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November 14, 2013

The Crush on Wildlife

Today, in Denver, the Department of the Interior is destroying the United States' entire stock of confiscated contraband ivory --… more
November 11, 2013

State Department Works to Bring Relief to Typhoon Victims

As we commemorate Veterans Day here at home, the State Department is working with Team Rubicon to deploy a team… more
November 1, 2013

Preserving a Free, Open, and Secure Internet

Last week, the three of us were in Bali, Indonesia, where we attended the 8th Annual Internet Governance Forum in… more
October 18, 2013

Forging a Pacific Future

After three trips to Asia as secretary of State, I am more convinced than ever that, as a Pacific power,… more
September 5, 2013

President Obama Travels to St. Petersburg for the G-20

This morning, President Obama met with the King and Queen of Sweden before flying to St. Petersburg for the G-20… more
September 5, 2013

Seventy Years Later, a Different Kind of Island Hopping

When you think about the Pacific islands, many things can come to mind, such as coconut trees, coral reefs, and… more
July 31, 2013

Protecting Orangutans in North Sumatra

In the heart of Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser rainforest, U.S. diplomats scanned the trees. And then, there it was: a flash… more


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