Prevention of Modern Slavery

September 18, 2009

About the Author: Carla Menares-Bury serves as Multilateral Affairs Coordinator for the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (G/TIP).

Earlier this week, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's (OSCE) Alliance Against Trafficking in Persons hosted a regional conference titled "Prevention of Modern Slavery: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure." Secretary Clinton delivered a video statement at the opening session of the Vienna conference in which she said, "New economic pressures are likely to aggravate the problem further, so this conference comes at a time of renewed urgency. It is an opportunity to place a renewed focus on prevention and the root causes of trafficking."

Over 250 experts from governments, international organizations, and civil society met to discuss the impact of the global economic crisis on the "supply and demand" for trafficking, the necessity and challenge of assessing the impact of prevention programs, understanding the trafficking business model, identifying innovative prevention practices, and the role of media in combating human trafficking. While we have made great progress in the fight against modern-day slavery, much remains to be done in addressing the causal factors of human trafficking. This conference can be an important step in preventing men, women, and children from becoming victims.



Virginia, USA
September 18, 2009

Evelyn in Virginia writes:

Good on you, Secretary Clinton! It's been too long since our government has come out in support of true human rights as opposed to the idiotic posturing of the last administration. We need to address these issues face-on, both here and overseas, to make a real difference, and to make the U.S. be a nation of which we can finally again be proud.

North Carolina, USA
September 18, 2009

Teresa in North Carolina writes:

I was taken by gun point and sold for money, right here in America. It was truly HELL. It don't just happen in other counties, they took me when I was leaving work one night in
Tennessee. This happened a few years ago, but the nightmares never stop. I wake myself up yelling for help, or for someone to, "Shout him!" So,will I ever really be free? Something was taken from me, because of what happen to me. There is NO WAY you could know what I feel unless you walked in my shoes and I don't wish that on anyone! Please, find a way to stop these bad men from hurting and killing so many. Peace be with you.

Texas, USA
September 18, 2009

David in Texas writes:

We thank Secretary Clinton and all of the participants in this very important conference. The spread of human trafficing must be stopped and recversed. The approach taken by the Secretary is exactly right -- involve the countries where the problem is most pressing and then work to spread the advances to all countries. Thank you.

New York, USA
September 18, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Seize the Money....Stop the Traffick.....

Secretary Clinton is so correct to bring our attention to the global economic crisis as a driver on Trafficking worldwide. The action point should be the tracking, tracing and seizure of assets and monies associated with the trade in humans. Once seized, these assets will reduce trafficking and provide much needed reources for prevention and other essential services.

Virginia, USA
September 19, 2009

Donald in Virginia writes:


1. High Schools and Colleges around the world should make it mandatory for women to learn Defense Tactics. It doesn't have to be as formal or physical like what is introduced to law enforcement. It should be enough tactics that prevents themselves getting into a situation, that they can get out. Whether it's slavery, an assault, or just trying to get away from a person who is trying to cause harm. How many women today in the world actually have any Defense Tactic Skills?

2. This training alone would prevent rapes, slavery, abductions, it would also give women an upper hand when dealing with strangers or very bad people in the world.

3. I believe this would be ideal for all women, in time maybe even some of the lower schools can pickup on a system of defense tactics that could give even kids a chance to defend themselves. Just some good survival tips when it comes to defending yourself against someone more bigger, stronger, or just more aggressive and trying to cause problems.

4. I could pass on tips that can help people defend themselves. We all live in a world of not knowing what will happen it is smart to have some skills that can get you out of a situation and into a safer one!

Godspeed and remember having skills to defend yourself is a smart ONE!


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