What Should the International Community's Next Steps Be To Support Afghanistan?

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March 27, 2009
Boy Holds Torn Kite in Afghanistan

On March 31, Secretary Clinton will attend the "International Conference on Afghanistan: a Comprehensive Strategy in a Regional Context" at The Hague. The Hague Ministerial should reaffirm the solid and long-term commitment of the international community to supporting the Government of Afghanistan in shaping a better future for Afghanistan and its people.

What should the international community's next steps be to support Afghanistan?



Georgia, USA
April 2, 2009

Robert in Georgia writes:

The State Department should discuss how unacceptable new legislation which tramples on the rights of women in Afghanistan is. Karzai needs to be gone if he is going to pass a law that contradicts Afghanistan's own constitution and takes rights away from females.

We also can't walk away from Afghanistan, or Pakistan. We need to deal with those who would harm us while building up and moderating their civil society.

April 3, 2009

Mubashir in Malaysia writes:

Wars in this era can never be won on the basis of military strength. U.S.A. is lacking only one thing right from the start and that is negotation with concerned parties. Irrespective that they are terrorists but they are also humans. They can be taken into confidence but for that both parties should show sincerity about dialogue. Nobody likes bloody wars. Therefore now is the time to start negotiation with Talibans and Al-Qaeda. If they are ready to finish this bloodshed then there is no harm even forgiving them. Whole world will stop suffering.



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