What Innovative Ways Can We Combat Modern-Day Slavery?

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February 5, 2010
Child Laborers Carry Stones

Ten years ago, the United States passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and President Obama recently declared January as Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness and Prevention Month. On February 3, 2010, Secretary Clinton hosted the President's Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking Persons. During this meeting, task force members discussed the work that each U.S. agency is conducting to combat modern slavery, and to make measured progress against every form of exploitation, including forced labor, peonage, and sexual servitude.

Ambassador-at-Large for the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking Luis Cdebaca said, "[T]o confront modern slavery, we must act in a manner commensurate to the sophistication and tenacity of our adversaries, the traffickers, while honoring the bravery and humanity of the victims."



Tennessee, USA
February 6, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Magna Carta Libertatum (the Great Charter of Freedoms) was generated back in the early 1200s and the first official recognition of Human Rights in many ways of a Major power. It held the King accountable as well for the rights of his people. When you think of this precedence from so many centuries ago from the American perspective it seems archaic.

What we do not realize is the great separation, not just in economics, but in authority and cultural dynamics of many parts of the world. To think they do not even have rights issued back in 1215, seems impossible and perspective creates many problems. This is even evident in problems now in America. We have such a overabundance; but, suddenly many people do not have the means to obtain that abundance or basics. It creates the false appearance of a lack of appreciation from those outside the US who have had so little for so long. We will not be able to alter cultures immediately as it creates insecurity, especially where military means are used. Correctly or not, the punitive downside is the collective measures that develop from insecurity.

Communications is a key factor. The world is getting smaller and smaller in every manner due to communication exchange. If there is one single factor outside International Law and application, communication will be the primary mover for human rights and equality. Communication is the first step in education….

I’m going to stop here, who the heck am I anyway? You could write a book on this subject alone and by far more superior and experienced leaders. I do think we over complicate things with personal intent many times. Educated people like to deal with educated people, Leaders with leaders- like thinkers and in this process many times the basic elements of relationship is lost as the primary mover in human rights is premised on an actual concern for each other. Common sense today also seems to have been way sided by degrees which require no proof and stand for statistics versus what actually works.

It was basic to build the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, St. Mark's Cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris , Eiffel Tower; but, these are constructs of material and the rights of the people seemed always to come second over the dynamics of the end result. What has really changed?

Perspective needs to be refocused in the opposite direction today as there are more people and fewer resources… Human rights to achieve human developement.

New York, USA
February 6, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

Stopping Trafficking.....

1- Keep calling it Slavery; that's what it is. Trafficking is the mode; Slavery is the condition.

2- Track, Trace and Arrest the Traffickers.

3- Create a flow-chart of the Source and Destination Countries (border regions).

4- Seize the real property, transport vehicles, cash and other assets associated with the Slave-Trade.

5- Get Intel to connect the dots between trafficking of Humans, Drugs, Weapons, etc., Money- Laundering...move upstream to corrupt officials, organized crime, Businesses...

6- Name and Shame Traffickers and Slave-Masters.

7- Use the seized cash and other assets to provide health, education, housing and job development services for the Trafficked and to prevent Trafficking....Emphasize jobs in these areas for people who know Slavery first-hand.

United Kingdom
February 6, 2010

Armstrong in the United Kingdom writes:

What does this mean exactly?

"we must act in a manner commensurate to the sophistication and tenacity of our adversaries"

and "Enjoy this post? Share it with others."

Excuse me. I for one did not "enjoy" reading this post. What a strange word to use.

How do we combat modern day slavery? I will speak for myself. I would like the United Nations to wake up and act to stop this. If the United Nation was doing there job properly, then I wouldn't be reading this depressing factual post.

It is about time, the United Nation was held accountable for the failings of not doing enough to protect the children. With respect Madam Secretary get yourself to the UN and speak your mind. Because this modern day slavery will turn into future slavery. I also think some people in the UN are sleeping on the job. Who pays their wages??

thank you

California, USA
February 9, 2010

Mimizu in California writes:

I know that the U.S. government right now is trying to do the right thing, but the problem resides and goes out from the U.S. How many corporates go out there and use people of other countries with lowest wages like a quarter a day? If you really want to save the exploited, you need to restrict the corporates in the U.S. first. If you don't, it really looks bad on the U.S. again.

