Secretary Clinton Addresses NATO Strategic Concept Seminar

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February 23, 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently spoke at the NATO Strategic Concept Seminar in Washington, DC. Here is an excerpt from the Secretary's remarks:

"...Today we confront challenges that have parallels to the problems that faced the Alliance at its inception. Once again, we face a new strategic landscape. New technologies, new adversaries, and new ideologies threaten our security. And once again, there is little certainty about the future. But I believe that the original tenets of NATO's mission -- defending our nations, strengthening transatlantic ties, and fostering European integration -- still hold. So as we move forward with the process of drafting a new strategic concept, we should remember that the basic goals that defined this Alliance still bind us together today.

Amid that continuity of purpose, the ways in which we pursue our goals must change. As any good soldier knows, success in a protracted struggle is not simply a matter of having more troops or better equipment. It is also a function of how effectively you adapt to new circumstances. You don't win by fighting the last war. And NATO cannot continue to succeed by looking in the rearview mirror.

NATO's new Strategic Concept must consolidate the gains that we've made and reflect the new nature and origins of the threats we face today. Some of the new dynamics we're dealing with were beginning to appear in 1999 when NATO last revised its Strategic Concept. For example, we faced the question of whether the Alliance would engage in out-of-area operations. Today, NATO ships are combating piracy off the Horn of Africa. NATO's Training Mission in Iraq has provided instruction to more than 14,000 Iraqis. We have agreed to work together to counter the missile threat from the Middle East. And in the last two and a half months, Allies have answered President Obama's call to support ISAF's mission in Afghanistan and are scheduled to increase their contributions by nearly 10,000 troops. In an interconnected world, we cannot defend our people by crouching behind the geographic boundaries of the Alliance. Reality has redefined the area in which we operate. Full Text



February 24, 2010

Birgit in Germany writes:

Impressive speech. I watched it here

Yasser H.
February 24, 2010

Yasser H. in Egypt writes:

I do agree with the vision I see, for better future and peace , basically to take out all the conflict and rescue those who are in need for help.

United Kingdom
February 24, 2010

Armstrong in United Kingdom writes:

This was very good. I felt I was back in the classroom learning about the history of NATO and then at the end learning about NATO in Modern history studies!

Then, after I returned to my chair with a mug of tea just before the unexpected "time for questions". I thought about what NATO means to me:

a) The Salvation Army without the Salvation

b) Nestle's

The woman from Bulgaria with the leading question mentioned the word "solidarity". The first time I ever came across this word was with reference to Lech Walesa of Poland.

Thank you Madam Secretary your speech was most captivating, I was hooked from beginning to end with a slight pause when I decided I would honour myself with a tea refreshment.

United States
February 24, 2010

Michelle in USA writes:

Thank you madam U S Secretary Clinton. My name is Michelle J. and I am Grateful and and thankful for your speech wonderful as always straight to the point.Madam Clinton you are women of much integrity and honor we the people of the United States are truly blessed to have you fight for whats right and true. General You and madam Secretary are doing a Grate Job I support all of you in this time and I praise you for your grate efforts to work closer to others such as Rusia. I wish you grate work ahead with NATO. I trust and believe you will be fine in the workings and plans with the Globe. God Bless you in your work and daily dealings. Peace be with you and may God protect you always and keep you safe. With Love and Gratitude

South Korea
February 24, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Has the body which is enormous, specifies from the inside the trouble which and makes what kind of is moved? Is not one event or conduct and thinks many kinds event or conduct.

New York, USA
February 24, 2010

Ole in New York writes:

It's interesting to note, that while we swear that 'cold war for all purposes is over', and adopt a new military doctrine with emphasis on terrorism, drug traffic and so on, Russians are making no secret that their own new doctrine views NATO as their main threat

February 24, 2010

Tomek in Mexico writes:

Still a very attractive woman.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
February 25, 2010

2 24 10

I found out recently the Russians plan on having a permanent base new country of Georgia. How will this effect our US Relations with Europe, if the Russians continue to pressure all the European countries? I think we all know that Mr. Puton is pleased punch to see new Leadership in the Ukrane. Especially, when he supports the new elected official. Whats mind provoking is how long before Russia starts moving it's troops and weapons into Ukraine?

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
February 25, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

2 25 10


The growing concern about the multitude of Nuclear Power Plants around the world. I have included a reference updated in 2002.

