COP-15: Behind the Scenes at the U.S. Center

Posted by Susan Elbow
December 10, 2009

Watch events live from the U.S. Center in Copenhagen. Follow the U.S. Center on YouTube and Flickr.About the Author: Susan Elbow serves at the U.S. Mission to the European Union. She is currently on assignment at the U.S. Center in Copenhagen."Hi, this is Susan Elbow and I'm with the State Department's team at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change here in Copenhagen. I'm standing outside our wonderful American Center. It is where every day we have presentations and discussions by experts on all kinds of issues related to climate change. And in one room as well we also have a huge sphere. It is called Science on a Sphere on which there are animated projections of our earth's atmosphere, land and ocean.

In this huge conference center our neighbor is the European Union and they have a huge projection screen in the middle of their space, and today that came in really handy because today, day four of the conference, there was a real show-stopper when President Obama gave his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. The European Union had it projected live on their screen and literally it stopped everybody in this building in his or her tracks. They watched the speech and there was huge applause at the end of it. It is one more demonstration of President Obama's enormous popularity here in Europe.

You can watch video excerpts from all of the presentations in the Center on our special COP-15 Facebook page, and I invite you to keep checking in with COP-15 on DipNote every day as I will be sending in regular updates about what is happening here at the conference center and the U.S. Center in Copenhagen."


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