Diplomacy, Development Safeguard America's Security

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April 23, 2009

Secretary Clinton spoke today before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs. Secretary Clinton said:"[W]e think that diplomacy and development are ever more important to safeguarding the security and prosperity of our people and our nation, because after all, if we are successful in either managing or solving problems, we save the money and the lives that would otherwise have to be spent in dealing with conflict. ...We have launched a new diplomacy that we believe is powered by partnership and pragmatism and principle. And I’m very proud of the men and women of the State Department and USAID who literally work around the clock and around the world."

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Texas, USA
April 23, 2009

Sylvia in Texas writes:

Secretary Clinton,

It is so important that we have a Secretary of State that knows the issues, understands the dangers and has the determination to make a difference in trouble spots around the world. Your diplomacy and intelligence dictate that we are "one step ahead of the game!" I know I speak for thousands of women who support you in this very ambitious endeavor. Please know that we hold you in our thoughts and our prayers in the months and years ahead. Thank you for your service to the United States of America!

Sylvia H.

Tennessee, USA
April 23, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

I watched last evening and was quite impressed by the knowledge base Secretary Clinton showed and extremely impressed with the humanistic aspect she presented; yet reinforced her responses with a defensive posture of Constitutional Resolve and vigilance.

She presented both the olive branch and arrows regarding many international problems with equal familiarization. Her take on the Chavez incident was quite normal and honest with no fanfare at all.

America has talked a good game; but, the truth will be in the actions we take and there may well have to be arrows thrown.

While we all have a faith in humanity, there is no virtue with words without works, and works which are non developmental or sporadic in nature which result in no long term value are meaningless. Which is what Kitsuse meant that Sanger based some of her social context on.

Unfortunately, planned population growth is a not cold hearted idea when you place yourself in the time and place of many countries where there is no realistic hope for continued population growth. China realized that, yet we do purchase 80 percent of their goods.

I ask: Would you gladly watch your child starve to death or die of a multitude of disease? What I have not heard from anyone is the contextual constructionism premises which would provide validity for those in such social situations as Haiti, Somalia and the rest of the African continent to keep having children.

The politics should have been kept out of the hearing; especially, when a response is predicated on simple manipulation of Biblical identification. I do not know too many good old Baptist Southerners who will not eat pork, yet that too was held as evil and Written as such.

I am not saying I support it, especially here in the U.S.; but, I understand the arguments and that was not the time or place for it. To think I was pulled on the rug for my words years ago.

Washington, USA
April 23, 2009

Ron in Washington writes:

Sure glad to see Hillary staying in tune with the prez. apologizing for the U.S. Now its our fault that the Taliban are making gains in its try to overtake the Pakistanian Government. I wonder when every thing in the world won't be our fault.

Tennessee, USA
April 25, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

The United States, regardless of how we may appear, holds itself to a higher ground. It is the Constitution that is represented, which in essence is the People. In doing so, we open ourselves to this type of reactionary press.

All to often, it is used for propaganda purposes or leverage for more funding.

A prime example is the early problems with Chavez in Venezuela. He was not adversarial until then President Bush took away the DEA monies which he was not using for the intended purpose. The same held true for Kim in North Korea. President Bush stopped the money train, as he was not abiding by the agreements made with President Clinton to not manufacture missiles or missiles for sale as well as not provide arms to nations in conflict.

We cannot really blame foreign slander either as our own press has become a false judiciary many times for the sole purpose of sensationalism.

It is not simply the use of computers which has caused the downfall of many U.S. newspapers; but, our more educated society which has access to outside information bases and finds the fallacies of press. I know of no one who actually believes what they read or hear in American news, their downfall is primarily due to a breach of their Constitutional right. The free Press in America was to act as a part of the Check and Balance system for the people. I fear they represent corporate bottom lines or promote small group interest rather than the People by printing the Truth. John 8:23. Their situation represents the beauty of our Constitution to be honest. Sooner or latter one system checks the other when it becomes to powerful.

America does more than any nation or group of nations in promoting human rights and democracy; in Truth I am certain the world is reliant we continue to. That too is problematic...dependency which does not lead to self sufficency.

September 7, 2009

Aoleon writes:

Clinton is so inspirational. Excellent speech.


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