This should send chills to everyone knowing this type of power is being built and some Nations are building it for the Nuclear Weapons capabilities not for clean energy for it's people, good example: IRAN

Let me first point out a strategy regarding Nuclear Power and Nuclear Energy. I would never say to ban or destroy our Nuclear Power Plants. The problem is not the plants, it's the fuel inside the plants. Our country spends billions alone in security of these Nuclear Power plants along with it's waste materials. The KEY is changing the existing fuel of Nuclear Power to COLD FUSION or Natural Gas energy that burns off and leaves no waste, reduces your security needs but increases your energy capacities. Keeping the power plants but retrofitting them with a new fuel source and decreasing your security budgets. Changing the fuel cells. Increasing our abilities to store and charge power on electric grids that could one day evolve into like the trolly service where trains on tracks and vehicles operate on the roads using electrical cables, this alone would reduce our demand on foreign fuel from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Africa and South America along with our neighbors to the North in Canada. Our highways to be modified to have electric lines that can move vehicles from point A to point B across the roads without the expenses of gas or diesel fuel. People or consumers then could purchase electrical credits from the power companies when they want to drive on the highways which use the power trolly service. Once the power plants receive an overhaul, changing to a new fuel, plant workers keeping their jobs and the world would be a safer place.

My opinion on Nuclear Medicene and cancer fighters.

Hospitals around the world advertise how they can use a form of radiation to treat patients. Instead of coming up with cures to help fight against cancer, expensive treatments and radiation equipment is offered at hospitals whether it's radiation poison which is taken or being exposed to radiation skin treatments that cost upwards of a thousand dollars per visit. This is foolishness. God created earth and plants that help people survive. Whats the percentage of people taking radiation treatments? I know that some people are given longer life by taking the radiation treatments but what if the solution to fighting cancer comes down to something simple. God also created fruit trees which have very healthy vitamins which can help cancer victims. The goal should be to promote good living, healthy eating by generating positive feedback to people on earth that can fight against cancer cells in the body. Apples, Pears, Apriocots, all have seeds. One vitamin that stands out B17 which is a cancer fighter. If we took all the cancer fighters known to man all of which God created our solution for fighting cancer would be helpful for people and less expensive for hospital bills. The tree of life survives again. The very essence of seeds can help people fight cancer! This idea or concept is not meant to stop cancer radiation treatments but to make people think there are alternative methods to help fight cancer. We all should have some means to help future cancer patients and come up with natural ways for patients to survive. Otherwise, it becomes a business at a hospital and it's all about money and not about cures and helping people and hospitals are designed to help patients live.


New Mexico, USA
February 25, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Donald in Virginia,

I tend to agree with you in that expanding nuclear power, humanity is simply trading one poisonous means of power generation (coal) for another, the byproducts and waste of which having a radioactive half-life of thousands of years, and no where to dispose of it.

Unless...we dump it into the single largest nuclear furnace in 4-light years.

Geographicly speaking, no "permanent" storage exists on Earth that offers the same guarrantee that nuclear waste will be "out of site, out of mind." forevermore.

Today, permanent off-planet disposal is "too expensive" I've been told. But we have the technology to do it.

Well there's a relative rational to whether it is "too expensive" or not.

Until we figure that one out, we have no place to put the waste already generated, so it sits like an accident waiting to happen in various cooling ponds and sites inherantly unprotectable if the terrorists were to find the means to exploit these fixed targets.

So we pretend to be "safe" through insurance and loan gurrantees? Just how I ask will that help America in a glow-in-the-dark situation?

We better get busy with wind and solar, fusion is decades away from overcoming engineering problems and the physics involved, let alone commercial viability.

Maybe in the next century, "free energy" will be reality, so either we consume less, become more efficiant and design homes that don't need the "grid" to be self sufficiant energy wise, leaving the "grid" for industry, or we won't get where we want to be 90 years from now.

I think that's just a fact of life we must live with.

Now I found the question of whether Russia would ever join NATO very interesting indeed, as much as Madam Secretary's answer as an invitation to the Russian Federation.

Now there's an opportunity I don't think the Russians should pass up.

Because I think if they look at their own history a moment, they will realize that they should be most afraid of themselves, not us.

Lest they fall back into a mindset that produced the most efficiant killing machine on the planet, an idiological weapon of mass destruction that killed 7 million people of starvation by taking the bread off Ukranian tables in the winter of '32-33.

Made Hitler look rather incompetent as a genocidal maniac.

