaborate together to attain, lest we become dust to dust, into the dustbin of history.

Thein lies the self evident, as "law of the land".

Texas, USA
March 3, 2010

C. in Texas writes:

Interesting question. Individuals. Cooperation. Development. Three extraordinary concepts. Can we make it an equation?

If people would look down and notice whether other people’s shoelaces were tied, they could be more effective in informing them of potential pitfalls ahead. The stray lace can sometimes be predicted. Or, sometimes not. Chaos is so random.

Say we got everyone together for a big dinner party. Then we could tell each other what would be best via Dipnote, sending our enlightened thoughts through cyberspace to our interlocutors in the Department of State, who would relay them to Madam Secretary, who would then go to the dinner party and implement the suggestions right before the dessert course!

It amuses me to think that course of last resort could be considered the dessert course, and that happens to be generally the tastiest course of all! So why not cut to the chase and just eat dessert? Though “just” desserts is not a healthy diet. Ask President Obama’s physician!

I am greatly impressed by chocolate mousse, though I have been known to consider apple pie with vanilla ice cream. What this means for world peace? I have no idea.

It is sad that people are incapable of doing what is best for them, especially when I point it out to them so clearly, though I am just a regular guy. A prophet is never recognized in his own country, alas.

Just the other day a Nobel Prize winner wrote me a quick note to congratulate me on my profundity. I just say that to point out that solutions often come from unexpected vectors, and that what is up is sometimes just to the side, depending on the kitchen counter, especially after a fifth of tequila.

Tennessee, USA
March 4, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

By becoming "Resource" oriented, rather than profit oriented. Utilization of people with needs and skills of the social spheare closest to them first. Profit will follow; but, may temporally not be the primary driving force of the future.

It is the natural progression or diegression, in some cases, of any system and should be the starting point of any society being developed.


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