Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Returns From Europe

Posted by Ian Kelly
October 17, 2009
Map of Secretary Clinton's Trip

Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary AnswersAbout the Author: Ian Kelly serves as U.S. Department of State Spokesman.

We’re finally back home after a whirl-wind trip across Europe.

We started in Zurich, where Secretary Clinton and her counterparts from France, Russia, and the EU helped bring Turkey and Armenia together to agree to begin the process of normalizing relations. There are a lot of difficult, complex issues that have to worked out, but we are very pleased that the protocols were signed -- the Washington Post called it “a potentially historic deal” -- and now the parties can move on to the next phase of seeking ratification by their respective parliaments.

Next up was London, where Secretary Clinton, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband stressed their determination to stand together in the effort to build a global architecture of cooperation, and to develop the partnerships that are needed to meet today’s global challenges.

We left the United Kingdom for Ireland. In Dublin, the Secretary reaffirmed the strong partnership between our two nations, and thanked Ireland for pledging to commit 20 percent of its foreign assistance by 2012 to eradicating hunger around the world.

We headed north to Belfast, where Secretary Clinton addressed a full session of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont and talked with business leaders about the investment opportunities created by peace. She reaffirmed the unwavering support of the United States for Northern Ireland’s peace process.

Finally, we traveled to Russia. In Moscow, Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov reviewed progress in the Binational Presidential Commission. This is a framework established in July which help us look closely at how we can pursue practical, concrete results on issues ranging from nuclear security and energy efficiency to scientific cooperation, economic growth, and even sports. The Secretary also met with President Medvedev. Before leaving Russia, we visited Kazan, in Tartarstan. We were all impressed not only by the Kremlin built by Ivan the Terrible, but by the region’s high level of religious tolerance and interfaith understanding, as well as economic progress and stability.

Then it was back across the Atlantic, heading home. Another successful trip in the books.



Texas, USA
October 17, 2009

David in Texas writes:

Secretary Clinton continues to represent the U.S. with allies as well as former adversaries. Her steadfast concern and believe in International cooperation are esssential to rebuilding American credibility overseas. I admire Secretary Clinton's determination to convince world leaders that we all benefit from peaceful resolutions of conflicts.

Virginia, USA
October 17, 2009

Donald in Virginia writes:

I thought Honorable Hillary Clinton speech was wonderful but with the exception that our two nations have been building weapons for the past 60 years. We both have equally bankrupted each other. Wars or space programs all for what in the end? A space station which costs upwards in the billions floating in outerspace looking for little green men? According to President Jimmy Carter he witnessed one of those UFO's. We have spent so much time, money, sent people to college to learn about space, and yet we still don't know whats beneath the ocean. Both nations have rockets orbitting spying on each other, when you talk about trust maybe it should include a world without spying, a world without Nuclear Weapons, a world without Chemicals or Gas which on the label shows a dark skull and bones picture. Why is there an interest for countries to develope Nuclear Weapons when they know good and well it would destroy millions of lives. We all can take a tip from GOD. Peace starts within, trust will happen and we all can enjoy the marvels of what each country contributes to society. A world without Nuclear Weapons is a safe ONE for everyone!

When will we ever learn that God controls the weather NOT man. God controls the seas, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, winds, if the ICE CAPS ARE MELTING IN THE NORTH AND SOUTH POLES, SIMPLE SOLUTION, "MAKE MORE ICE" How else do you plan on cooling the earth? Praying that we can have enough green jobs or green environment. I say make those companies that produce the mass green house gas pay for the ICE to cool down our planet. Then we would have a Global Cooling effect instead of a Global Heating effect. There are 267 countries in the world and tell me that NOT one country would consider sending ICE to the Poles?

Old saying, "Keep it simple" and you learn alot. If the solution to our biggest problem in the world comes down to ICE then resolve it.

Godbless and peace out! Ice Ice Baby!!!

Mary T.
Pennsylvania, USA
October 18, 2009

Mary in Pennsylvania writes:

Secretary of State Clinton is an exemplary stateswoman, and Goodwill Ambassador of our Country. She is an asset to our Country in demonstrating that peaceful solutions can and will be worked out among Nations.

New York, USA
October 18, 2009

Ole in New York writes:

On a somewhat related subject (and some say it was really the center theme of Secretary Clinton's Russia trip, unfortunately the fruits in this regard are unclear): just look at that Ahmadinejad guy now blaming everybody, from U.S.A. and Brittan, to Pakistan--of all people!-- for the recent terror attack on his Islamic Guard! The tyrant seems to be swerving every way now, probably feeling that his days are numbered, one way or another. Meanwhile, someone should tell him, and those backing him up, that they've brought this attack on themselves, with their oppressive policies to all strata of Iranian society, whether Sunni or Shiite, Persian, Arab and all.

Maryland, USA
October 19, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Good Morning, Hi, Web People of the Department....

I'm Happy to see Hillary is back from another.... Monumentaly Successful trip abroad.

Her Visit to London sounded very exiting, especially er meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Secretary David Miliband. I liked what they said about Global Cooperation and building closer Relationships, to deal with the Challenges of our Day .

I also read about the Ireland City Hall reopening Hillary was invited too, which i think is a symbol of there progress towards a peaceful future .

I especial liked the New Monument in Russia, and our progress together on a closer Partnership with the Russian people.

...Have..A...Great...Week.. Cya...Hillary & Netizens..

Massachusetts, USA
October 19, 2009

Elaine in Massachusetts writes:

An excellent trip overall. Could have had more and better press in the U.S., even from the supposedly liberal press. The Today Show showed poor taste.

As for the British press, yesterday The Mail on Sunday, while rightly condemning the use of 'super injunctions' in the British courts to gag the press and Parliament, it also carried a damning and hypocritical editorial about the British and American governments intent on appealing a British court ruling, revealing the alleged torture details of a British resident at Guantanomo Bay. This is at the same time they are condoning secret court hearings held in my libel claim against them:

They said that the U.K. and U.S. governments (i.e. The State Dept, should not be "condemning the rulings of our judges", which is just what they did earlier in the editorial). Are they now saying that governments are not allowed an opinion as well?

The right to free speech, even in Parliament, is currently a hot topic in the U.K. and there will be a Parliamentary debate about it this week.

Khurram I.
October 31, 2009

Khurram I. in Pakistan writes:

Many thanks for Hilary Clinton to reach masses in Pakistan during her recent visit to Pakistan

A very humble request to portrait a right and positive image of Pakistan

Pakistan victim of terrorism

Pakistan not terrorist state in fact victim of terrorism there were more than 60 suicide attacks in Pakistan this year alone. Just day before yesterday there was attack in Peshawar where more than 115 people died and three attacks in my city of Lahore happened last week. So we hear from officials that there is a foreign hand and they point finger towards Indian. Nowadays schools are under threat; all schools in

Pakistan were closed last week after the suicide attack in Islamic University of Islamabad. I am an educationist and I saw in my school parents, teachers and students in fear. Every day that went by without any blast we thanked God.

We can't be that stupid to destroy our own country, how can be a victim is perpetrator? I request you to please portrait a right imagine of Pakistan. Here I must tell you many people in Pakistan doesn't understand the Bush's "War on Terror" they think it is "War of Terror" because USA had killed more innocent people then the terrorist is it true. Now we feel it is your responsibility to help us in this was and clear the myths about USA in Pakistan. Hilary's visit was the first step in the right direction!


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