Secretary Clinton Arrives in Egypt for Donor's Conference

March 2, 2009
Secretary Clinton Arrives in Egypt

Interactive Travel Map | Text the SecretaryAbout the Author: Michael Pelletier serves as Director of the State Department's Arabic Regional Media Hub, based in Dubai.

Secretary Clinton has just arrived in Egypt on her first visit to the Middle East as Secretary of State. She’s here for the Gaza Donor's Conference in Sharm El Sheikh and is planning to announce a significant U.S. financial pledge to respond to the immediate needs of the Palestinian people affected by the conflict in Gaza earlier this year. Assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza will, of course, be the highest agenda item for everyone at the conference, but there’ll be a lot more going on in the hallways and meeting rooms. There’ll be at least 70 countries represented at the conference, at least half of them represented by a head of state or a foreign minister. Many of the key players in the Middle East will be gathered and focused not only on the immediate needs in Gaza but also on the larger issue: comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

What I think sets this gathering apart is that it’s happening against a backdrop of cautious optimism. This optimism is fueled by the U.S. administration’s commitment to moving forward on Middle East peace, the appointment of Special Envoy Mitchell, and the Secretary’s trip to the region as well as hope that the conference is the catalyst for peace and security for the people throughout the region.



New Jersey, USA
March 2, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

Thank you for the update, Michael. Clearly this is an important step in establishing a new beginning. I always have faith in everything Hillary does. She will do exactly what she has to.

BertAnn D.
Texas, USA
March 2, 2009

BertAnn D. in Texas writes:

Why are we giving $900 million to the Palestinians when our own country is in a massive financial crunch?? I thought you and the President were concerned about Americans.

Please do not give any more money to other countries until you all have our country's financial problems solved and back on the road to wiping out our huge (and growing) deficit.

Tennessee, USA
March 2, 2009

Josh in Tennessee writes:

lol BertAnn D., you realize that is barely a fraction of what we give to Israel? In fact, its a fraction of the interest we pay on the massive loans we take out to give Israel all of its aid up front so they don't have to wait.


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