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June 18, 2008

Bahrain Conference Highlights At-Risk Youth

About the Author: Susanna Connaughton is the Executive Director of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. She attended UNESCO’s Youth@the… more
May 30, 2008

Should the International Community Relieve Iraq's Debts?

While attending this week’s International Compact with Iraq conference in Sweden, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called upon the international… more
May 28, 2008

Serving in Iraq: Why I Went

Those serving in Iraq are often said to be brave. Yet this catchall word does not seem to cover the… more
April 18, 2008

U.S. Embassy in Beirut Tragedy: 25 Years Later

Richard Michaels serves as the Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Policy Podcast Video: Remembering Beirut… more
April 8, 2008

Hidden Prosperity and the Banana Index in Iraq

John A Matel serves as an ePRT Leader in Western Anbar, Iraq embedded with the U.S. Regimental Combat Team 5th… more
March 31, 2008

Secretary Rice: Remarks With Palestinian President

Secretary Rice has press availability with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman, Jordan on March 31, 2008. more
March 30, 2008

Secretary Condoleezza Rice in Jerusalem

Excerpt from Secretary Rice's press availability with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Palestinian Prime Minister… more
March 27, 2008

On the Ground in Iraq: What Works

John Smith serves as a Provincial Reconstruction Team Leader in Iraq. March 14, 2008 Hello, all. I’m a ePRT team… more
March 11, 2008

Men and Women for Others

Tara Foley serves as a Foreign Affairs Officer in the State Department's Office of WMD and Terrorism. Hello Dipnote readers.… more
March 10, 2008

In Response to "Question of the Week" Regarding Engaging Hamas

Should the U.S. Engage Hamas in the Peace Process Between the Israelis and Palestinians? Apparently, our question of the week… more
February 14, 2008

Iraq: Perceptions Out of Date

John Matel serves as Team Leader of the Al Asad Embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team in Iraq. Public perceptions of Iraq… more