What Role Will Youth and Emerging Technologies Play in Shaping 21st Century Statecraft?

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October 16, 2009
Alliance for Youth Movement

A coalition of private sector, NGO, academic, media, and government partners recently gathered in Mexico City to convene the 2009 Alliance for Youth Movement Summit (AYM). U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided a video address:

"You are the vanguard of a rising generation of citizen activists who are using the latest technological tools to catalyze change, build movements, and transform lives. ...That’s what we call 21st century statecraft."What role will youth and emerging technologies play in shaping 21st century statecraft around the world?



October 18, 2009

Edite in Canada writes:

The words "citizen activists,""statecraft""Alliance of Youth Movements" make my blood run cold. These are Marxist type words that are being introduced to America's youth. Exactly who will be guiding these young people, what are they being asked to do, in addition to what has been presented thus far.? Inform, please, in clear, unambiguous terms. More importantly, who is responsible for introducing all of this babble and to what end? These words also lend themselves to believing that this is all a part of this new world order that is being presently woven into the fabric of our lives, little bits at a time, to be slowly digested and eventually accepted. Well, not this time and not with freedom loving Americans, ever! When they wake up and realize just what they have been fed and how it will impact their lives and those of their children, grandchildren etc. they will rise up and denounce these diabolical efforts to change their lives forever with jargon that reminds one of the book, 1984.

Communists used the moniker,"Young Pioneers" to control their youth to become servants (slaves) of the state in the Soviet Union.One might guess that these state controlled young people spent a lifetime using vodka to erase the horrors of their lives.

District Of Columbia, USA
October 18, 2009

Don in Washington, DC writes:

Youth and emerging technologies shaping statecraft? One way to answer this question is to consider all the younger people who actually work in government institutions and who are communicating content on blogs and other new and social media, in part from the perspectives of their jobs inside government. Here is one such personal example: "PsyDip", a blog on Psychological Diplomacy... http://psydip.blogspot.com/

District Of Columbia, USA
October 19, 2009

Louisa in Washington, DC writes:

I'm trying to figure the meaning of this quote from a previous posting:

"These words also lend themselves to believing that this is all a part of this new world order that is being presently woven into the fabric of our lives, little bits at a time, to be slowly digested and eventually accepted. Well, not this time and not with freedom loving Americans, ever! When they wake up and realize just what they have been fed..."

Who is being "fed"? Citizen activism is individual participation facilitated by the collaborative tools available to all on the internet. "Statecraft" is the practice of diplomacy.

"Alliance of Youth Movements" -- well, that does have a 1930's ring from the same vocabulary list as "homeland security". Maybe the authors of those titles didn't read history closely enough? I see cluncky use of language, not conspiracy.

Why would anyone assume that individual young people are being "fed" words as they exercise their democratic rights of open speech and writing? The young (and older) people of the world who are collaborating on global projects are clever and bright.

The changes coming about through online citizen activism are organic (meaning they rise naturally from the whole entity) and are long overdue. We have the technology to thank for this opportunity for global free expression and exchange of ideas.

Democracy is messy and disorganized and the voices on the global stage are certainly not in unison, so that should dispell fears of "words ....part of a new world order...they have been fed".

Indiana, USA
October 19, 2009

Danny in Indiana writes:

Youth and emerging technology will play the same role in the 21st century they have had in the past: none. With the exception of being put in a uniform, handed a weapon, and put on a battlefield youth fit the role that history and demographics has determined for them, unfortunately. It is an interesting idea but adults rule the world.

Tennessee, USA
October 19, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

N O N E:

The world is changing, from economic base to borders stretching. From culture mixing to religious lossãand that may be good, but also we must consider, without a sound moral premise, what will the new Standards be? Is God to be excluded entirely and man placed first, and if so, will it be in a productive manner or will Chaos prevail.

Business week is talking of altering the method of payment on oil, for which the US dollar is now primary. A basket of currencies are to be used on a percentage basis, so how many of these young people are going to make a difference in the key exchange units of the world and its overall effects on political structures, culture, International Law, crime and so onã.

While a La La land and world full of youth oriented do gooders sound wonderful, how will they gain the power to make change without having a direct say in the economic aspects? ...How old will they be by the time they can?

Youth has always worked together for the betterment of man, yet something gets lost between actual life and application after college and all the technology in the world cannot replace sound morals can it? How many of our youth in the 60s went from Peace Corps to CIA? How many kids who were going to change the world did when they had their chance to do so? I cannot think of one friend, relative, political leader and so on, who changed the base that has to be worked from and when they do, they are demonized.

Nixon was demonized when he did all he could to keep this nation from falling into communist hands and getting out of a war; Ford was demonized when he froze all industry and banking to stave off what we have now; Clinton was demonized for trying make a better level playing field; GW was demonized after he had the SEC dig up Ebbers and Enron in hops that this would send a message to the rest and now Obama is being demonized for his attempts to level off a situation which took four generations to come to a head. Someone needs to rewrite the foresight Nixon had on the economic situation as it ended up as he predicted.

