Kapisa: "Brothers in Arms"

Posted by Dana Deree
January 19, 2010
French Brigadier General Recognizes U.S. Civilian and Military Personnel

About the Author: Dana Deree serves as Senior Civilian Representative/ State Department Representative, Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Kapisa.

PRT Kapisa's civilian and military members have been with French troops during various hostile actions, including rocket attacks and fire fights. In recognition of the risks we take together, Brigadier General Druart presented us with his unit's combat patch as well as a certificate stating recipients have been committed with Task Force La Fayette in operations in "hostile territory" and that each is a "brother in arms."

In terms of counterinsurgency operations, we are working closely on corruption cases, other governance and rule of law issues, large and small development projects, engagement with tribal leaders, and reaching out to Afghans throughout the province. General Druart has repeatedly stressed his reliance on both military and civilian lines of effort within the PRT, and has requested additional French and American diplomats as well as development and agriculture experts for his team.

Vive la France!


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