The world doesn't look up to America anymore because of the greed messing up everything. Now you want to do something right without taking care of your own failure? No one will buy it. You have to stop the corporates of U.S. first.

California, USA
February 12, 2010

O.C. in California writes:

Not enough force has been brought down on the large, sophisticated organized criminal networks involved in trafficking. They operate around the world and even in the U.S. If the State Department was serious about organized crime they would be discriminating about who they let enter the country. These criminal networks seem to be quickly making their presence in all aspects of government, healthcare , education, anywhere there is money. The State Department could help the country by vetting people working in all aspects of the government. Too many spies and nobody seems to care.

New York, USA
February 12, 2010

Tree in New York writes:

In the wake of the apocalyptic quake:

You know there are lessons to be learned in this tragedy... The government and the elite of Haiti (rich mulattoes and dark skins alike) have suppressed the poor for so long...deprived them of a good education...sold them to the next door neighbor as slaves (sugar canes field workers)...employed the educated ones in small companies (exploit them & limit their abilities to grow, their visions, etc...) and it trickles down to the middle class owning kids as slaves (domestics, restaveks) etc...

The upper class looks down on the less fortunate; now they're dying and being buried in a mass grave alongside each other like mice, that is if they didn't get eaten by dogs...horrendous. In any developed country, the elite plays the most important part in its developement. One of many government's roles however, is to regulate and impose taxes on its citizen in order to build infrastructure, etc... NOT teaming up with the elite to suck up the blood of the people and steal all their money. This whole tragedy could've been avoided or rather the amount of casualties could've been limited, had Haiti's leaders cared to build infrastructure and educate their people.


In the wake of the apocalyptic quake that has wreaked havoc across our dear island, many issues have risen; amongst them should be the needs to officially abolish domestics a.k.a “RESTAVEKS.” There should be a law that prohibits such actions. In contrast, we need to fund an ACS (association of children services) program that would encourage families to adopt children and overlook their welfare. This program alone would tackle the severe socioeconomic problem that we’re facing, in many ways: Give a child a safe home, raise the literacy level, lower crime, put money in the home provider’s pockets, to name a few… Should a parent jeopardize the welfare of that child, they need to be put in jail, fined and banned from the program.

The moral of the story... We're one people (citizen of the world) under one God, no matter our backgrounds. If we don't care about each other...care for one another, it will end up catching up with us. Eventually, it’s up to us whether to make a negative or a positive impact on each other. The world‘s awaiting!

On behalf of all haitians, I'd like to thank the world for their donations and their quick and long term efforts, especially AMERICA. IT MEANS “LIFE" TO US.


P.S. I’m tired of the woeful treatment of my people by my people…I’m tired of the refrain: we’re the poorest country in the western emisphere while we used to be the richest. We’ve been sitting on the legacy of our ancestors far too long…boasting about our freedom over two centuries ago, instead of carrying their legacies and cherish the island they have proudly left us. We’re all humbled by our great history and culture, but we must also work toward rebuilding Haiti, thereby restoring our pride. We’re a resilient and passionate people. Together we shall overcome! “L’union fait la force.”

Michael K.
February 9, 2010

Michael K. in Australia writes:

Subsistence depending on sustained by others is slavery: no jobs-no income-no food but doing everything if at all, for handover to physically survive.

That is what to be considered while eliminating slavery in Africa or wherever.

New Mexico, USA
February 12, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Timely video this:


In the documentary, I think one will note the environment that has to change before the problem gets better.

And that starts at home with the parents.

South Korea
February 10, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to ...

Think, Weakens the overseas dependence degree of energy and supports oneself the food.

To afterwords debt disappears and thinks that must reduce.

