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December 24, 2008

2008: DipNote's Year in Review

About the Author: Luke Forgerson serves as DipNote's Managing Editor. Related Entry: U.S. Department of State and Social Media: Tell… more
December 20, 2008

Irena Baruch Wiley: An Artist at Large in the Diplomatic World

Priscilla Linn, Curator at the U.S. Diplomacy Center , provides information about the exhibit: " An Artist at Large in… more
December 19, 2008

Vulnerable Minorities: Eradicating Today’s Form of Slavery

About the Author: Ambassador Mark P. Lagon is Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State and Director of the U.S.… more
December 19, 2008

Press Conference with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations

Dec. 19, 2008: Secretary Rice hosts a joint press conference for the Merida Consultative Group at the State Department with… more
December 17, 2008

Stabilization and Reconstruction: Lessons From Sri Lanka

About the Author: Claire Sneed serves as a Conflict Prevention Officer in the Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and… more
December 16, 2008

Silent No More: Congolese Rape Survivors Speak Out

About the Author: Claudia E. Anyaso serves as Director of Public Diplomacy for the State Department's Bureau of African Affairs.… more
December 12, 2008

Maldives: A Remarkable Path to Democracy

About the Author: Michael DeTar serves as the Political Section Chief at the U.S. Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The… more
December 12, 2008

Where Should the Secretary Make Her Final Official Visit?

During her tenure, Secretary Rice has traveled over one million miles in 88 days to 83 countries (as of September… more
December 11, 2008

Burma: Human Rights Situation Desperate

About the Author: Ambassador Karen B. Stewart serves as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and… more