To What Extent Does the World Financial Crisis Offer Opportunities for Greater Global Collaboration?

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December 19, 2008
G-20 Meeting in Brazil

During the course of the current global economic crisis, political leaders and national ministers around the world are coordinating their efforts to reduce fears but the crisis is ongoing and continues to change.

To what extent does the world financial crisis offer opportunities for greater global collaboration?



Tennessee, USA
December 19, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Oddly, this was just on my email:

If you start at 13:49 minutes on this interview, Kissinger provides some good insight of how we will have to move more toward a paradoxical international co-operation between Nations who have varied interest politically of governmental control to develop a mutual system of economics, etc.

Parallel interest is the dynamics, Survival is the actuality "...after all, what is the alternative? War."

The entire interview is well worth the time...amazing mind...and I did have potatoe skins with him loooong ago. He was surpised to know my Mother made them for my Father weekly ...

Happy Holidays to all and may some Peace come to this whatever manner necessary.

New York, USA
December 19, 2008

Ron in New York writes:

A New Bretton Woods

I have been a strong proponent of Global Asset Repatriations since 1988....The trillions are out there....let's partner to recover stolen assets and restore economic stability by sharing these funds. If you want to end the fire of financial corruption, take away the oxygen of money.

December 21, 2008

Takashi in Japan writes:

Yes. Definitely.

But, I wish we could have collaborated in a happier occasion.

The Beijing Olympics was a success.

We are all human beings here, on this planet, we have to get along with each other to whatever crisis we should overcome.

South Korea
December 22, 2008

Chul-hong in South Korea writes:

Component nations of United Nations (U.N.) are too wide and diverse that it is hard to draw constructive and forcing solutions on any agenda.

Thus, U.N. has been referred to be an idealistic body, so there has been a voice that a new realistic body is required.

A new realistic body, G20, gathered at Washington D.C a month ago so as to cope with such a terrible financial crisis.

I think, in a globalized economy, few strong nations - for example, big-five of the U.N. Security Council - can't address this crisis with proper measures.

The aggregate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of G20 and the trade volumes of G20 are beyond 80% of that of the world, respectively. These facts explain that G20 has a great influence on the global economy.

As we know, in latest its conference, Task Force (T.F.) nations - Brazil, the British and South Korea - were elected with the participants' expectation of setting the table for overcoming the crisis. Let's pay attention to the activities of these nations.

By the way, G8 is the entity for discussing [overall] affairs. In this context, I would like to say, G20 is the specialized entity for collaborating on [economic and financial] problems.

Therefore, I have an opinion that G20 will exist even after passing the financial crisis which we confront now.

United States
December 23, 2008

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

We are all human beings of course, but we also live in different houses and in different nations for a good reason. We each prefer our own cultures and our own space to live as free as we want, and we want to govern ourselves and not have people thousands of miles away in a global government tell us how to live.

The French do not want the Chinese telling them how to cook; Africans do not want Swedes telling them how to dance; and nobody wants the U.N. to tax them to support an unelected, undemocratic global government operated by rich oligarchs. None of us need distant dictators to control our lives.

The opportunity to use the current financial collapse to collaborate in the overthrow existing nations and merge them into European Unions, African Unions, North American Unions, Asian Unions, etc., as a prelude to one-world government certainly exists and the US government should resist this trend toward total tyranny to the maximum extent possible.

New Mexico, USA
December 23, 2008

Eric in New Mexico writes:

---RE Chinese Navy takes on piracy:

"This demonstrates that the Chinese government is committed to the international community and a responsible player and a major country in the world," Rear Admiral Xiao Xinnian told reporters.

-BBC News

Actions worthy of respect certainly help.

New York, USA
December 28, 2008

Joshua in New York writes:

I'm sure the half of the world that lives on a dollar or two a day will sleep soundly, snug in their beds, safe in their homes, stomachs full, knowing that the governments of the world are working full throttle for them, or the world's richest people, whichever.

Tennessee, USA
December 29, 2008

Joe in Tennessee writes:

"To what extent does the world financial crisis offer opportunities for greater global collaboration?

This is the question.

1. It should create a newly developed sense of global connection which is not dependent solely on governmental restrictions or commercial development as this situation has affected every single citizen worldwide. From the oppressed and poor who will receive less aid, to the wealthy in all countries who kept their funds in circulation, we are all connected now and there is no getting around that simple fact.

2. Policies written or influenced by special purposes for the private, commercial and governmental sectors should now be reviewed for long range affects now, rather than short term fix.

3. Hopefully, people who are not in politics and a better pulse of the citizens within all countries will not be taken for granted. If Politics is a Science, the entire world, short of Putin and China, has failed in every single aspect for their citizen base. While Democracy has developed in these two countries now, to some extent, there is a realization that we are all interconnected, nationally and internationally for development and not control.

4. The best of all aspects of Politics and regulations on Free Trade that improve society should come out of this, or we will all fall to Chaos.

5. All Wars should be an international affair with the purpose of development for the International arena that provides human development for the peoples of all countries. Russia and China are stronger now because they HAVE given more opportunity and freedom to the people as well as the management of monies. Much is left to be desired, but the improvement in the last two decades is phenomenal given their past political and cultural history. It took us two hundred and thirty two years to have a minority leader in the best of all democracies and how long for the complete citizenship and freedom of a race within that same democracy?

6. Perhaps this is more an observation but: Do you realize that even Donald Trump called this situation in 2000, so where was everyone else? He not only did it when he announced he might run for President just to provide insight of what he personally seen from the outside; but, in publication as well. We all need advisors within our countries outside limited the scope of influence of their immediate impute functions and social structure.

7. The largest lesson of all: A bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush. You cannot keep printing money you cannot back up and depend on the circulation of such funds when there is NOT an INTERNATIONAL Resolution to make one currency dominate over all others, much less control over the flow currency from another country back to your own.


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