Secretary Clinton's NBC Interview From Tokyo

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
February 17, 2009
Screenshot of Secretary Clinton's NBC Interview From Tokyo

This morning, Secretary Clinton appeared from Tokyo on all three network morning news shows: ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’s The Early Show and NBC’s Today Show. Watch her NBC interview here.



District Of Columbia, USA
February 17, 2009

Alim in Washington, DC writes:

Is it possible that you could post a script or add closed-captioned to the media video on this website?

I am deaf and I am interested in knowing what's going on via the interview and so forth.

Thank you.

DipNote Bloggers write:

@ Alim -- thanks for reading DipNote! We post text transcripts with our videos. We will double check and send you the URL to this transcript.

Virginia, USA
February 17, 2009

Animus in Virginia writes:

The State Department has a blog called "Dipnote?" Wow, who came up with that name? So now when we hear Clinton doing her thing, can we call it her Dipschtick?

Connecticut, USA
February 17, 2009

Terry in Connecticut writes:

Thanks Dipnote bloggers for posting this. I will check out the other videos on Secretary Hillary's trip.

Tennessee, USA
February 17, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Is there a written transcript as well?

Depending on the News networks, they make it sound like the U.S. is trying to Impose a method of recover with words like: Hillary TOLD Japans...etc.

Economic analysts have determined that this method did not work or help Japans recover and perhaps it is one of the major reasons the situation worsened. Why would it work now? Given the generalized nature of what has been released by the press, it would seem counterproductive.

I would not think she would take such a stand of delegation rather than diplomacy and do not have the update on this College computer system to view it.

What I find humiliating is the fact most major networks spent more time reviewing specialist over a monkey who attacked his owner in CT...Since the press claims to represent the peoples interest to a great extent, I presume the monkey is more important to most Americans than Japans economy.

We are all responsible for how America is viewed and should realize this.

DipNote Bloggers write:

@ Joe -- We do post transcripts with our videos. We will double check and provide you the URL of this transcript.

Florida, USA
February 17, 2009

Paul in Florida writes:

It is so wonderful to see you Sec. Clinton! I hope that you have a safe trip! I am so happy that you are our chief Diplomat!! God Bless You! :)

District Of Columbia, USA
June 18, 2009

Lori in Washington, DC writes:

I would like to follow Dipnote through an rss feed on my blog. Can anyone out there find and give me the RSS feed url for the whole site, not just one entry? Thanks.

DipNote Bloggers write:

@ Lori -- Thank you for your comment. You can find the RSS feed link for the entire DipNote blog site by scrolling to the portion of the site on the right-hand section called "Subscribe." Click on the RSS icon, which is the first item under this heading. Thanks again for reading the blog.


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