A View From the Middle East: Ambassador Rice Visits Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Iraq

Posted by Carolyn Vadino
October 30, 2009
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice Visits the Hall of Names at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Ambassador Rice Pauses at the Eternal Flame in the Hall of Remembrance Memorial
Ambassador Rice Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
Ambassador Rice Delivers Remarks at the Facing Tomorrow Israeli President's Conference
Ambassador Rice Meets with Israeli President Shimon Peres
Ambassador Rice Speaks with Students at the Al-Jalazon UNRWA Girls School in the West Bank
Ambassador Rice Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

About the Author: Carolyn Vadino serves as Deputy Spokeswoman at the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York.

On October 18, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice traveled to Jerusalem on behalf of the Obama Administration to deliver a speech to the Israeli Presidential Conference, hosted by President Shimon Peres. She also spent time traveling in the region, meeting with key leaders and making important stops along the way.

In Israel, Ambassador Rice met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. In the Palestinian Territories, she met with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad and PLO General Secretary Yaser Abed Rabbo.

She stopped at the historic Yad Vashem Memorial, where she laid a wreath in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Ambassador Rice also visited Jalazoun Camp in Ramallah, where she spoke with students at the UNRWA Girls School, visited the Jalazoun health clinic, funded by the U.S. Government; and toured a USAID emergency jobs program in Bir Zeit.

She also held a roundtable discussion with Palestinian civil society and business leaders and a discussion at Exalt Technologies focused on the information technology industry.

Ambassador Rice visited Iraq, holding meetings with Iraqi leaders such as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President Jalal Talabani. Other highlights of her travel include meetings with the leadership of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq and a meeting with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. She concluded her trip with a tour of the site of the August 19 terrorist bombing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expressed America's condolences for those killed in the attack.



Saint F.
Connecticut, USA
November 1, 2009

Ajmal in Connecticut writes:

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Jay T.
California, USA
November 1, 2009

Jay T. in California writes:

Maybe the Palestinians should erect a Nakba memorial so they could also impress Ambassador Rice, but then again, Israel would probably just bomb it.

New Mexico, USA
November 3, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Dear Carolyn,

Some folks look to the future to guide them, and some look to the past for that.

The relatve merits of either viewoint can be best assesed by a simple question put to rational minds;

"Are you happy yet?"

It thus becomes exceedingly clear why our feet point forward, and our eyes are in the front of our head...so as to not look backwards while walking into the future.
Yet even so one eventually stumbles across the truth...and the measure of a people can be taken in how they "pick themselves up and carry on"(1).

Israel and the Palestinians are like an old married couple in some respects, they know each other too well, and are connected at the hip by history and conflict. And like an old married couple together for many years, they've only had one argument the whole time they've been married and it's still raging on.

I'm not much of a diplomat, but it seems to me that before we can ask them if they are happy yet, we need to ask the parties both this same question...

"Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

America for its part, being friends to both peoples, seems often in the position of being witness to their dysfunctnality, and blamed for its continuance.

So what else would we ask friends that are abusing each other?

Something on the order of...

"Have you taken your daily dose of "get a grip" this morning?"

...every day of the week?

As folks seem to be off their meds...makes me wonder if there is such a thing as "national bi-polar disorder."

Is there a doctor in the house? We have a patients that need treatment and are dying for lack of a cure.


(1) Quote from Churchill, opining on the theory of discovering truth...(chuckle).

November 4, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ Eric in New Mexico

QUOTE: Israel and the Palestinians are like an old married couple in some respects END OF QUOTE. You are right Bro!

And the worst, they cannot get a divorce like normal couples. However, the question is who is cheating? Even if we accept the theory that both of them do cheat each other in their relationship, we'd still have to trace the "worst" cheater in this "love" story. After this level, the worst cheater must stop cheating, first of the "two".

According to my opinion, basically and very rough, we have to face a "3 persons couple": Israel & a 2 different "religion orbits" of "Palestinians" that cannot act or behave as an 1. This fact automatically discloses them from being 1 nation. (I remember an extremely interesting post from Joe in TN concerning the history of the Palestinians. They were nomads. This means a lot, concerning their inability to present a 1-voice policy on the ground that they were never 1. They were actually too many different groups, travelling around).

So, this relationship becomes extremely complicated if you consider the fact that this "cheating couple" is actually a "3 persons couple". Besides, I'll be honest (always according to my opinion), Palestinians do not get to understand the fact that they cannot "survive" as a nation, planning to become a "future country", and reach a descent level of happiness and success without the Israeli and Western help. On the contrary, many of them believe that they have to "extinguish" Israel. Obviously, a Palestinian utopia.

P.S. I do not know if you agree or disagree with me, but your post was extremely powerful as always. You made me think once again. Best Regards!

New Mexico, USA
November 4, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Ajmal in Connecticut writes: "Materialistic stress for mental development of a child can produce an educated human with spiritual sense of awareness that child becomes humane."

Best things in life are freely given.

Not that free advice is always appreciated....(chuckle).

New Mexico, USA
November 4, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Dear Carolyn,

In regards to...

"Is there a doctor in the house? We have a patients that need treatment and are dying for lack of a cure."

( Either there's a Freudian slip in the above or functional writing ability comes only after I've finished my morning cup 'o joe...I was talking diplomatic surgery.)

Whether it's elective or not is up to me to determine.


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