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October 31, 2012

Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Visits Algeria

On October 29, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Algeria, where she consulted with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on issues… more
October 27, 2012

Igniting Africa’s Tech Revolution

The recent growth of tech startups in Sub-Saharan Africa is starting to create a buzz. And what's not to be… more
October 27, 2012

All in a Week's Work -- Fighting Hunger

As the Acting Special Representative for Global Food Security, I lead U.S. diplomacy on food security and nutrition, and last… more
October 26, 2012

Connecting the Private Sector to Global Development

In the 1960s, during USAID's founding decade, official development assistance represented 70 percent of all capital flows to developing countries.… more
October 25, 2012

Engaging Africa's Innovators: Apps4Africa 2012 Business Challenge

Over the next few days, more than 40 African innovators and technology start-ups will get the chance to unveil their… more
October 24, 2012

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Africa

Last night I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya to attend and participate in the first-ever DEMO Africa event. As the plane… more
October 21, 2012

A Conservationist, Woman Leader, and Peacemaker

Josephine Ekiru, a 26-year-old conservationist from the Turkana tribe near Shaba in Kenya, was determined to do something for her… more
October 21, 2012

Senegal Plays Host to Africa's First TechCamp

For the US Embassy and USAID mission in Dakar, Senegal, one of the top areas of focus is food security.… more
October 19, 2012

Photo of the Week: Observing World Food Day

This week's Photo of the Week comes to us from the photographer at USAID/Kenya. who captured this photo in western… more
October 9, 2012

Looking for "Golden Bears" in Zimbabwe

September 27, 2012, could be the day that forever changed the lives of a group of teenagers from the low-income… more
October 1, 2012

Recognizing the Frasure-Kruzel-Drew Fellowship for Humanitarian Demining

I recently arrived in the Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs as the twenty-first Frasure-Kruzel-Drew Memorial Fellow for Humanitarian Demining. The… more