Behind the Scenes at Prague Conference on PRTs in Afghanistan

Posted by Amy Carnie
January 28, 2010

More information:Conference on Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) in AfghanistanAbout the Author: Amy Carnie serves as a Political Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic."Hi, I'm Amy Carnie. I'm with the political-economic section here in Prague. And we have pulled together this PRT -- Provincial Reconstruction Team -- Conference, in cooperation with my colleges in the Public Affairs section of the embassy and our front office. Our front office in particular has been very helpful in finding funding by working with offices back in the State Department and also our military colleagues who have put forward a lot of funding for this conference. It was a joint effort and it was also in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Prague and then also the embassies. We formed a steering committee and multiple embassies here in Prague worked with us, and the Prague Securities Studies Institute is the organizer; they've pulled it together with us, and particularly Ambassador Fazelly of the Embassy of Afghanistan has worked very closely with us to bring over basically 15 Afghans from three different provinces, the governors, and also the Ministry of Finance, the deputy there and Mr. Popal.

"So we have a range of Afghans, and in addition we have over 250 participants, and they are coming from 46 different countries to be here, as far away as Korea. We also have people from Australia, the British, the Canadians, Turkey, in particular, and also Hungary have been very, very engaged in helping us pulling this conference together.

"It meant a fair bit to me in particular, because I have also served in Bamyian Province in Afghanistan. So this is a opportunity for me to bring together a fair number of people from the field, from Afghanistan, people that are working in the provinces and allowing them to be sharing their experiences, things they have learned in their particular areas. So I'll leave it there.

"We're looking for a successful couple of days at the conference and we'll see how it then feeds into the London Conference, which is the idea. From this conference, the information passes to London and hopefully those experiences on the ground will help inform our capitals and our ministers and secretaries, as they do their work in the coming days."Related Entry:Prague Conference Seeks To Coordinate International Civilian Efforts in Afghanistan


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