Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Promotes Use of Smart Power

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November 18, 2009
Secretary Clinton Meets with the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai in Kabul
Secretary Clinton Walks with President Karzai in Kabul
Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke Shakes Hands with President Karzai
Secretary Clinton Speaks with U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl W. Eikenberry
Secretary Clinton Speaks with Ambassador Eikenberry and General Stanley A. McChrystal in Kabul
Secretary Clinton Walks with Ambassador Eikenberry and Deputy U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr.
Secretary Clinton Addresses U.S. Embassy Kabul Staff
Secretary Clinton Speaks to U.S. Embassy Employees in Kabul, Afghanistan
Secretary Clinton Poses with Members of the U.S. Military Serving in Afghanistan
Secretary Clinton Shakes Hand with Personnel Serving in Afghanistan

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Secretary Clinton met with U.S. Embassy employees and their families while in Kabul, Afghanistan today. During her visit, the Secretary said:

"When I became Secretary of State, I said that I wanted us to be using smart power. And that was a combination of what too often has been divided between our incredible military assets, so-called hard power, and our diplomacy and our development, so-called soft power. But in effect, we have done a disservice to both by separating them out and labeling them, instead of looking at what they could represent in the furtherance of our values and our interests around the world.

So smart power requires smart people, and that’s what each and every one of you represent. I think it’s fair to say that nobody knows better than our military commanders that troops alone cannot meet our goals of defeating al-Qaida, of helping the Afghans to get the capacity to defend themselves and provide governance that will result in positive changes for the people of this country."Full Text



District Of Columbia, USA
November 18, 2009

Martin in Washington, DC writes:

Great job, Madame Secretary.

Tennessee, USA
November 18, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

QUOTE: So smart power requires smart people, and that's what each and every one of you represent. End Quote.

I do not mean this in a negative manner, but if we are so smart, why is America in the situation it is in now? Where was forethought when any common sense man or woman could see it coming?

If you want to use Military Intelligence as the pole, what is the cost to kill ratio for the USA and Ally forces vs. the Terrorist? It is basic math.

The major problem Afghanistan faces is the illegal trade of opium. Europe and the U.S. are the main importers and users of the commodity and they are intelligent enough to realize that. What can you show them that give them hope for change?

What I am trying to emulate is that the scope of leadership in presentation of good and sound ideas is too often not the same view from the people who live at the citizen base, thus, it makes it easy for propaganda.

max s.
District Of Columbia, USA
November 18, 2009

Max in Washington, DC writes:

thank you for your fine touch,empathy,and ability. hello

kontor b.
November 19, 2009

Kontor in Turkey writes:

Thank you very much for this information. I like This site!

New York, USA
November 19, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Lexicon Review:

It really begins with a close look at how we talk to each other.

Thanks for setting a new standard in our international relations. We all know that "Smart-Bomb" is an oxymoron.

Keep up the good words and deeds.

New Mexico, USA
November 21, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Even smart people groping about in the dark for a policy are bound to bump into something.

And if anyone can predict the future, do let me know what the next powerball numbers will be...

Policy and probability...sometimes a happy accident.

And if it don't work, grope for another plan...

...and spin the old one, best you can.

New York, USA
November 22, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Time's Up.....

U.S. military career in Afghanistan is over. We have failed to establish a government, army, police force that works...we have moved AQI into the region and beyond by galvanizing opposition. President Obama is faced with no option but to withdraw and refocus on capture of OBL in Waziristan.

Virginia, USA
December 1, 2009

Donald in Virginia writes:

@ Ron in New York -- You so certain that Usama bin laden is in Pakistan? Is it remotely possible that he is in Indonesia instead of Pakistan, remember that Usama bin laden has kids. These kids are grown up today, chances are what we face in Pakistan are the sons of Usama bin laden. When I think about all the earthquakes coming out of Indonesia, the problems they continue having makes me think the direction of the findings should include Thailand, Indonesia. After all wasn't there a terror attack in Bali, years ago?

I also wanted to share a small story to wake up our own Administration to the security dangers that exist between United States and Russia. How long ago was it when President George W. Bush was attending a conference in Russia when someone threw a hand-grenade into the area he was at giving a speech.

You want to hug the Russian bear my advise before you do so make sure you conduct all security checks first. One thing about history it always repeats itself in time. This is to make people realize that sure you might not have approved of President Bush but at the time he was still the Commander in Chief of the United States. The same should be for President Barack Obama in the sense that he and his staff should be using the best security to protect our National Security and the Constitution of the United States of America.

We all can appreciate the two things President Bill Clinton could get right... balancing the deficits and scandal affairs.

Good day everyone!

New Mexico, USA
November 30, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

What we are tasked with as a nation in a nutshell, is bringing several nations full-circle with their potential.

It's their future, and they own it whether they'll accept responsibility now for it or not.

They are our brothers and sisters in adversity, and we owe the Afghan people our commitment to finish the job, so they have the confidence in us and themselves that, "Yes, we can do this, so long as we remember our joy."

Let us not discorage them by giving up on them, lest we remain unhappy ourselves.

We could have done a lot of things after 9/11, but it may be considered tradition that America shows compassion in the midst of kinetic wrath.

Thus we tend to do things the hard way, because they are the right way, and it always takes time to get it right.

Germany and Japan wern't rebuilt in a day.



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