Rising Tensions in Sudan

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December 11, 2009

Yesterday, Secretary Clinton commented on the situation in Sudan. The Secretary said:

"The United States condemns the disruption of peaceful protest and acts of political violence committed by any party. Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and protection from arbitrary arrest and detention are instrumental to allow for credible elections in April 2010. We recognize that the next few months will be tense as we get closer to the election and the referenda. It is critical that all parties redouble their efforts to resolve problems through political dialogue and without violence. Special Envoy Scott Gration will return to Sudan this weekend to help restart dialogue and resolve outstanding issues that are contributing to these rising tensions. Sudan is an important priority for President Obama and myself, and we are committed to seeing a peaceful democratic transformation as envisioned in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Darfur. I urge all parties to demonstrate the political will necessary to achieve these objectives."



California, USA
December 11, 2009

John in California writes:

Recently, after the president accepted his Nobel Prize in Europe, Angelie Jolie, Hollywood A-lister criticized the president for not doing enough in Sudan. Now, interestingly, let's see if Obama will we fighting a "just war" (refer to Nobel Prize speech) in Sudan.

December 17, 2009

Abuarwa in Sudan writes:

The problem with the American government is that they always consider the opposition in Sudan 'is always' right. They have not obtained a permit for this demonstration. A demonstration was stopped in Copenhagen because the organizers had not obtain permission to hold it..and no body blamed the authorities in Copenhagen.

I tell you what is wrong with Sudan..it is people who want America to eradicate for them the government there and then to see a solution for Darfur crisis which is not possible..please leave Mr.Gration free and let him go to the end and he will do something ..but if Obama keep listening to those senators who know nothing about Darfur and who act like poodles for the media campians nothing will be achieved.

mohamed e.
December 30, 2009

Mohamed in Egypt writes:

That the ruling party does not respect the freedoms and the situation in Darfur is a humanitarian I believe that 10000 sufficient to prosecute Bashir and this figure is a recognition of the government and in the words of al-Bashir are a number of killing in Darfur will be no elections Nve Sudan under Bashir's government and the election of Bashir again is evidence to Tdhuer elections (This number 10000 is genocide)


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