World Food Day 2009

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October 16, 2009

Secretary Clinton recently provided a statement recognizing World Food Day October 16, 2009:"On World Food Day, we join with others to reaffirm our commitment to work to combat one of today’s most critical issues—global hunger. More than one billion people—one sixth of the world’s population—suffer from chronic hunger. This year there are an estimated 105 million more people who are chronically hungry than last year. The world has taken notice. Now we must take action."Full Text | Global Food Security PageRemarks With U.S. Secretary of Agriculture



October 18, 2009

David in Mexico writes:

We need to feed this world,we need to hold our hands, and make something to save this people.

New York, USA
October 18, 2009

Ole in New York writes:

The best way to feed the world, is to teach and help it learn how to feed itself. For that, we need more democracy and economic freedom, and thus, we must stand firm in support of them.


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