Celebrate the 10th Annual International Education Week: November 16-20, 2009

November 16, 2009
Baltimore Dance Students Train With Samba School in Brazil

About the Author: Alina L. Romanowski serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.International Education Week (IEW) is a global celebration of international educational exchange and its positive impact on the world. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education allows us to showcase the benefits of studying abroad for Americans and to attract international students to study in the United States and gain a better understanding of American society and values. International exchange programs build bridges of knowledge and understanding that connect people and inspire solutions to global challenges. I invite you to join in marking the tenth annual IEW by planning activities in your community that highlight the importance of international education and exchange.

On June 4, 2009, President Obama spoke to the world from one of the oldest institutions of higher education and learning in the world, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, where he addressed the importance of educational exchanges as a means to promote mutual understanding and respect. International Education Week is an opportunity to answer the President’s call to demonstrate the benefits of exchanges. Americans and global citizens alike can celebrate the powerful role of education and mutual understanding in gaining a more peaceful and prosperous world. Education is the path to empowerment and employment, especially for women and minorities, whose future contributions will improve conditions around the globe.

Join us in celebrating IEW in your community! Information, promotional materials, and events can be found at iew.state.gov. Also, look for additional blogs throughout the week announcing IEW highlights from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.



Florida, USA
November 17, 2009

Susan in Florida writes:

@ Assistant Secretary Romanowski -- Thank you for this post. Education is dear to my heart. As an educator I have always known that an education is essential for anyone who wants a better life. It is the road out of poverty, and the path to independence. As a student I was never able to participate in an exchange program, but as a teacher I often saw the great benefits of these programs. Exchanging ideas, learning about others, learning about other countries and cultures is vital in this age of globalization. We need to recommit ourselves to making education a priority in our country, and around the world.

California, USA
November 18, 2009

David in California writes:

From the "Cairo-Kansas" initiative-linking youth through virtual exchange programs- to this week's "Shanghai 100,000" - a dramatic pledge by President Obama to expand to 100,000 the number of US students studying in China (currently there are 13,000)- the Obama Administration is making bold statements about the importance international education and exchange. As our country works together to revise No Child Left Behind in 2010, we should also be bold and encourage and support all US educators to engage with their peers worldwide. The future security and prosperity of our country depends increasingly on young leaders who learn how to work well with others to address global challenges.

Alicia W.
District Of Columbia, USA
November 18, 2009

Alicia in Washington, DC writes:

I am currently a senior in college and unfortunately have never studied abroad, but I think it is such a great opportunity for students to experience another culture and gain respect for different beliefs and values. However, I was fortunate enough to go on a medical mission's trip to the Dominican Republic where I helped to educate and provide medical services to Haitian immigrants. It was a life changing experience that helped me have a better understanding of their culture. I hope to do more international service work in the future. I think dedicating a week to International Education is a great way to get students involved in the global community, as we will soon be leaders working together to achieve peace.

November 18, 2009

Heilpflanzen in Germany writes:

We are very glad that International Education Week has been started on Monday. Our hope with this year's theme is to help facilitate students to see the global potential within their fields of study. Out institute arrange the event will include guest speakers from fields including nursing, engineering, architecture, business and physics. I hope to see a lot of students get interested in this event.


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