U.S. Vision for Asia-Pacific Multilateral Engagement

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January 13, 2010
Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at East-West Center in Hawaii

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Today, Secretary Clinton delivered remarks at the East-West Center in Honolulu, HI, where she outlined principles and priorities for regional architecture in Asia. The Secretary said:

"[W]e began last January to lay the foundation for a revitalized Asia-Pacific relationship. My first trip as Secretary of State was to Asia -- in fact, this will be my fourth to the region in the last eleven months. President Obama participated in the APEC Summit in Singapore as well as visiting China, Japan, and South Korea; we supported the creation of a regular G-20 leaders summit with strong Asian participation reflecting the new global balance of financial and political power; we held the first ever U.S.-ASEAN summit; we signed the Guam International Agreement that helps sustain a strong U.S. military presence in the region; and we signed the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. And it was no accident that the first state visit hosted by President and Mrs. Obama was for an Asian leader, Indian Prime Minister Singh.

So we are working to deepen our historic ties, build new partnerships, work with existing multilateral organizations to pursue shared interests, and reach beyond governments to engage directly with people in every corner of this vast region.

We start from a simple premise: America's future is linked to the future of the Asia-Pacific region; and the future of this region depends on America. The United States has a strong interest in continuing its tradition of economic and strategic leadership, and Asia has a strong interest in the United States remaining a dynamic economic partner and a stabilizing military influence."Full Text | View Video | Fact Sheet



David M.
Texas, USA
January 15, 2010

David M. in Texas writes:

Good Smile, you look happy. I am glad things are going well for you.

South Korea
January 20, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Is like that but thought, the thing which will win the result is terrible. When economic crisis true feelings becomes asserting the share of the themselves, thinking, thinks that does not know. Thinks.Be a possibility us of doing recently and be burnt from to have an idea, Loses the position of the themselves and the map which will throw away does not know being afraid, together to operate, conservative?

The method which is the possibility of turning round thinks in future work which is not problem. Does not appear the thing the atmosphere to be being exchanged on a large scale thinks that is not.
The work which will do is many,

the troika....?
Is not meaning which is traditional.
When is defeated maybe from election, like this method how about, does to peel, thought tries and hangs.
fmr President tie relationship of the old people and the enterprises and under excelling are sour take charge of the part that(wall street-Warren Edward Buffett?)
Secretary of State more strengthens female minutes and working group and tie to will be how?(and old ages)
Propels a reform and all passing support layer manages hangs and simultaneously and thinks that. The ability lacks to not to be and thinks that the possibility which will fall to the profit quarrel of the disruption air force operations division inside which is obstinate is big. Thinks.

Is a work which is doing strengthens more to will be how? Weakens an opposition biased support and a support and makes strengthens at the same side and a support layer to.

For some reason election, previous report is a defeat in compliance with a disruption and the react which wear out long next the thought which is a qualitative thing holds. Thought

The fool is a same proposal, is like that but spoke. I am ignorant and wins to the thing which does well, thinks.

Youngja K.
South Korea
January 21, 2010

Youngja in South Korea writes:

South Korea

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I like United States.
I like philanthropy spirit of the United States.
And I like United States that works on the issue of human rights.
It has been influencing to a lot of countries.
I wish that the Uniuted States will keep having the good relationship among South Korea, China, Japan.
In Asia, North Korea, China, and Japan are brothers and sisters, and the United States is the parent.
Brothers' relations might be okay, but there are still a lot of problems.
For instance, when the territorial issue put South Korea and Japan in serious situation several years ago, no one was able to stop it, but the United States could.
I wish that the Uniuted States will keep having the good relationship among South Korea, China, Japan.
It is for peace in Asia and stability.

God bless you,
Youngja K.


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