Teaching My Daughter To Say, "Madame Secretary"

Posted by Janine Young
March 5, 2009
Secretary Clinton Departs Yad Vashem

Interactive Travel Map | Text the SecretaryAbout the Author: Janine Young is the Supervisory General Services Officer at the U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem.

Plans have been underway for a very special event with Secretary Clinton here in Jerusalem – a “Meet and Greet” event for the staff and families of the U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem and the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv. I am excited to be a part of the planning for her first visit to Jerusalem as Secretary of State. There is definitely a buzz in the air among my colleagues about our new Secretary and this opportunity to meet her face-to-face. The warehousemen have readied the red carpet, and we are expecting over 300 people to attend. The microphones have been tested; the stage is ready, but I am still checking every detail so that she is just as impressed with us as I know we will be with her. I am sorry that the weather forced us to move this event indoors. The Consulate’s garden is beautiful, and it would have been fun to host Secretary Clinton in our “home.”

As we await her arrival, everyone is milling around with a sense of anticipation. The kids are playing, many not aware of the special person that they are about to meet. I have been trying to teach my 18-month old daughter to say “Madame Secretary” just in case she comes up to us to shake our hands. When we receive word that the Secretary has entered the building, a hush falls over the crowd. The children line up with their parents, and everyone has their cameras ready. As she comes into the room, the crowd erupts with applause, and the Secretary’s face beams as she steps onto the stage. T he Secretary’s first words resonate over the microphone as she tells us all how delighted she is to be here. She acknowledges the daily efforts of the staff at the Consulate General and Embassy and then takes time to sit and chat with the children and shake the hands of staff eagerly lined up along the red carpet. I am very proud as a diplomat, an American, and a member of the Consulate General team.



Anthony M.
Pennsylvania, USA
March 5, 2009

Anthony M. in Pennsylvania writes:

Ms. Young,

Don't blink...that young lady of yours will be 10 before you know it :-(. Keep up the good work, as both a mom and a rep of the U.S.

Illinois, USA
March 5, 2009

Catherine in Illinois writes:

Dear Madame Secretary,

Voted for you for president. Know you would have been outstanding, but I am so proud of the job you are doing as Secretary of State. You are a brilliant woman and I am very confident of the progress you will make among nations around the world. People might actually start to like us again.

Best wishes and thank you for your hard work.


South Carolina, USA
March 5, 2009

Sue in South Carolina writes:

How refreshing to hear a diplomats wife (I was one in uk) say how her family are enjoying the visit! They are hard work for all at the Consulate, but a rewarding feeling too! And I must say, I think Mrs Clinton is making a very good start to being Secretary of State, A refreshing change to see the America being 'welcomed' again, and with open arms.I have worked with American Diplomats in the last 10 years, and have met some exasperated ones in the last 6!!Im a Brit,and now live in the USA, and here's one woman whos glad for the wonderful way this new admin has begun. Keep up the great work in Jerusalem.

New Jersey, USA
March 5, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

Janine, how exciting, and what a cute story! It's a pleasure to hear about Hillary having such a wonderful reception at the embassies. Thanks you all so much for welcoming her with open arms. I happen to think she's very special. I am glad to see that the State Department agrees.

Thanks for your serice overseas!


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