Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Receives Freedom Award From Atlantic Council

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
November 9, 2009
Secretary Clinton Speaks at Freedom Awards Ceremony of the Atlantic Council

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Secretary Clinton received received a Freedom Award from the Atlantic Council in Berlin, Germany. During her acceptance speech, she said:

This award comes in a year of anniversaries -- the one we celebrate tomorrow, the night 20 years ago when history broke through concrete and barbed wire and brought liberty to millions across this continent, but that's not the only milestone that should be remembered.

Sixty-five summers ago, allied troops landed in Europe with the goal of liberating Berlin. And in 1949, 60 years ago, we formed the NATO Alliance, and completed the largest humanitarian airlift in history, well over a quarter million flights, to sustain West Berlin during the Soviet blockade. And, Admiral, thank you for accepting the award on behalf of not only those who serve today, but most importantly, those who have served in years past, in a continuous chain of commitment. Full Text


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