U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Tours Whistler Village During 2010 Winter Olympics

Posted by Michelle Cook
February 15, 2010
U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden Attends Olympic Hockey Game

About the Author: Michelle Cook serves at the U.S. Consulate in Calgary. She is currently providing public affairs assistance in Vancouver.

After a stop today at Whistler Olympic Park to watch the men's ski jumping competition, Vice President Biden spent the day in Whistler Village experiencing the alpine resort's laid-back Olympic vibe.

The Vice President was accompanied on his Whistler tour by U.S. Ambassador to Canada Jacobson and Mrs. Jacobson as well as former U.S. Olympians Peggy Fleming, Mike Eruzione and Vonetta Flowers.

Under overcast skies, the Vice President and his family strolled through Whistler Village alongside a vibrant parade of skiers and snowboarders sporting an array of colorful toques. While Whistler's famed slopes remained largely hidden behind clouds, the outdoor bars and restaurants were packed with athletes and international visitors enjoying live music and watching Olympic sports coverage on giant screens in the village square.

Vice President Biden and his family stopped for lunch at popular eatery La Bocca. They emerged to an enthusiastic throng of well-wishers from around the world who snapped photos and called the Vice President's name. He stopped many times on his village tour to chat with people and pose for pictures.

He visited the Lake Placid Friendship Center, where representatives from the two-time Winter Olympic host city in northern New York State greeted him warmly and presented him with Olympic pins. The Vice President stopped for an impromptu interview with a CTV television crew on the scene, talking hockey for a few minutes before departing for Vancouver.



Maryland, USA
February 16, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, Guys & Gals and President's :)

I hope everybody had a great President's Day.
I think it's great that one of our president's
,Vice pres. Joe Biden was able to visit Whistler ,Canada and show his sopport for the Winter Games. I Know President Obama would love to be there too, cheering on the teams.

I myself think all the Teams are doing an "Awesome Job" especially the women's teams.

Anyways, like Pres.Clinton says, we all need
to "Seize The Day and Live Everyday to the Fullest",i'm Glade he is feeling Better. :)

....See..Ya...Go Teams..Have Fun...:)


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