Secretary Clinton Participates in "Townterview" Event in Doha, Qatar

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February 15, 2010

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently participated in a "Townterview" event moderated by Al Jazeera in collaboration with the Qatar foundation and Carnegie Mellon University at Education City in Doha, Qatar. Secretary Clinton said:

"...Our relations with people around the world is much broader than any one issue, even an issue as important as the future of the Palestinian people and the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. I think it is a mistake to only look at the United States and our role in working with other countries through any single prism. But I accept the fact that this is a critical issue. It's a critical issue to us.

One of the very first decisions that President Obama made was that the United States would not be on the sidelines, that we would actively participate in trying to bring the parties into negotiations that would lead to a final resolution, and that it would result in a state for the people of Palestine, that they would have a chance to have their own future, fulfill their own dreams and aspirations, and that it would provide security for the people of Israel, that they too would be able to live side-by-side, in a two-state solution.

We have worked over this past year with both parties, as well as other interested countries, to try to bring that about. And I am hopeful that this year we will see the commencement of serious negotiations that will cover every issue that is outstanding. Obviously, those are the ones that have to be decided between the parties; no one can dictate to either the Israelis or the Palestinians what the outcome should be. They must make those decisions themselves. But the United States is very focused on being a facilitator and a help in every way possible to achieve that outcome. And we are working hard on it, we are working hard on it every day. And we hope that we will see the kind of break-through this year that everyone is anticipating."Full Text



Maryland, USA
February 17, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, Hillary

I liked "The Townterview Q&As;. Video".

The education part was very good,everyone had
interesting questions on progress,and Iran &
the middle East . I liked the positive views
some of the people had on future events.

I think it's was a great idea of the leaders
of Daha,Qatar to have you come and visit and
answer Questions at the townhall.

I liked their there freedom of expression. :)

Anyways, I think we all are wishing for a peaceful Iran outcome.

..See ya'll.. :)

United Kingdom
February 18, 2010

Armstrong in the United Kingdom writes:

I don't know if you have noticed with regards to your memory, that your memory cells are not suffering the effects of deflation. It does puzzle me how you remember and deliver your words without a hiccup..Amazing!

I did noticed how you rummaged through your mind, to find another word to replace "siege". That's when you were talking about Gaza-do you remember? You replaced the word with "boycott". Just say the word "siege" for that is what it is, that's my feelings on the matter.

A very fruitful town hall meeting indeed. The young men and women students are really an inspiration. I actually never knew this city of education existed until now. Learn something new everyday!

So, where are you off to next? Must compliment you on your hairstyle Madam Secretary, very good. Not like the wind swept look what you had during the Copenhagen Climate Conference..that was wild.

Thank you

February 18, 2010

Eva writes:

Will you be posting anything about the town hall at Dar Al Hekma College in Saudi Arabia? I would love to see/hear the discussion that took place.



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