This is the Soviet history that todays Russia has a moral duty to itself to outlive.

Let alone its karmic repurcussions on ethnic relationships.

So where does resolution lie?

If they percieve joining NATO as the ultimate surrender, I can only borrow ( as the secretary said people frequently do) from Winston Chuchill's time tested truth, in the hope the Russians may find comfort and reasurance in this,

"In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity; in peace, good will.
-Winston Churchill

Attitude is everything where it concerns group therapy.

I think it's high time to bust out of the crazy house, and get on the bus.

This ain't no cookoo's nest anymore, Mankind has been knocking at sanity's door for sometime, seeking a lift up from the ooze of insanity we've been stuck in all through the cold-war.

So they called it the "post-post-cold war era."

Time to get over it, and get on with life.

The President of the Russian Federation now has the perfect opportunity before him to earn next year's Nobel Peace prize.

I hope he accepts the friendly challenge put to him on these pages of Dipnote history.

Archive as they will be, perhaps historians will look back and chuckle in agreement that here was cobbled together the basis for prosperity.

Russia joins with the West to feed the world, and secure the peace for all the rest.

Bravo Madam Secretary! I hope this challenge be well met.

Susan K.
February 26, 2010

Susan K. writes:

Dear Secretary of Date,

As you may know The U.S Sate Department has hit the roof about Israelies ´audacious recognition of our ancient heritage sites. They happen to be in areas that Arabs seek.

There is nothing provocative in the fact that Jewish Heritage list has included Machpeelah, the burial cave of our Patriarchs & Matriarchs purchased by Avraham, which is documented in the Torah and The burial site of our Matriarch Rachel, also documented in the Torah.

These 3,500 years old sites were part of the Jewish heritage long before the Islam existed. It is a matter of History.

On the other hand, it is not within the U.S. Gov. to ask Jews to relinquish them.

The world knows very well that when Israel is in control there is free access to all faiths to visit them. But when Arabs are in control they block Jewish people´s visits. This is documented by precedent .

9/11 does not need to be reminded. Iran has become nuclear and it poses a deadly threat to the whole planet. It is the main sponsor of terrorism in the world. It is time to persuade its leader to turn Iran into a peaceful country He would not listen to words. Diplomacy has failed and the clock is ticking for all of us.

Therefore I urge you to support severe sanctions on Iran as soon as possible.
You should call the media into play all their power of reflection to support these sanctions.
Mainstream media is either paid for Arab-oil-money, or just anti-Israel.

Israel has been one of the best allies to the U.S.
In case of war, who would you chose to fight along with? The IDF or a terrorist "army"?

You are now the Secretary of State. Who would you rather be? The Secretary or The next President of the United States of America?

Sincerely yours
Susan K.

New Mexico, USA
February 26, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Susan K,

If you want to talk anthropology, I submit to you that what we have here is the same people, divided by dysfunctional family.

And when a people is so consumed by the past it cannot see the future exists in harmony,

It's like a dog chasing its tail.

Whether that be Iran or Israel.

The golden rule knows no political boundary.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
March 1, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

1 March 10

Fruit Tree Seeds

I wrote a comment about B17 Vitamin found in fruit trees but what I didn't realize was that the seeds have a level of poison if eatin. This is more of a warning that if you do eat the seeds it can be dangerous to your health. What should happen is the Scientist in the Medical community figure out how to extract the B-17 Vitamin from the seeds to help with cancer patients. There is a list showing the different types of fruit tree seeds that says depending if your a child or an adult if you eat a certain type of fruit seed or the amount of seeds taken. The bottom line is fruit seeds do contain B17 but also contain a poison which could be harmful to your health. It seems to me that maybe when God created fruit trees seeds it came with the Alfa and the Omega, the Beginning and end.


March 2, 2010

Hyun-Joo writes:

The method is important thinks that must solve the problem which is actual in what kind of form.

The evasion knows, solves the problem which is actual is the method for. Thinks that cannot receive approach chance oneself. Does the minimum sincerity from the people whom even even it must indicate refuses expect what?

Went to Argentina, me when there is a surplus, tour of duty in Brazil.

There is not support which is actual and the small stuff acts and does not want. November election wins anti-and is a cold night, thinks. Thinks that all plans are advanced like that favorably. It is reason.

Appears by the way, I to be coming being distant recently from argument.

New Mexico, USA
March 3, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


From whatever distance you came to be here, I welcome your wisdom brought to the debate.



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