2011-2020 Declared "Decade of Action" at Moscow Road Safety Ministerial

December 23, 2009
Moscow Traffic

About the Author: Nancy Carter-Foster serves as Senior Advisor in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

The Russian Federation hosted the very successful First Ministerial Conference on Global Road Safety, November 19-20 in Moscow. Topped of with a speech by President Medvedev, who cited road safety as a major health threat to his nation, and called for halfing mortality and morbidity from road crashes as a national priority.

Although it was cold outside, inside the hall a fire was lit by the determination of enthusiastic participants calling for greater collaboration and concerted international action to address the full gamut of global road safety issues. In presentation after presentation, Ministers of Transport, Health, Eduation and Directors of Road Safety Programs in nation after nation discussed the current conditions of traffic safety or lack thereof plaguing road users. Although most nations discussed situations posed by increasing numbers of motorcycles and other competing road users, there was also a threat posed by increasing numbers of four-wheel motorized vehicles on roads throughout the developed and developing world. Infrastructure, road design, competing road users and other challenges to road safety were continually cited as major road safety problems along with issues of behavior such as drink driving, speed and lack of seat belt use. Everyone cited road safety as a growing global health challenge, which is being under-estimated and inadequately addressed across-the-board by nations around the world.

Secretary Ray LaHood, who headed the U.S. delegation, also raised the problem of distracted driving, especially texting while driving as an issue which merits greater global attention and action to curb the threat it poses and portends as more cars and cell phones take to the roads competing for drivers' attention while in motion. He called for a report on the issue, which was well-received by the conference attendees.

At the conclusion of the conference the Ministers, government officials, NGO representatives, Youth Group representatives, business leaders and others agreed on a Moscow Declaration which will be subsumed into a General Assembly Resolution for the March session of the UN General Assembly. The Declaration called for support of a call for a Decade of Action from 2011-2020, for greater international collabortion and cooperation in support of increased global road safety and significantly reducing the number of lives lost due to road crashes. The Declaration was adopted by concensus.



New York, USA
December 27, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

STOP...Yield Right of Way....

If you want to reduce fatal traffic accidents in Moscow:

1- Remove all unsafe vehicles from the road (instead of stopping them for bribes and releasing them to continue as a vehicular threat).
2- Increase alcohol check-points; and enforce no drink-drive laws. (ar there any?)
3- If Russia can make any progress; it can be a model for the world's traffic safety.

New York, USA
December 27, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Moscow Traffic: PRAVDA-Boom-Boom!

Absolutely safe, fast and trouble-free if you are riding in Ministry of Interior and INTERPOL vehicles in the Middle Lane. Absolutely scary if you are driving among the alcoholics in the death-traps they call cars. If Russia wants to reduce traffic fatalities; they should take these car (and drivers) off the roads instead of stopping them only to take bribes for their release back onto the highways.

New York, USA
December 27, 2009

Ole in New York writes:

Dear Madame Secretary! Firstly, I'd like to commend U.S. government on the measures I've read recently about (strangely enough, on the Russian Communist party's website) on furthering cooperation and contacts with Russia's regions. Far from being so delusionate as to take credit for this idea, just wanna mention that I believed all through the 90s in its necessity, and mentioned it early this year in a post in your blog now, on to somewhat more troubling topic, still related to the 'Russian front'. I'd really like to turn some U.S. authority attention, to blatant abuse of freedom of speech, taking place at some Russian music and book stores in Brooklyn. some book items sold there, bear names like 'Russia's revenge', or 'Poland: the West's attack dog'. should be noted that the former is authored by a well-known Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin, and this sort of tone is not rare among Russia's elite, even in its more liberal circles. this sort of openly hostile propaganda against the west and free world in general, and certain particular countries affiliated with it, should not go totally unnoticed. there are also well-known cases of misrepresentation of various subjects, by the TV channel RussiaToday, which does not make any secret of being a propaganda project of Kremlin. I fully understand that this is not a matter falling within State Department direct expertise, yet I hope that these facts be eventually noticed and referred to the right organizations.

Maryland, USA
December 28, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hello,Everyone Happy Pre-New Years Eve :)

I like the call for a decade of action on road safety. I live near the beltway and we have had a lot of accidents from unsafe driving pratices here.

I hope this "Declaration on Road Safety" helps find new way to prevent accidents from happening in all our countries.

Great idea to cooperate on this Program .

...Cya have a "Happy New Year" :)

South Korea
December 31, 2009

Palgye in South Korea writes:

The who knowing and secret intention solves the problem which is personal to as it is to watch only laughing to scorn, does. Maybe there is a method? Is tired personally too and the force holds. There is not a possibility anything of doing. If knows a method. Deliver in me. please.


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