Commitment and development project of the capital for the development of economy the possibility of assisting is, but execution thinks their share.

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The support which is not independence of energy and the food thinks that with tower of Babel is same. The new and renewable energy company thinks that is many. The problem is a food, the major providing how many cooperation, thinks the key of success.

Participates and to the agriculture revolution for the self-supply of the food, group settlement and the industry which becomes connection participates builds when this and develops, thinks the citizens at the new and renewable energy enterprise the thing where becomes the help which escapes slavery.

Enterprise? The place where I know many they should have known me. When and, starts the enterprise, .......... The thought floats about THE reliability and support. give AND take the whole is not but, think that there is not a capital which will disregard.

Us them relief measure us merciful heart of the angel who moving hangs the world a new newly rising market, about slavery the enterpriser who buys the profit of oneself the black mind, sometimes thinks that becomes the big merciful heart.

One many sides, considerably the good profit son thinks a start the thing where becomes the charitable work.

When succeeds, the many thinks the thing where good friends will happen. Campaign?

The world where we live who which holds in what kind of form and is the period of schedule to come to be subordinate is a structure which only the possibility of living is not, but the frame which is social will be able to pursue the value of the life which is basic the human being will do stenchy thinks that must be formed.Is like that but escaping from logic of capital, is difficult but,

Thinks a doubt point about continuous growth potential of jobs and infra and the new remaking enterprises the chance which is solved.

-Three enterprises the enterprise which is world-wide think from technique or ability that lacks plentifully. But, the indomitable will of avarice and thinks about their passion and work that there is a possibility possibly of changing an impossibility.

Thank you.

Florida, USA
February 12, 2010

Mike in Florida writes:

Soon the U.S. Coast Guard will retire five Hamilton Class Cutter Ships. If these ships were given to the Philippine Navy. The navy would be far more capable of controlling Philippine waters and preventing smuggleing of all kinds. This includes slaves, narcotics, guns, terrorists etc.

South Korea
February 12, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to... The violence according to time and direction of a ceremony maturity degree changes, thinks about the woman that the violence in compliance with the recording man who will be a cultivation society becomes the political party. (also and sexual harsh) thinks that modern slavery, almost agrees.

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Almost the problem where the most accompanies a domestic intervention is, will be easy and the thing where does not become the solution thought but, Thinks each area connecting the Internet method. Thinks the woman who the woman writes. Each other one many sides solution a little thinks a unity the easy thing.

Thinks that the conversion of recognition is necessary.

The school (must educate English and, when uses the Internet) comes and the hospital to come when the funds for small-scale commerce supports, will improve thinks a little. Is tedious long, thinks the civil war which is not the winner. Being understood with outside world without thinks that is impossible. Thinks that the unity for an independence is demanded. If also the visit and the treatment which are continuous from the outside become accomplished together and thinks that they are better. Is a tradition and hangs, before coming to make a different tradition and also awakes must obey unconditionally, the product intelligence which tides over boils and does not think. Republic of Pakistan and Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Frankly, is stuffy.

Spoke a while ago, to restoration work of these area decides the participation ratio of the women with compulsion and is a cold night, thinks. In order narcotic drug farming just from.

The talk there is a possibility of doing, the resistance where is magnificent is forecast. The areas where governs in religion and custom are many.

Thinks that every the area must cultivate the female lead. Farming and childcare, the women who are the possibility to teach the medical treatment knowledge which is simple. And, area police(?) and connection did and will operate the shelter the ability which had... -When and, is possible and enlists into the military force and when does to make surgeon general and a technique learn...............
The politics that the population which pays a tax extends when speaks, thinks in the field that. Tax?

thank you.

Tennessee, USA
February 12, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

1. (Law) the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
4. (Business / Industrial Relations & HR Terms) work done in harsh conditions for low pay

All or any of the above exist even here in America, the degree to which deligates what difference?

Human Rights established as an International creedo will be enforced by whom?

Drop 'I' phones everywhere on every backword society on earth...Communication.

What happened when we tried to build the Tower of Babel?


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