The Point being: In the greatest nation on earth, if we cannot make a platform for change, nothing will change anywhere ...with or without technology and good intentions.

Sidney C.
Michigan, USA
October 21, 2009

Sidney in Michigan writes:

We are working in Africa without U.S. support (sadly) with the plan of the World Energy Council for a regional center of excellence for Western Africa. The UNDESA has a policy brief 18 that supports a system of regional centers of excellence and has interacted with our team some. The Youth need to not pick us a AK47 or M-16 to earn a living, but need Vocational Training for Rural Development in our Biomass, Bioenergy and Biofuels initiative with the Energy Commission of Nigeria for Western Africa. It is a model for SE and SW Africa too. The NE is HQ'd in Egypt already.

Addressing poverty relief and therefore hunger relief and the Global Climate Change as well as indirectly the other Millennium Development Goals of the UN is our effort. Youth need to be employed and with an income they can demand more goods and services and keep others employed that way.

Ari C.
Pennsylvania, USA
October 25, 2009

Ari in Pennsylvania writes:

Dear Sec. Dr. Clinton et al,

This is very broad and wide ranging,and I will give 3 ideas.

1) Youth and their changing tastes and forms of communication shape our daily lives today and more so in the future. We must ride these waves of change and be aware of their movements.

2) Youths' attitudes have shaped American Politics in the past present and our future...Keep the Political feelers out to be aware of new attitudes and re-modulate based on thier significance.

3) New Technologies are the future...Tweets, and texting has taken over others...Keep a division within the State Department keely watching even minor trends to say ahead of the curve, per se.


United States
October 25, 2009

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

Are our "leaders" so afraid to appear in public that they send children to do the "Statecraft"?

A government-created "youth movement" should ring 300 million alarm bells. The reaction of every decent citizen is, "Leave our children alone!".

As with Mao's Red Guards, and Hitler Youth Movement, the initial stage of government youth movements will always appear harmless.

Unless the next generations are adequately programmed to accept a world government, parental influence may pose a barrier to the globalist agenda. Youth movements are a minor, yet essential incremental step toward Global Socialism.

This globalist agenda has been well documented in U.N. publications, Congressional hearings, books, and historical records. It does not disappear even if we remain ignorant of its existence and influence.

"Global governance" is the official buzzword for Global Socialism, an expanded version of National Socialism of the late 1930's.

National Socialism received support and financing from American industrialists and New York bankers in its time, as does Global Socialism today. The difference today is that Global Socialism is now supported by funding from the U.S. government as well as from the E.U. and World Bank.

Propaganda was central to Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic. The German Propaganda Archive includes both propaganda itself and material produced for the guidance of propagandists. Comparing German propaganda to globalist propaganda reveals that both promised a better life for everyone yet the path of National Socialism led to extermination camps. Global socialism can do the same.

Global Socialism is global governance by an un-elected, non-democratic world government headquartered in Europe. It offers the same totalitarian potential as National Socialism.

"Global governance" or "World Government", is advocated, discussed and documented by the Council on Foreign Relations, European leaders, and the World Bank - not as a goal to be obtained in the near future but as an existing, de facto entity engaged in the process of completing formation through international treaties, such as the Lisbon Treaty and the Copenhagen Treaty, among others.

Do the words "World Bank", "World Trade Organization", or other "world" groups ring any alarm bells? Not at State.

The words "world government" and "youth movement" are found nowhere in the U.S. Constution; there is no federal grant of power for that. Not one penny should be appropriated for those causes.

Each world organization exists as an incremental step down the same path to Global Socialism. Under such a "government", there will be global enforcement of laws of every nation including tax laws, criminal laws, and civil laws. For example, Interpol is already in the process of becoming an integrated world police agency. There will be no escape from the reach of any nation's law into any other country. The Swiss banking community has recently discovered this aspect, resulting in Swiss national outrage at the U.S. extending its laws to Switzerland.

Georgetown professor Dr. Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor while at Georgetown) wrote about the goals of the investment bankers who control central banks: "... nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole... controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."

Congressman Louis McFadden, House Committee on Banking and Currency Chairman (1920-31), stated: "When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists...acting together to enslave the world...Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is - the Fed has usurped the government."

William Hoar reveals in "Architects of Conspiracy" that during the 1950s, government investigators examining the records of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a long-time promoter of globalism, found that several years before the outbreak of the first World War, the Carnegie trustees were planning to involve the U.S. in a general war, to set the stage for world government.

Pat Robertson, in "The New World Order," states that Colonel House, along with other internationalists, realized that America would not join any scheme for world government without a change in public opinion. That is why they want to involve children.

Tennessee, USA
October 25, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

@ Sidney in Michigan: http://www.ustr.gov/about-us/press-office/blog/wto-statement-united-stat...

Not long ago I listed over 100 charities which existed for the Sudan area alone ...the problem is not the U.S., it is "consolidation" and management.

If aid were viewed from a business perspective, rather than a Governmental and Charitable perspective, a lot more could be accomplished ...and certainly the U.S. is the LAST in line for negative impute.

