Sudanese Government Must Be Held Accountable for Crisis

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March 24, 2009

Speaking on the humanitarian situation in Sudan, Ambassador Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said:"Let me be clear. This is not a made up crisis, as the representative of Sudan would have you believe. On the contrary, this is a very real and urgent crisis of his government's own making. President Bashir and his government are responsible and must be held accountable for each and every death caused by these callous and calculated actions. The Sudanese government made this decision and owns its consequences."



New Mexico, USA
March 24, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

It would have been nice if the Sudanese representitive's remarks had also been included in the video, with translation to better place Ambassador Rice's statement in context. Some things must be seen to be believed. A real piece of work, aparently.

While I appreciate as a citizen, our UN perm rep cutting through the diplo-speak (crap) and calling a crime against humanity exactly as she sees it, and heartfelt and sincerely so...has my respect for doing so...

I have some cause for concern due to an implied interntional response contained in her statement.

And like her, I have been known to have a fair capacity for dropping a verbal nuke on political/social illogic, when I deem it nessesary.

This is such an occasion. Nothing personal.

"President Bashir and his government are responsible and must be held accountable for each and every death caused by these callous and calculated actions. The Sudanese government made this decision and owns its consequences." -Amb. Rice

Indeed I have no beef with the truth of this, but what is inherently implied is that the international community is going to sit by and watch, then gladly condem genocide rather than actually do something about preventng its continuance.

When in reality, we All own the concequences.

How would I have handled this if I had been in Amb. Rice's shoes?

I would have smiled at the Sudanese ambassador and said very simply, "You don't get to do that."

And when my peers on the Sec. Council look at me in shock and consterernation that somehow he U.S. was just going off a unilateral clff, I'd smile at them, shake my head, and repeat myself.

"They don't get to do this."

And wait for the fallout.

Sometimes the less said, the better. To redefine the nature of a debate.

Now either they get to cut folks off from the aid that sustains them, or they do not.

And if they do not, then we are beyond words at this point of inflecton between honor and dishonor to life, as a family of nations.

It's now time to serve the warrant on Mr. Bashir.

Whether party to the ICC or not, its decision in this case deserves the full support and enforcement capacity of all concerned nations that have imput on this crisis, without exception.

New Mexico, USA
March 24, 2009

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Breaking News:

Relief worker shot dead in Darfur -BBC NEWS ITEM (excerpt)

"Tensions have risen in Darfur since the warrant for Sudan's leader

A Sudanese worker with a Canadian aid agency has been shot dead in the Darfur region of Sudan.

The man was killed by gunmen who called at his home on Monday night demanding his satellite phone in the West Darfur town of Kongo Haraza.

The Fellowship of African Relief (FAR) charity named the dead employee as 39-year-old Adam Khatir."

--end excerpt--

(follow-up to last post)

They shouldn't get to do this either.

If there isn't now adequate protection for these folks, and the mandate issued by SC resolution to provide all means nessesary to aquire security for humanitarian efforts, including the removal from power of the head of state on criminal indightment, then get it done to avoid further tragedy.

Blue helmets arn't going to do it in this case I think.

I'm kind of curious to see what a combined special forces task force composed of U.S., Russian, Chinese, and NATO could acomplish. And it would serve to better mil. to mil. relations as well I think if such a task force could work together, (piracy perhaps having set some precedent for joint security opperations on the international level).

Mission statement?


Simple, and hard to misunderstand.

Syrian P.
March 24, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

When will the humanitarian issues of Iraqis and Palestinians refugees be addressed, even satisfactorily resolved? More than 2 million Iraqis live in destitute conditions in Syria. Nearly 2 million Palestinians still live in cardboard boxes in Syria and Lebanon after 60 plus years. One can assume, there is no oil in Palestine, Iraqi oil is already under control, but Darfur oil reserves is not, so we have to find humanitarian crises to insert our oil men and soldiers on the ground, although they will be wearing blue U.N. hats but equipped and taking orders from London and Washington. What a shameless scam. Even worse shame than Americas drive to bring Freedom and Democracy to the Middle East.

Oregon, USA
March 25, 2009

Diane in Oregon writes:

Special Envoy Gration must be given the resources and backing needed to follow through on meaningful action.

The U.S. must support the ICC's indictment of al-Bashir, and use its influence with other countries to do the same.

We cannot talk about consequences to come once the millions have died of thirst and starvation, lack of medical care and lack of shelter. Instead, the deaths must be averted now; the consequences must come now.

Prepare options for the use of military force to protect civilians and to allow the safe delivery of humanitarian aid.

Work with other nations for the follow-through on the roadmap for peace in Darfur and Sudan. Use Enough Project's extensive research and experience.

Nell O.
March 25, 2009

Nell O. writes:

We have to end the suffering and dying! How can we let a criminal continue with a second round of genocide???

Please, it is insanity not to stop this!!!

1. Support the ICC and the indictment of al-Bashir

2. Ensure the protection of the innocent civilians of Darfur and provide adequate support to the UNAMID Peacekeeping mission.

3. Work with other nations to create a road map for peace in Darfur and Sudan with multilateral pressure points and incentives.

4. Prepare a credible range of options for the use of military force to protect civilians and ensure the unobstructed delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Purpose D.
Pennsylvania, USA
March 25, 2009

Dylan in Pennsylvania writes:

President Bashir is managing a faith war in his country. For his own safety, in my opinion, he has declared that there is no problem. A third party, such as the United States, investigating and evaluating the situation may help. Sudan's Muslim population has committed acts of violence against Christians according to those living in Refugee situations just outside of Sudan. Once again, is this being said for the safety of and as promotional propaganda for their networked actions. I wish the Sudanese people peace and prosperity in their situation. I do not wish to see American lives lost in order to secure a safe Sudan. Many Sudanese have been involved in the U.S. academic system. I hope that they could be involved in coordinating with others for peace in Sudan.

Florida, USA
March 26, 2009

Kristi in Florida writes:

All of the post do a very good job of explaining whatever the subject area is. This one just kind of leaves the reader hanging and if this is refering to an earlier post that needs to be mentioned.

Syrian P.
April 1, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

WaPo editors condemn the Arab league for hosting Sudan's President Bashir while at the same time accusing Israel of war-crimes. The polemic includes this sentence: The United Nations has reported more than 300,000 civilian deaths in Darfur as a result of the genocidal campaign sponsored by President Bashir.

There are three false claims in this one sentence. As these false claims are often repeated from the far right to the interventionist left, let me try to dispel them once and for all.
1. The number of 300,000 is false.
2. The UN did not 'report' that number.
3. There was no genocide in Darfur.

The 300,000 number is simply taken from hot air. It is based on an exaggerated statement by the UN's humanitarian chief John Holmes. Clues for the guppies being brainwashed: Darfur holds major oil reserve find that many nations are vying for control by financing mercenaries separatist groups in a bid to ensue Civil Strife and separate the roil rich part of Sudan to various Oil Conglomerates.


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