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April 30, 2008
Israeli Tank in Gaza Strip
  1. Middle East Peace -- Rice Says Palestinians Losing Hope for Peace Deal [Associated Press] 
  2. Continued Political Unrest in Zimbabwe: Nearly 200 Zimbabwe Opposition Supporters Released [Associated Press]
  3. Purported Pakistani Talks with Border Region Militant Tribes -- Pakistan's Planned Accord With Militants Alarms US [New York Times]



New Mexico, USA
May 1, 2008

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Dear Sean McCormack,

NB from Pakistan and I had a pretty good discussion going on as to a change in mindset necessary at the core of a resolution to conflict waged upon religious premise.

Well, sir with all due respect for former president Carter, and his efforts as a private citizen. This isn't about negotiation, it about realizations.

With that in mind, I hope that happens sooner rather than later, and here's all I have to say to Hamas directly about that.

It is a far braver person that walks a path of peace in times of conflict than the one who clings to his weapons in fear and rejection of a better path to their own existence by denying other's right to exist.

Recognizing this, the U.S. works with folks that have made that fundamental realization, for without it there can be no basis for negotiation.

There comes to mind something I read in the Koran once regarding a young man who came to Mohammed to ask his permission to join Jihad.

"Who is more deserving of my honor, my father or my mother he asked.

"Your mother." Mohammed said.

"Who then is most worthy?""Your Mother.""Who then?""Your father, now go home and take care of your mother." Mohammed replied.


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