The separation of private enterprise from Governmental enterprise as listed in the Logan Act makes it difficult for the U.S. Government to be involved in certain activities. The Government, contrary to common belief, is not a business...

please do not bash the U.S. "NOT ONE COUNTRY DOES MORE."

New Mexico, USA
October 25, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Well howdy folks...Geez, It's nice to be here...after having survived "the swine", coughed up a lung, told by my bro that he's "seen cadavers that look better than I do", and needing no Zombie costume for holloween at this point...(which I gather from a certain DoS spokesman's recent commentary on jet lag that these things are nothing compared to the effects of the "red-eye from Moscow" on one's well being)

What hasn't killed me yet has only made me stronger, and Ian Kelly is welcome to quote me if it suits him...(chuckle).

So what's all this got to do with youth and emerging tech affectng 21st century statecraft?

Well, I was young once... on the cutting edge of last century's communications tech, thinking I could change the world if only I could get folks to listen to me...(chuckle).

Maybe the idealism of youth is a generational challenge...not a left-wing conspiracy theory...

I grew up with one heck of a handicap, thinking my government didn't give an actual damn what its citizens thought, thus my fellow citizens would consider me crazy to even try to make a difference with just words to work with.

But that myth was busted by one of my favorite senators when I angered him with my logic so much he felt compelled to write me back...(chuckle). And he still appreciates my perspective...

And so I must advise the youth of today that your contribution is not "nothing", or insignificant...find your voice and you'll find the proper tools to communicate it with.

And if you make common sense, you'll do damage to the status quo as much as I have over the years...

Good luck with it.

Tennessee, USA
October 25, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

All the technology in the world will not stop an aggressor at your families doorstep, will it?

Unfortunately, the dynamics of a sovereign and secure governmental system, which include all dependent agencies, as the judiciary, does not exist in many regional areas of Africa which do have more stable oversight.

Perhaps it would be better put as developing an armed force; but, this is not the normal civil society for the most part in many places and it is still best to know how to defend your household, is it not?

There is also the mention of growing for Bio energy, yet over one third of America's farm land, which once grew basic food products, are now replaced by growth for the more profitable bio energy field. That translates to the fact that people are starving, who would not be otherwise. There are food riots and shortages worldwide not reported by the press.

Is it not more productive for them to grow food for the rest of their nation and neighbors, instead of dependency on the US and others for foodstuffs?

THIS IS WHERE THE YOUTH NEED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM ...There are times when NEED over profit must prevail if society is to level out ...or the chaos which may result will offset all the productive aspects of free trade.

Tennessee, USA
October 25, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

How will technology alter this:

From one of the most educated and stable countries in the Middle East: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle08.asp?xfile=data/middleeast/2...

Saudi female journalist gets 60 lashes for TV show (AP)

24 October 2009, RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: A Saudi court on Saturday convicted a female journalist for her involvement in a TV show, in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex, and sentenced her to 60 lashes.

Rozanna Al Yami is believed to be the first Saudi woman journalist to be given such a punishment. The charges against her included involvement in the preparation of the program and advertising the segment on the Internet.

Abdul-Rahman Al Hazza, the spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information, told The Associated Press he had no details of the sentencing and could not comment on it.

In the program, which aired in July on the Lebanese LBC satellite channel, Mazen Abdul-Jawad appears to describe an active sex life and shows sex toys that were blurred by the station. The same court sentenced Abdul-Jawad earlier this month to five years in jail and 1,000 lashes.

The man's lawyer, Sulaiman Al Jumeii, maintains his client was duped by the TV station and was unaware in many cases he was being recorded.

On Saturday, he told the AP that not trying his client or Al Yami before a court specialized in media matters at the Ministry of Culture and Information was a violation of Saudi law.

"It is a precedent to try a journalist before a summary court for an issue that concerns the nature of his job..." he said.

The case has scandalized this ultraconservative country where such public talk about sex is taboo and the sexes are strictly segregated.

The government moved swiftly in the wake of the case, shutting down LBC's two offices in the kingdom and arresting Abdul-Jawad, who works for the national airline.

Three other men who appeared on the show, "Bold Red Line," were also convicted of discussing sex publicly and sentenced to two years imprisonment and 300 lashes each.

Somehow, I feel we miss the extreme actuality of other countries at the judicary end, which is the realistic representation of any given society, is it not?

October 26, 2009

Edite in Canada writes:

If "statecraft" means diplomacy, then why is the latter word being dispensed with in political discourse? What is wrong with the word diplomacy? It has served us very well for hundreds of years, around the globe.Statecraft is just another word to add to the lexicon of global or world government.Statecraft can be compared to the euphemistic dumbing down of language such as claimimg that a trash or garbage collector is in fact a sanitary engineer, a housewife, a domestic engineer.

Have any of those persons who have posted here heard of the Bilderberg Group? It would be worth one's while to read as much as one can about this Group established way back in 1953.It easily explains to one exactly what has been happening in America and around the globe. Banking institutions and investment companies have been put on a path that has been predetermined for them as outlined in what the Bilderberg Group professes.


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